Chapter 111 – Anferfurmi Shuri 2

-Giant Ant, Shuri’s POV-

I was surprised to see that the world tree(Yggdrasil) had moved on its own accord to his lordship.

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it. Even now, I sometimes wonder if it’s all a dream.

However, when I go near the lake, I realize that everything’s real.


–Scene Change—


The world tree is the forest itself and it controls the whole forest.

If something happens to the world tree, it will affect the entire forest.

For that reason, there are multiple layers of barriers around it so that no one can find it.

Only those who the world tree allowed would be able to approach it.

His lordship was invited by the world tree under the guidance of the treants.


That was the first time I’d seen the world tree and it’s already dying.

Probably because it had been protecting the forest from the evil eye that it ran out of strength.

His lordship poured magic power into it but it didn’t do anything.

The next moment, the world tree withered before my eyes.

I could neither move nor speak. Seeing the world tree wither is too much for me.


However, the forest did not end.

The world tree had received his lordship’s power and unbelievably, produced the next generation world tree.

I just witnessed a miracle.

Even the treant and everyone else was surprised. No one expected it.

…more than surprised, I think we were all confused.

Maa, the only ones who were not confused with what’s happening are his lordship and the world tree.


Strangely enough, the newly born world tree possessed the combination of the magic of the forest and magic of his lordship.

And that combined magic power spreads from the world tree, to the earth, and to every place of the forest.

Above all, the world tree adored his lordship as much as we do and wanted to be near him.

As expected of his lordship.

He has accepted the world tree and the treants as mere companions like us.


–Scene Change—


The expressions of our companions when his lordship invited the world tree into his place….

They were interesting.

When I looked around, I found that his lordship was enjoying it too.


It rooted down. The world tree receives magical power from his lordship every day making it grow faster.

It is still small making me feel uneasy but it seems like the golems are also watching over it.

The golems are guarding outside at night to protect our home.

We would never find more reassuring protection.


….that unforgiving instant kill when they recognized something as an enemy…

Very scary.

They don’t know the word “hesitation” or “holding back”.

As expected of the golems made by his lordship.

The world tree is protected by the golems.

We are here too so it will be fine.


–Scene Change—


His lordship’s golem is clearly different from the golems we’ve seen so far.

They don’t look very strong.

They are small and kind of cute.

Many were tricked with that physical appearance of theirs.

I’ve seen how strong the golems are when monsters or demon beasts approach our home.

That’s why I would never piss them off.


I thought that golems inside his lordship’s dwelling were not so strong.

It was because the golems outside gave perfect protection….

That’s why I got a little careless.

I just wanted to get a little wine….


The moment I was found, I was chased.

For some reason, I felt very cold so I ran towards my hole which is my domain.

The moment I was relieved, I saw the golem in front of me.

The next instant, I came to a pure white world.

I could no longer find the golem when I woke up.

When I asked my children, they said it went home….


Went home…

This place is my domain and there’s a barrier in it.

Once you enter the hole, you can’t get out without me or my children’s permission….or at least that’s what’s supposed to happen.

It went home….

Did it ask permission from you?

You were hiding so it didn’t.


Speaking of my hole, it is sometimes called the entrance to hell.

Are you telling me that it has no effect on his lordship’s golems?

…..the golems guarding his lordship’s dwelling are also incredibly strong, aren’t they?

My children are looking at me.

Don’t worry, I’ll apologize later.

Since it was his lordship’s golem, it should forgive me….

It’s okay.


Come to think of it, why did you go into hiding right away?


You’ve been through that too?

Boss-san and his children and even Koa’s group….

I see, you should have informed me.

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