Chapter 33

I’ve finally arrived. I took the bus from the station and had a short walk from the bus stop to a certain house. There was the name “Hirose” written on the door plate.


「I-I’m sorry. I’m not someone suspicious.」

I couldn’t press the intercom earlier and was being looked at suspiciously by junior high schoolers on their way home. Finally, I was approached by a neighbor.

I’ve never pressed the intercom of a girl’s house before, or even a guy’s house.

「No, I mean, what are you even doing, Amane-san?」

「I came here to visit your oneesan.」

「Right! Then, please come in.」

The person who approached me was Iori-chan, one of Mei’s little sisters.

I’m glad it wasn’t one of the neighbors or the police. I also no longer need to do something difficult like pressing the intercom. I’m grateful for that. To be honest, I think it would be very awkward if the parents came out. At least according to my imagination.

「I’m home!」

「Ehto, sorry to disturb you.」

「Welcome back, Iori. Is that your boyfriend?」

「No, he’s here to visit oneechan. She’s oneechan’s guest.」

「I’m Amane Souta. Mei-san has been always taking care of me so I came here to visit since I heard she had a cold.」

It was a beautiful oneesan who welcomed me and Iori-chan. Perhaps Mei will be as beautiful as her when she gets older. However, unlike Me, her hair is black and she has a gentle atmosphere around her.

「Iori-chan, so you have another oneesan other than Mei.」

「No, she’s our mother.」

「Thank you for your kind words. I am Mei and Iori’s mother! I’ve heard about you from my children. Nice to meet you, Amane-kun.」

My brain wasn’t able to process that information at that moment. She’s their mother? Given her outer appearance, she looks like she’s in her early thirties. If she’s with Miyano-sensei, everyone would think that they are of the same age. This is really surprising.

「The pleasure is mine. Also, please accept this.」

I handed her a plastic bag filled with the things Yuna wants and asks for when she catches a cold.

「Oh, thank you for your thoughtfulness.」

「Areh, it’s niichan! Did you come to play with me?」

When Takuya-kun came out from the hallway and saw me, he immediately dashed towards me.

「Takuya, Amane-kun came to visit Mei.」


Takuya lost interest and went back to his room. I’m sorry but if I don’t complete the “visit Mei” quest, I’ll be strangled by a scary elder sister named Ashi-san.

「I’m sorry for the long entrance. Mei’s room is just up the stairs. She’s sharing the room with Iori so it won’t just be the two of you but please, take your time. I’m sure she’ll be happy.」


I wore slippers of guests that had been left for me before I knew it and walked up the stairs. So, this is Mei’s room. I was a little hesitant to enter but the door opened. It’s Iori-chan again.

「She just woke up desu yo. She won’t change clothes so it’s okay to enter.」

「Then, excuse me.」

When I stepped into the room through the door that Iori-chan had opened, I was convinced that it’s a girl’s room! It is visually fancy and I think it has a sweet scent. I feel weird.

「How are you?」

「Eh? Wa-wait!」

Unlike the usual Mei, she was wearing cute pajamas that looked like something junior high schoolers would wear. However, when I called out to her, she quickly pulled the futon over her head.

「W-why are you here? Did you, see my pajamas?」

「I told you that I’d come to visit you. And I saw your cute pajamas.」

I couldn’t believe what happened next. She asked me to get out of the room saying she’ll change clothes so I went out to the hallway. But she looks good in it. Also, why is she surprised that I came to visit her? And one more thing, how can she move so agile as if she’s not sick?

「Areh? Why are you in the hallway?」

「She said she’s going to change clothes and kick me out of the room.」

「Hold this for a moment and bring it over inside later. I’ll go in. Please feed it to oneechan later.」

She handed me a plate of canned peaches which is what I brought. Meanwhile, from the room, I could hear Iori-chan saying something to Mei.

After a few more minutes of waiting, I finally heard Iori-chan say “You can come in”. When I entered the room again, Mei was in her futon again and she didn’t change clothes. Iori-chan left with the clothes she was wearing earlier and left.

「Ehto, do you want some of this?」

「Yes, feed me.」

Mei looks at me with her mouth wide open. Seriously? You want me to feed you? She looked down at the peaches and then looked at me again but her expression didn’t change.

「My mouth is getting tired. Ahn」

「Yes yes, ahn.」

I want to remove all my worldly thoughts but it seems impossible so I can only tell myself over and over again that this is no different than what Yuna does when she has a cold and puts a peach in Mei’s mouth. There are still a lot of peaches left on the plate. After chewing and swallowing the peach in her mouth, Mei looks at me again and opens her mouth again. We’re going to continue?

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In the end, I fed Mei until there were no more peaches left on the plate. Needless to say, it was mentally draining. I don’t want to do this again.

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