Chapter 69 – Let’s Make Ramen

So, while they were constructing our house, I asked Katya to start making something with the use of alchemy if she could.

It looks like it will probably take some time but I don’t have a problem with that.


In the meantime, since it’s very alchemy-like, I thought of making it the bread and butter of our family’s business.

So, I discussed it with Ouroboros and we decided to limit the hunting of the hand riding rabbits to 1/3.

That would mean that we just lost more than half of our income.

We were already in a tough spot even before this.

Even if we make money through alchemy, our family budget would still be in red.

「Let’s not drink for now….」

I also thought of making and selling our own sake.

If I were to go into the details of the production process, I didn’t get it so let’s skip it—

For now, I decided to increase our wine production.

We had been expanding the vineyard for this purpose for some time. Our main objective is to produce a lot of wine.

By adjusting the alcoholic fermentation, we can even make wine vinegar which can be used as seasoning so we can kill two birds with one stone.


After making the prototype, I taste-tested it—I was taken aback.

The sugar content of my grapes was not half bad so the prototype was very sweet.

After the fermentation, it was a little sweet but in a good way.

It was so sweet that it can even be called super high-quality fruit wine.

It was especially popular with the ladies and Arisa even said “This will sell even at a rip-off price!”.

Then, Arisa got strangely excited and said something like this,

「How about we invite the bigwigs from the city?」

According to her, the best way to sell wine is to sell it in the human city.

She also said that humans would pay the highest price for the thing that I asked Katya to make.

The wine and the thing will probably be sold through the company of adventurer king Marx which is Maria’s foster father. However, the scale of the business is getting bigger.

She said that it would be better to invite the city’s administrative official and talk to them once to say hello.

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A few days later.

Arisa and the adventurer king talked to the city’s administrative officials for me and it was decided that there will be a house visit.

「So….we’re going to have guests in this house….I’m kind of nervous.」

There are rules in the city for selling alcohol so it’s definitely better to talk to them.

I’m not used to entertaining guests though.

In any case, I prepared souvenirs for the official.

A bottle of wine that we made.

Sugar that we made.

Smoked devil boar meat.

Potato chips I ordered with my skill.

It is said that the official is a very stubborn man and doing things under the table will be counterproductive.

So I purposely left out expensive items but I wonder if my prepared gifts are enough.

And since he likes to drink, I prepared some other banquet food with strong flavor….

I’m currently working on the main dish.

Well, in other words, it will be the dish that will be served at the end of the banquet.

The process of making the dish is as follows:

1.       Simmer death hawk bones and devil boar bones in a skillet for 24 hours to make the base soup.

2.       Pressure cook the devil boar meat with soy sauce, mirin, sake, and garlic for two hours.

3.       Char siu will be served as side dish.

4.       Boil noodles ordered from Japan.

5.       Mix the char siu sauce broth from step 2 with the base soup from step 1 and add a lot of artificial flavorings.

6.       Ramen is ready!

Now, this is the first time I’ve made my own ramen in another world…I wonder how it will be.

If it was well-received, it might be a good idea to skip the artificial seasoning part and open a restaurant somewhere.

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