Chapter 73 – Miyamoto, Again

A few days after I sent Arisa to the city, the mayor and vice mayor came to my house.

Of course, the adventurer king Marx is also with them.

「Huh….you guys never cease to amaze me.」

The vice mayor sipped his tea and sighs after saying that with admiration.

「To think you’ll wholesale spices at that price…」

The mayor stared at me blankly.

「Are you sure you’re going to leave everything to my company?」

It was Marx-san who said that.

「Yeah, the most convenient way for us to deal with it is to leave it to you.」

「However, Tatsuya, do you have any idea of what kind of disaster might befall you? No, it’s already happening…」

「I was surprised that mayor-san came here but, what do you mean?」

「Considering the monthly income I heard from Arisa…the lord will surely come out with all his might. People might die.」

「That doesn’t sound peaceful. What’s going on?」

「Spice trade is also known as the…golden dead or alive road.」

「Those are bad sounding words…or did you mispronounce them?」

「No, you heard it right.」

I didn’t think that Marx-san…would say something like that.

Maa, it’s probably just a coincidence or mistranslation.

「So, what exactly is happening?」

「It takes a long long way to get spices from the south. Along the way, encountering monsters and bandits are also a normal occurrence….」

「I see. That explains the dead or alive part.」

「Yes, but if you make it, you’ll make money, lot of money.」

「That’s the golden part. So, what about the lord?」

「Spice trade involves a lot of things….large global companies and various countries around the world. It is a system that makes millions of gold.」

「You’re talking about…when a lot of unidentifiable spices were thrown in the mix, right? Surely, those who have the monopoly and are vested with the system will not overlook it.」

「No, that’s not it. Their target is your production method.」

「….production method?」

「We can no longer fool them. You’ve been too daring and now it is obvious to everyone….sugar, spices, etc….all came here, right? You produced something that can’t be produced in this area. Do you think it’s a problem?」

「Yeah, it is basically a money tree.」

「Our city is a self-governing territory, however, above me, the mayor, is the country. So, the lord….it is also a matter of time before it is conveyed to the king. No, I think the king already heard of you.」

「What if that happens?」

「The best thing that would happen is that a large portion of this farm will become under the direct control of the king. The worst would be the farm will be taken over. That’s how great your profit is.」

Oi oi, seriously….thinking about it, I can’t help but facepalm myself.

「No, this is the demon king’s territory.」

「That part is vague. Demon King Cornelia doesn’t govern her territory that much….You guys are doing business with a human city so everyone will think that this place is under the king.」

「No, I have permission from…Cornelia herself. She said I’m the lord of this place. 」

And then, they all froze.

「Y-y-y-you….were recognized as a territory lord by Demon King Cornelia?」

The three’s faces became pale…apparently, even a position as a village chief here means a lot.

「However, since that is the case….this will become a territory war.」

Marx sighed.

「What’s wrong?」

「In fact….the king is already preparing to threaten the farm here. It has been reported that the only forces here are the hand-riding rabbits and their queen….they are already gathering a subjugation force to exterminate them.」

「Oi oi, aren’t they itching for a fight too much….」

「Let me tell you the truth. We originally came here to mediate between you and the king. We came here to have the king profit in the form of tax. However, since this place is a territory recognized by a demon king….we can no longer do that since this is not the territory of the king in the first place.」

「In short, if they threaten us with force, that is nothing but picking a fight against Cornelia.」

The two and Marx nodded.

「We have to stop them. I will immediately go to the capital on a fast horse but….I’m sure I won’t make it in time.」

「Why are you so sure about that?」

「The king is an impatient bastard who believes in speed. Perhaps….he already gathered the forces needed and are already on their way to have a discussion with you in the form of intimidation. At that point, the demon king won’t sit still. I won’t make it in time but….I ask you to please be calm.」

「By the way, what’s the other party’s war potential?」

「It’s a hand-riding rabbit extermination group. There are five sword saints, ten sages, and fifty holy knights…but that’s the minimum. You can even call them the full power of the kingdom.」

Then, Marx claps his hands.

「—also, there should be the fugitive hero, Miyamoto.」

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