Chapter 108 – Commander of the 5th Knight Order

-Emperors Kingdom’s 5th Knight Order Commander’s POV-

I checked the members of my own knight order as we headed for the forest.

There’s not a trace of fear on any of their faces and they are even full of motivation.

There’s no problem.


Although the other orders are knights of the king too, they are just a bunch of cowards.

They just noticed a little change in the forest and have left to escape in disgrace.

Can they even call themselves knights?

I already don’t remember how many times I want to beat those who call themselves knights like us.

If it weren’t for this guy beside me, I might have killed the other knights before the king.

「What can I do for you, commander?」

The vice commander is the one I trusted the most.

He’s always calm and understands my actions.

I guess you could say he’s a good follower.

「Nothing. I only thought it is finally happening.」

「That’s right. Please rampage to your heart’s content.」

This guy really knows me well.

Laughter spills from my mouth.


Even so, how foolish is it to target the king?

I don’t know what kind of asshole it is.

However, I’ll make it regret making the mightiest, the Emperors Kingdom, to its enemy.

I’ll make it regret from the bottom of your heart that you are still alive.

Look forward to it.

「Is there a problem with the preparations?」

「If you’re talking about the slaves, there’s no problem.」


「The mages are asking. Should I explain it to them?」

「Those incompetents should think about it themselves.」

I’ve noticed that the ancient magic stone has been a hindrance to the attack so far.

In that case, just attack without using the magic stone.


It is true that the ancient magic stone is strong.

However, there are plenty of other attack magic that are available for our use.

I’m a little concerned because we don’t have a high mage….

However, if we used the slaves’ lives, there won’t be any problem. We will be able to use magic more powerful than a high mage.

I don’t know what is in the forest but I don’t care.


I was saved by the king and gained strength.

Given that, it is normal for me to use this life for the king.

If anyone dares stand in the way of the king, I’ll knock him out whoever it is.

King of the forest?

They are but relics of the past and are just making rustling noises now.


I will surely behead the enemies of the king.

Whatever it is.


—Scene Change—


I started to see the forest from a distance.

……surely, it’s not the same forest we saw before.

But that’s not a big deal.

It’s not a big deal but what were those 4th knight order guys so scared of?


We gathered everyone at the entrance of the forest. My vice commander gave a general explanation of what’s about to happen.

The mages seemed to be getting ready.

The forest has several layers of barriers.

If we don’t break through them, though there’s no problem in the entrance of the forest, we won’t be able to proceed inside.

It’s a pain in the ass.

Since they are mages recognized by the king, they should be able to do something about it as soon as possible.


I can hear my vice commander talking about burning the forest.

The members of our group were a little upset.

However, their agitation soon disappeared and their fighting spirit rose.

As expected of a well-selected group.


It seems that the slaves are ready.

After several failed attempts, we gathered slaves who were all under the age of five.

They are trashes who have not yet been trained for combat.

If their slave crests are affected and they escape, they’ll be baits in the forest.

Their consciousness has already been altered with a powerful drug.

It’s possible that they can only respond in voices.

There won’t be any problem with slaves like these.


Even if they run away, they won’t be considered as losses.

When I asked the king, they were immediately prepared without any problem.

We can produce as much garbage like them as we want so 200 is not a problem at all.

No, it’s their honor to serve the king despite being garbage.


—Scene Change—

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We entered the forest and deployed a magic circle that would burn the forest intensely in the first open space we saw.

If we use all the slaves we brought, we can easily burn the forest as far as we can see.

In order to destroy the barrier at the same time, I had the mages prepare in another open space we found.

I’m looking forward to seeing how many barriers will break once we use the lives of these bunch of garbage.

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