Chapter 110 – I’ll Protect My Companions!….Damn You!


I feel like there’s some kind of disgusting air flowing around.

I look around but can’t find any abnormality.

I looked for anomalies in the barrier using the clairvoyance drone but can’t find anything either.

However, I feel some kind of discomfort.


The nanafushis are running in panic.

They use all 6 legs to run?

As expected, they’re not really like a person….I was kind of expecting a little but I guess that’s that.

Did something happen to the tree monster for the nanafushis to panic like this?


—Scene Change—


It looks the same but it seems to be suffering.

And its magical power is disturbed too. Is it in a dangerous state?

Touching it and pouring it with my magic helps a little but that’s not doing anything else.

I wonder what happened?

Is there a problem when it took root here?

If that is the case, I think it’s better to pull it out and move it somewhere else.


However, this is a place chosen by the tree monster itself.

There might be a reason for it.

….could it be that there’s something in the soil?


Maybe….the soil is not suitable or perhaps there’s some bad fungus in the soil that’s damaging the tree monster.

I don’t know if any fungus can damage a tree internally nor hear of anything like that but….

I’m not an expert after all.


Let’s deal with the possible issues one by one.

First of all, what should we do if there’s some kind of fungi that attacks the tree from outside?

Since it is being attacked, what can it do to protect itself? Strengthen its immune system?

Then, let’s raise the tree monster’s immunity to the maximum using my magical power.

After that, let’s do something about the source of the attack.

No, it’s not necessarily a fungus, it could be a pest.

In that case, immunity will help but there’s a possibility of the roots being punctured.

In short, it needs defensive capability. I will raise its defense to the maximum.

Hmmm…for now, I need to find out what the tree monster doesn’t need.

I better spread the magic from the tree monster and investigate as wide area as possible.

Pests and fungi seem to spread far and wide in the soil.

….however, what if the enemy is already inside it? What should I do to protect the tree monster’s inside?

Ehto, if they are an external threat, use defense….if it’s internal, let’s do something about it.


Let’s quarantine….no, let’s burn what the tree monsters have determined to be enemy.

To deal with bird flu in Japan, they had to burn the infected.

Let’s burn them all until they are completely charred.

If there are any insect nests or clumps of fungus, eliminate them completely.

Let’s make it impossible for those to get close to the tree monster.


If there are already fungi or pests inside the tree monster, I’ll use magical power to determine if it’s an enemy.

I can’t burn them inside its body so I might as well kill them and use them as nutrition for the tree monster.

If it’s determined to be an enemy through magical power, it will be minced and absorbed.

Can it be absorbed like water?

…will there be a problem if it absorbs it?

Maa, let’s give it a try for now.


I finalized the plan in my head….

「Wide area check



「Maximum immunity, maximum defense」

It seems to have worked. The tree monster’s magical power has stabilized.


「External defense, threat detection」

「Confirmed enemy」

「Complete annihilation and erasure」

Its leaves are swaying happily.


Now, all we have to do is…

「Internal check


「Mince and absorb」

Though I let it absorb whatever it is, will there be a problem?

Are you alright?

Ah, it’s getting bigger.

I was surprised.

Are you okay?

Are you sure?


The nanafushis are happy too.


I did it in a hurry.

I don’t know what caused it but I’m annoyed.

My companions all looked worried.

If the nanafushis hadn’t come to me….

To be honest, I had never seen such a magic disturbance before and everyone’s almost crying because it looks like it will die.

I don’t know what caused it but…

「How dare you mess with my companions, DAMN YOU!」

It’s been a while since I’ve screamed so hard.

It’s not good to keep things bottled up.

I wouldn’t let it out on my companions either.

I can only scream and let it go.


Ah, thank goodness.


I’m sorry for yelling suddenly but I was really scared for the tree monster.

I’m okay now.

Thanks for worrying.


Thanks for informing me too, nanafushis.

The credit all goes to you.

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I should name the tree monster.

Of course, the nanafushis too.

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      Now surviving in the forest is another thing. Clearly there are creatures in the forest that will attack them to kill and/or eat them.

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