Chapter 112 – Water Dragon Fluffy

-Fluffy, the ball of yarn’s POV-

For the forest, the world tree is life itself.

Such existence is nearby.

As I emerge from the lake, I can see the world tree, enjoying his lordship’s magical power.

What a strange sight.


—Scene Change—


In the past, we needed permission from the forest first before we could even see or touch it.

However, the order of the forest was destroyed by humans along with the monsters and demon beasts who have nothing but instincts. That time, the world tree decided to hide itself.

That was to protect the forest and us too.


People have been challenging the forest to acquire the world tree since long ago.

The existence called the kings of the forest drove those people out of the forest and sometimes, killed them to assert dominance. The kings have to show them that the forest is off-limit.

The kings of the forest had succeeded in keeping people away for a long time.

The elves, who respect the forest, and the beastkins, who live with them, sometimes enter the forest.

They don’t dare go to the center and remain faithful to the old teachings so there’s no problem.

However, one day, we were driven mad by the evil eye that covered the whole forest.


It is his lordship that freed us from suffering.

The world tree that’s under his lordship’s protection now has started to take root.

I hope that time will pass peacefully like this.


—Scene Change—


In contrast to my wish, a strange incident happened to the world tree.

The magic inside it is unstable and it is struggling in pain.

Even if all of us kings pour our magical power into it, it won’t have any effect.


The treants brought his lordship.

Hurry up!

If we don’t hurry, the world tree will be destroyed!

The expression of the faces of our companions that were gathered by his lordship were all in pain.

I’m the same.

I can also sense the anxious magical power of the snow dragon’s group underground as if it sensed something strange at the surface.


His lordship pours magical power into the world tree.

The suffering seemed to be halved for a moment but it soon suffered again.

What’s going on?

No way, are people attacking the forest again?

The world tree can be said to be the forest itself.

The current world tree is still in its infancy and any attack on the forest will immediately affect it!

If the world tree’s magical power is a little stronger, it could at least defend itself….


I tried to sense the forest to check for anomalies.

I feel faint signs of people at the entrance of the forest.

I’m not certain because it is far away but there is a sign of something unpleasant from there.

If the wind dragon is here, he can confirm it but I can only feel a little with my power.

Even so, they are here again!


I feel his lordship’s magical power gradually sharpening.

I could sense the faintest hint of anger in it.

This is the first time something like this has happened so I’m a little confused.

His lordship has always kept calm.

This is the first time I feel anger in his magical power.


The sharpened magical power amplifies and envelops his lordship and the world tree.

Everyone’s praying while staring at his lordship.

We believe in him but we know that the enemies are powerful.

If anything happens to his lordship….I will not hesitate to use my life to help him.


His lordship’s magical power swells to an unprecedented level.

I flinch a little because of it.

With his lordship as the center, I feel a sign of that sharp magical power covering the whole forest like I’ve never felt before.

Covering the whole forest?

How is that even possible?

This forest is vast, covering half the world.

Even we can’t feel the entire forest.

We can only slightly feel a part.

But his lordship just….how is this possible?

I’m stunned seeing what his lordship is doing but when I look around, everyone’s reaction is almost the same as mine.

It seems like my companions felt it too.


His lordship is simply amazing….


The next moment, the magical power of the world tree doubles.

No, not just double.

The world tree, which had absorbed his lordship’s magical power to the limit, changed its appearance at once.

I can only look at the world tree stunned.

….and I’m not the only one.


The world tree that has grown so much that we have to look up to it is much more powerful than the previous world tree.

The previous world tree also had protection….but not as strong as it has now.

Perhaps it was the power that his lordship bestowed to the world tree to protect itself.


When I looked up at the world tree, which now holds an enormous amount of magical power, I felt a tremendous flow of magical power coming from his lordship.

As soon as I looked at his lordship, terrifying magical power was released along with his angry shout in an overbearing manner.

Those words of his contain magical power.


Blood was drawn from my whole body.

I don’t know where it is headed.

However, no matter where it goes, I’m certain that the target will be destroyed.


It was the first time I saw real anger from his lordship.

That would not only resonate in the forest but also in the world.


…..his lordship has returned to normal from being scary.

In fact, he looks too normal now that you would wonder if he’s really the person who unleashed that intimidation.

I’m really glad that his lordship is not an enemy. 

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