Chapter 31

After school, Shinozaki and I were called out by Miyano-sensei again.

「Why? I should have already passed my reflection letter.」

「How about at least pretend you’re reflecting?」

「Wasn’t it enough to be terrorized while eating lunch after writing a reflection letter?」

The people who had been forced to write reflection letters on the spot were united in their stance that it was insane to make people write reflection letters and then eat lunch while looking at them.

「I finally had a boyfriend, however, the moment I woke up, he’s gone along with the furniture. Then, you guys, in addition to showing off your youth, threw water at me. Once I go back to my parent’s house, they’ll be asking me when I’ll get married again and again saying they wanted to see their grandchildren soon.」

So, it’s personal grudge huh. And we’re the bad guys now since she’s even about to cry. Someone, please take her already. Please.

I urge Shinozaki, who said something superfluous, to do something.

「I’m sure you’ll find a good partner as I have found mine.」

Oi, what’s with that extra line? You no longer can go home with Wakamiya-san now, I’m not kidding. But I guess I can’t go home either.

However, as if she received enough damage to spew blood, Miyano-sensei fell on her desk.

「It’s okay. You’re too beautiful, that’s why you can’t get married right away, sensei. Forget about that guy who had eyes but can’t see.」

What am I doing? Why am I comforting Miyano-sensei? Well, what I said is true though.


「Eh, yeah.」

「I see, as expected. Amane has good eyes.」

I wonder if she’s going to be okay. That’s only a little praise. How can she be like that with just those words? I wonder if she lost furniture because she easily believes bad men like that.

「We’ve got derailed but I only called you guys because I wanted to get you to do a little manual labor. It is your proposal after all, right?」

To be precise, it was Shinozaki’s proposal. Miyano-sensei got wet because of Shinozaki but it is troublesome to say superfluous things and prolong it so I had him suggest that.

「Don’t be like that. I only want to use video in the next class but that would be hard depending on the classroom. Because of that, I’m going to use the audiovisual room but it’s currently being used as a little storeroom. I want you to move all things in there to an empty classroom and that will become the new warehouse.」

Hard physical labor, is it? Moreover, it’s not a little. At least that was its status last year. It should be different now.

Miyano-sensei said “Let’s go.” so we followed her obediently. I wanted to escape but Shinozaki and I have criminal records so I can’t. Also, the moment I tried to do so, the two of them would help each other to beat me up. Let’s check the audiovisual room first. Who knows if there are only a few items to transfer.

「I don’t think this can be called a little storeroom.」

Each of the desks in the audiovisual room had some cardboard boxes on top.

Isn’t this too much? Or perhaps sensei is not someone who keeps things organized? I think this is how a junior high schooler feels when he is suddenly summoned by his father, with whom he has never had any contact, to protect humanity from unknown life forms and ends up living with his boss and wakes up in his boss’ room. He’ll say, this is an unfamiliar ceiling.

「It’s almost the same as last year. There might be a slight increase though.」

「Don’t worry about the details. Just go and carry them.」

Where were the depressed you from earlier? Why are you so happy when you punish us?


「That’s because they are all papers from old school events.」

We didn’t have the slightest motivation to do anything but we can’t leave without completing it so we set to work.

Carrying all of these pieces of stuff reminds me of the time when I was a member of the School Festival Executive Committee. I thought I never had contact with Mei until now but thinking about it, Mei first spoke with me when we were both on the committee. Maa, it’s a business contact though.

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My waist hurt after going back and forth between the audiovisual room and the empty classroom for around 30 times. The cardboard boxes finally disappeared from the audiovisual room.

「Are you done?」

When I went to report to the faculty room, I reported to the teacher who was doing something with his computer.

「It’s done.」

「Thanks for your hard work. You can leave.」

On the way out of the faculty room to the entrance, I looked out of the window and noticed it was raining outside.

It had been such a beautiful day all through the day. I couldn’t believe that it was going to rain. If it had rained a few hours earlier, I wouldn’t have hurt my back.

「There you are.」

「You are both late.」

Mei and Wakamiya-san greeted me and Shinozaki at the entrance.

「We’ve been waiting for you to come home with us. It was raining hard.」

「I see. Sorry about that.」

「Kazuya, take out your umbrella now.」

「Sorry, I don’t have one either.」

You know that it’s the rainy season, why did these bakaple(idiot couple) not prepare an umbrella? They might want to share an umbrella but that would only work if one of you brings one. And don’t look at me.

「Souta, I forgot mine too.」

「Mei too….」

Everyone’s looking at me but I don’t think I have that much rain gear either.

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