Chapter 114 – Commander of the 5th Knight Order (2)

-Emperors Kingdom’s 5th Knight Order Commander’s POV-

I can see that the completion of the magic circle is near.

There was a report that we would be attacked as soon as we went into the forest but that didn’t happen.

Did they see how strong we are and run away?

That’s boring.

If they attacked us, I would have played with them.


The demon beasts that were attacking us from time to time are a bunch of garbage. We only need to send a bait and beat them up after.

Maa, they may be strong but they are not our match.

They might even be the demon beasts that our country has released so they’re really not a problem.

As for those who are afraid of them,

….they’re nothing but garbage.

The slave I used as a bait is convulsing.

Be a little more useful you piece of sh*t.


Let’s just pick another bait….


The forest begins to emit light.

At last, they’re attacking!

Come here and die obediently.

「Come on, show yourself! However make sure you’ll last a little longer!」

Sounds of laughter came from nowhere.

Come on, show yourself.

And once you do, I’ll drown you in your own blood.


The light intensified until I could no longer see anything.

Being unable to see anything is irritating.

「Stop hiding and come out!」

The voice didn’t answer.

However, I can hear the screams of the mages that were burning the forest.

They’ve targeted the mages instead of us.

I won’t let them.

I ran through the light and went to the place where the mages were.

I can confirm that a strange black light is being emitted from the magic circle.

And I can also see that the mages are screaming because they are being engulfed with flame.

I hurriedly used water magic to stop the fire but…it won’t go out!

My men also rushed over to cast water magic again and again but it had no effect at all.

「F*ck! What’s going on!」

My men who were close to the magic circle were engulfed with flame too.

The shouts of my men echoed around me.

We hurriedly ran away from the magic circle but the flames were attacking my men as if they were alive.


Black light shoots out of the magic circle towards the sky.

The next moment, the flames are extinguished. The only thing that’s left was silence.

Both the mages and some of my subordinates had completely disappeared without leaving even a speck of embers.


Then, I was stunned again when I heard screams coming from the place where the magic circles for breaking the barrier of the forest are located.

Those screams probably came from the mages.

I instructed my men to stay away from that place thinking that what happened earlier might happen again.

When I stop and look at them from a distance….


The mages and my men guarding the magic circle…

I’m not sure how to describe it.

They were turned to minced meat scattered everywhere and then, disappeared as if they were absorbed.

Even their pool of blood disappeared.


No one was able to speak.

The light has completely disappeared. The forest returned to its original state before the light appeared.

….as if nothing had happened.


Just when I was about to speak to have everyone regroup,

My body was slammed to the ground.

The air in my lungs was all pushed out of my mouth and blood-splattered with it as if I was fatally injured.


Magic power filled with intense fury overwhelmed my entire body.

I couldn’t move a single finger.

When I opened my eyes slightly, I saw my vice commander in front of me.

Given the pool of blood coming out of his mouth, he doesn’t look alive.

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I couldn’t even let out a scream.

My body is slowly being crushed.

I can’t breathe. My vision is blurry.

I heard the sound of my bones cracking inside my body and echoing in my ears.

I spewed a large amount of blood.

I faintly saw small legs.

….my consciousness is leaving. What happened….we are the king’s….

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