Chapter 32

I searched the small pocket of my bag. This bag is something I have been using since junior high school. I took out not only a folding umbrella but also a raincoat.


I handed the large umbrella on top of the shoebox to the couple, the folding umbrella to Mei, and I wore the raincoat that was in the pocket of my bag.

「I just heard a flag snap.」

「As expected of Amane-kun.」

What kind of flag broke? Also, what do you mean as expected of me, Wakamiya-san?

「If you’re just going to say something stupid, I’ll have you return my umbrella.」

「We already expected Amane to be well prepared.」

「Why do you even have a raincoat?」

「When I was in junior high school, I used to ride a bicycle so I had a raincoat in my bag. When I entered high school, I didn’t change my bag.」

「In short, you totally forgot that you have it in your bag!」

「You can say that.」

I’ve been putting off taking it out of my bag since I graduated from junior high school but I never thought it would come in handy here.

「I feel like we’ve done something wrong.」

Shinozaki said as the four of us exited the school building and walked down the street leading to the station.


「We borrowed your umbrella and you’re the only one without one.」

「It’s too late for you to say that.」

You should have said that while we were in the school and not when we were already closer to the station. Besides, a raincoat isn’t bad. My hands are both free and I won’t get wet at all. It’s a little stuffy though.

「I’ll return your umbrella as soon as we get to the station.」

「No, you said your house is still a little walk from the bus stop. I won’t be wet so don’t worry.」

Because of Shinozaki’s unnecessary comment, Mei got worried for me. I glared at him to protest but he had no intention of looking at me. He’s talking happily with Wakamiya-san. I also glared at Wakamiya-san but she did not show any interest. You only wanted an umbrella, you’re terrible! I think you selfish couple are disgusting.


After walking a few more minutes with everyone, we finally arrived at the station. Shinozaki and Wakamiya-san, the bakaple, will take the train, Mei will take the bus, and I will walk so we’ll break up here.

「Are you sure you don’t want me to return your umbrella?」

「Don’t worry about it. I don’t know if I care as much as those two but I don’t want you to catch a cold so I won’t ask anyone to return my umbrella now.」

「Thank you! I’ll return it tomorrow.」

「Okay, then see you tomorrow.」

「See you tomorrow.」

Mei waves her hand. It’s like our parting signal so I’m already used to it after seeing her like that every day.

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Now, if I catch a cold, Mei will feel responsible for it and if I’m not careful, Mei, Wakamiya-san, and Shinozaki might all come to visit me. So yesterday, as soon as I got home, to make sure that I won’t catch a cold, I took a warm bath, and slept warmly that night.

I went to bed early and had a good rest so I came to school with 20% more energy than usual. However, when I entered the classroom, I saw Wakamiya-san and Shinozaki wearing masks and coughing.

What happened? Given the size of my umbrella, none of them should have gotten wet. Also, yesterday was not a windy day so they shouldn’t have been wetted by the wind or even slipped. There’s no way they got wet enough to catch a cold, right?

「Amane, Mei said she’ll take a day off.」

What? Mei even had to stay at home? I’m not sure why those who I lent with umbrellas caught a cold. Is there some kind of virus attached to my umbrella? Will it be called Amane Virus? I mean, why did you tell me that, Ashi-san?


「She caught a cold and seemed to have a fever too. You’re going to visit her.」


「You’re going to visit her.」


Scary. She’s scary. She’s very scary. And why are you glaring at me like that?

I sent her a text message saying I was coming to visit her and if there’s something she likes. However, after that, I wasn’t able to concentrate on the class because I’ve never been to a girl’s house before. Today’s class was within the range I had studied in advance so I only needed to take a few notes but that made me think of it more. I think I would have a hard time concentrating if I hadn’t studied it in advance. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.


Time is a nasty guy. It passes as quickly as I was praying for it to not pass. Maa, it’s actually a matter of recognition.

Shinozaki and Wakamiya-san left early on lunch break. My nervousness started to shoot up after that and I even suffered from abdominal pain.

I wondered how close they were with each other to catch a cold together and leave early together. I have a good relationship with them so I should have left early too.

Even though I’m thinking about superfluous things, I did not get distracted. I decided to leave the school as it is. The fact that I have to go and visit her did not change. I can see others looking at me with strange gazes. To make things worse, Ashi-san’s group would probably visit her too.

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