Chapter 109 – Fenrir Shion

-POV of Shion who was mistaken for a wolf-

At the entrance of the cave, fire suddenly raged.

I was surprised and when I tried to check it out, something fell from above. That moment, the fire raged more making that thing that fell burnt to crisp.

I was surprised so I became more cautious but I could sense his lordship’s power from the flame so I’m sure it’s not there to harm us.


When I stared at his lordship’s face…..he looked indescribably bitter.


I don’t know what had happened because it was so sudden.

His lordship might have enhanced his eyesight so he can see things in the distance in an instant.

We can also see very far but we’re no match for his lordship.

In addition, he has recently increased his range to detect danger in the forest.

We’re supposed to be his lordship’s protectors but I feel like we’re the ones who were being protected.

I have to work harder.


—Scene Change—


We train with the king every day to be stronger.

I want to be stronger so I’m working hard.

My goal is to at least land 1 hit to the king.

I don’t want to look like a fool to my pups.


We hadn’t been able to accurately measure his lordship’s strength before.

When the king and Boss-san were together, I shamelessly asked them.

Both the king and Boss-san instantly gave the same answer that the battle will end in a blink of an eye.

I was a little confused but then, I realized that the king and Boss-san meant that they’ll lose in a blink of an eye.

That surprised me but it also convinced me how powerful his lordship is.

That’s probably the reason why we can’t measure his lordship’s power.

It’s good that we are not enemies.

His lordship also cares about us a lot.

At first, I glared at him because he’s human but he forgave me with his generous heart.

He’s really kind.


His lordship’s generosity has brought change to the forest.

Not only did he save our lives but he also taught us the meaning of life.

I learned the importance of friends from the way he cared for us.

He not only allowed us to live with him together in his own house but he also did it in a way that it will be easier for us to live with him.

He also has a lot of golems and to be honest, they are stronger than us.

Even the king can only smile wryly.

Even with that, he prioritized making us contribute with the strength we have.

That way, we didn’t feel useless.

There’s only one thing we’re not allowed to do, and that is to covet his lordship’s food. However, his lordship shares his food with us too.

There are a lot of things that I have never eaten before and I can’t help but wag my tail whenever I think of them….

His lordship also rewards us by cooking for us himself.

When he does that, even the king can’t stop her wagging tail.

Even though he’s strong, his heart is open to other species.

His lordship is more amazing, stronger, and kinder than anyone else.


I have been surprised by a lot of things, especially with what happened recently. Dragons came.

3 dragons have gathered under his lordship.

All dragons are aggressive and when they meet, they sometimes fight to the death.

However, in this place, under his lordship, they don’t act like that.


The king herself confirmed it.

Both Boss-san and Shuri-dono were surprised upon seeing them like that.

As for why, it’s because of the magical power of his lordship.

 If you’re near his lordship, it will feel like you’re being wrapped with his lordship’s magical power.

And that magical power feels good.

It can even make you feel calm.

I know that feeling.

His lordship’s magical power is truly mysterious and it does calm my mind.


Usually, you won’t be able to approach someone with powerful magical power.

You’ll feel fear just by being close and your heart will scream non stop.

If you are of the same species, you might be able to handle it but if it’s another species, you’ll only be trembling with fear.

However, his lordship’s magical power is definitely powerful but gentle.

And his magical power can negate the impact of the magical power of other strong beings. Recently, I don’t even feel fear even if a dragon is near.

I’ll definitely feel fear if I make them angry but it’s strange that we can live together with them.

I can even train with Boss-san without freezing because of her magical power.

If it’s the usual, I won’t even be able to get close.


It’s amazing to think that we can even fight against the kings over food.

I was too desperate to notice it at that time.

But when I calmed down, I could only feel amazed.

I bared my fangs and took a little bit of their food and I’m still alive!

Both Boss-san and the water dragon forgave me.

His lordship is simply amazing.

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