Chapter 68 – The Little Girl-Looking Dwarf is Very Interested in that Kind of Remodeling

「Ya ho, Katya-chan.」

「Mayu-san and….oniichan.」

Katya and the elves are building our house and they are currently….on break and are having some tea.

I’m asking Katya a lot of things. Just the other day, she completed the…forged.

It is a full-pledged forge that even has a furnace. Katya said that even weapon making is possible.

As for the monster materials from the hunted monsters from the forest of no return, it was decided that it would be better to sell them to the city after processing them here than wholesale them to the adventurers guild.

That forge will be very useful in the future.

I already have a plan of hiring dwarves craftsmen to make weapons and armors.

I’d also like to hire some elves who are dexterous to process furs and others.

However, that’s not what we are here for.

When I showed her my phone to get to the point—

 「By the way, oniichan…」

「Hnn? What’s up, Katya?」

「You’re going to ask me to build a bathhouse, aren’t you?」

「Ah, we have to draw water from the river so it is kind of a big project….I also plan on using it to solve the water problem for domestic use and agricultural use too.」

「Okay, but I have a proposal.」

「A proposal?」

「Your phone reminded me of something I found in there….I want to remodel the bed.」

「What do you mean?」

「I want to make a huge bed where everyone can sleep together and it should be that princess type.」

「Ah, you mean the one with a canopy? I don’t really mind.」

「I’d also like to adopt the idea of putting mirrors everywhere in the bedroom but that would cost a lot.」

「…..what are you saying?」

「And the clothes that Mayu is wearing…」

「Blazer school uniform?」

「Yeah. I want to have clothes like those prepared for a certain number of people. I want to wear the nurse one from your world……prepare several numbers of those too. I also want to add a room that can be used as a walk-in closet so we can change clothes anytime.」

「Seriously….what are you trying to do?」

「And finally….this will be a major project—-」

Katya continued to look serious.

「I want to put a rotation function on the bed.」

「This is not a love hotel!」

And it’s even a Showa era one.

The other day, I was strangely excited and….told them to look at my phone while saying “This is the bedroom of another world!”.

It’s not hard to imagine that I have opened a page of a love hotel feature or something.

Well, it’s not that she’s interested in eroticism. It might have touched her craftsman’s heart after seeing the state-of-the-art facilities.

「So, why are you here?」

「Ah, here’s why….」

Then, I showed Katya the screen of my smartphone.

Katya is unable to read Japanese so I have to verbally explain what’s written one by one.

「I see….so, you have perfected alchemy in your world? Maa….even if it’s not perfected, this will definitely be profitable.」

「This should be enough to deal with our money shortage, right?」

「Of course!」

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