Chapter 70 – Modern Chemistry Alchemy. I’m not a Bad Hand Riding Rabbit!

The big wig from the city arrived.

It looks like he’s really a big wig since he has seven attendants.

One of them is a secretary and the other six are high-ranking adventurers who are acting as his guards.

Maa, they call him Vice Mayor Arman so I guess he’s really a big wig.

And I see that the adventurer king Marx is also here.

He seems to have brought a number of people from his company too.

In fact, the sale of sugar at a very low price has become a hot topic in the city and even the big wigs of the merchant associations wanted to visit me.

「So, in addition to sugar, I’d like to sell this in the city too…」

That’s what I said.

Maa, I guess we’ll have a business meeting first before the banquet.

That’s normal since we can’t talk about anything seriously if we’re drunk.

And so, I let a hundred white balls roll on the living room table.

「They are….pearls?」

Everyone held their breath upon hearing that.

Well, speaking of pearls, like in Japan, it is also considered a luxury item here too.

「However, Tatsuya, this place is not near the sea, right?」

Marx looks at me suspiciously.

「Strictly speaking, they are not real but technically speaking, they are.」

Pearls are basically crystallized calcium carbonate.

I had seen a TV program once about how to make artificial pearls and I had searched for the details on the internet.

The ingredients are easy to find: mayonnaise and slaked lime.

We can make our own mayonnaise in this world.

Slaked lime is only a few dozen yen per kilogram so once we order it…we can mass-produce pearls.

There are plenty of materials but it’s difficult to crystallize them.

So, since we knew the materials and the process, we relied on the intuition and skills of our dwarven craftsmen – Katya.

She seems to have failed a few times but her craftsmen spirit did not give up and in the end, she completed it.

Arisa said “Let’s pretend they are real and sell them!” but I said “that’s not a good idea” and dropped my fist on her head.

Maa, you can’t charge the same price for artificial and natural pearls.

However, in this world, the idea of creating artificial pearls doesn’t even exist.

Any logical buyer would be satisfied if we say that it was crystallized with the help of s super mysterious magic….Arisa said, “Then, let’s at least sell them to a half or even until the third of the original price.”

—In other words, we can sell it as we wish even at the natural pearl price.

It’s alchemy after all.

That said, we can’t make too much since the price of pearls would collapse. We are thinking of selling them in small quantities over a long period of time.

Then, Vice Mayor Arman exclaimed “No no…” with a pale face.

「You can mass produce sugar in this cold region and even make pearls….who the hell are you? I can only think of them as god’s work.」

「Well, it’s a trade secret.」

And that’s about it.

Arisa took care of the details and we ended up selling the pearls through Marx’ company.

Incidentally, the vice mayor permitted us to sell red wine without a hitch.


And it’s time for the banquet.

「Devil boar meat….?」

While drinking red wine, Vice Mayor Arman reached out to the katsu devil boar as if he was afraid of it.

「It’s delicious! And so crispy!」

Duh, it’s a tonkatsu.

If it’s not crispy, it won’t be called tonkatsu.

「It goes really well with red wine! What is this sweet and spicy sauce? Oh, and…is this a death hawk!?」

Vice Mayor Arman’s eyes are black and white as he took a bite at a karaage.

Well, it’s a high-difficulty subjugation target and we’re serving it like an ordinary food so it’s not a surprise that he was surprised.

「I can only eat this kind of luxury food several times a year. But…this is a very opulent feast. Then, let me try tasting the main course, the dragon steak.」

「Ufufu, it’s not just any dragon, it’s a kaiser dragon steak desu yo♪」

What Sonja said scared the vice mayor so much that he almost spewed it out of his mouth.

「Cough! Cough! I don’t even know if you can eat even an ordinary dragon’s meat at the imperial capital’s ultra high-class restaurants….Kaiser? Is it really okay for me to eat it?」

「Ahahaha. You can desu yo. Kaiser dragon meat is delicious, right?」

「Yeah, of course. The ingredients alone are wonderful and the chef’s skill is not half bad either. As for the seasonings….they are dream-like.」

No, they are just karaage powder and tonkatsu sauce.

And then, wasabi soy sauce.

All of those are thanks to the zenigeba god.

And the girls who I asked to stay away from the house because they would scare the guests…came in.

「Unfair desu♪」

「Banquet nano desu♪」

「Meat meat carrot meat carrot♪」

It’s the hand riding rabbits but as soon as the vice mayor saw them, his face turned blue.

「Hiii! Hand riding rabbits!」

This is exactly why I prohibited them from coming….

「No, you don’t need to be scared」

A hand-riding rabbit nodded in agreement.

「I’m not a bad hand riding rabbit!」

I don’t know if he actually believed us but….the vice mayor seemed to ease up a little even though he’s still pretty scared.

「No, I was….just surprised to see some hand-riding rabbits.」

Then, the vice mayor looked at Sonja seriously.

「Come to think of it, this young lady here surprisingly looks similar to the hand riding rabbits….」

「Yes, I’m their queen desu yo♪」

As expected, the vice mayor collapsed on the spot.


And then….

After all of that, everyone was drunk.

After all, it’s inevitable that you’ll drink more if you are eating delicious foods.

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By the way, at the end….we all ate ramen. However, not only the vice mayor but everyone else fainted because of Sonja.

We had made quite a lot of ramen but it was gone in a blink of an eye. There’s also the eating competition between the hand-riding rabbits and everyone else.

I had no choice but to get some chicken ramen and serve it to everyone again which was also very popular.

Yeah, I guess ramen would be popular no matter what world it is.

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