Chapter 71 – Fox Ears and Spices

Let’s talk about money.

Currently, I have a monthly income of over 5000 gold coins. (That’s about 50000000 Japanese yen.)

One of the biggest contributors was the artificial pearls which I could sell for around 1000 pieces per month.

However, the fact that we’re still depending on the hand riding rabbits’ hunting remains unchanged.

We’re in a situation where the hand-riding rabbits are devouring limited resources and one day, we’ll reach the limit.

We need to get to a point where we can break even with our balance even without the hand-riding rabbits.

However, the problem is that we need too much money….


I’ve concluded that we need to make what we can in this world.

It’s good to know that we already produced the prototype of soy sauce and miso but the most expensive seasoning is curry powder…..

Cornelia often comes and it is at a level where she thinks this place is her home….there’s always a need to cook curry.

There was even a time when I woke up in the morning and headed to the living room only to find her eating curry on her own saying “I’m disturbing you.”.

In short, I’m planting curry powder ingredients in the field.

Basically, as long as I have the right spices and ingredients, curry is just a matter of mixing like a science experiment.

All I need to do is to search the internet and do some trial and error experiments and I’ll be able to make it.

The most important thing for the finished product is the tongue of those who’ll eat it but that’s not really a problem.

Actually, Japanese and English curry are difficult to make but I’ve made Indian curry several times already.

The Indian curry I made was well received by everyone.

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Then, a miscalculation occurred when I was making curry.

This miscalculation is something that could have revolutionized our source of income than the artificial pearls and would have been very helpful for our family’s tight budget.

You see—

「What do you mean by red pepper? You mean red powder, right?」

I’m currently talking with Arisa, who came here to pick up the monster materials from the hand riding rabbits, while drinking tea in the living room.

「Let me see your field, Tatsuya-niichan.」

「Ah, go ahead.」

And I took Arisa to my spices field.

「Uwaaaaa…..this is amazing. All of them are spices?」

「The demon king eats a lot and everyone likes curry too.」

「Can we harvest a certain amount on a regular basis?」

「Of course, if I want to.」

Then, Arisa turned her gaze to me.

「Hey hey, Tatsuya-niichan.」


「Can you let me take care of this?」

「What do you mean?」

「You know that spices are traded for their equal weight in gold, right?」

That moment, I gulped.

Thinking about it, it’s so obvious.

I wondered why I hadn’t noticed that before.

In medieval Europe, spices were so expensive that even nobles couldn’t afford to use them.

It’s the same in this world.

They can only be bought in the south and the reason they cost like rip off is the transport fee.

However, I have a seed creation skill and I can also customize it to cold region specifications.

「Are you planning to sell spices?」

Arisa nodded and grinned.

「This is incomparable with sugar. This…is basically on a revolutionary level. The merchant guild will turn over. Maa, leave it to me and think of it as if you’re transporting them via a big ship!」

Arisa said so and hit her chest proudly.

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