Chapter 115 – Everyday Life?

I’m currently on my morning rounds.

I was worried since something happened to the tree monster, I named it Eco, yesterday but it seems to be okay now.

Marshmallow and the snow amoebas are as usual.

I no longer want to play snow with you!

Today was more intense than usual.



Next, we check out the river.

For some reason, I had to watch a long mysterious dance.

I don’t know what they are doing but it doesn’t seem to be some kind of harassment so I obediently watch.

… There’s more?

I’m sorry but can you end it already?

Thank you….it was fun….sort of.


My snow-soaked clothes dried naturally while I was checking the river.

I can’t believe I stayed there that long…..


Check the field, check the crops.

I’m glad to see that the farming corps are working hard today.

The field amoebas are doing their best….Eh! They’ll dance?

Maa, the water amoebas already showed that to me earlier.

I must decline…’s already starting!


I did my best to watch them until it was over.

I don’t really care anymore.


I check the fruit forest and here too, the field amoebas dance.

….Ehto, thanks.

Mou, I give up.

However, please dance only once.

…if you don’t stop, I don’t know how much longer I can go on. No, I had enough!


There’s nothing unusual in the fruit forest.

Koa and the others have been hunting since morning… brought back a lot.

Isn’t this a bit too much?

The little onis are doing their best but, there’s more?

Ah, Ai and the others are doing their best too.

Wait, where are the pups?

Also, stop hunting for now.

I can no longer see the pups. I can no longer see them since there are too many prey around.

Ah, yeah, thank you for your hard work.


What’s that?


A shadow suddenly appeared from the sky!

I was surprised when it got closer….is that a big fish?

Ah, Fluffy! And flying lizard’s with you?

Maa….you did your best in hunting too?

Thank you for your hard work.


Ah, the one eyes and three eyes came to assist.


Fluffy, wait!

Where are you going?

Fish? Oh, no more fishing today.

That’s enough.

Yes, it’s true.

This 10 meter fish in front of me is already enough.

No, it’s too much.


I finally made it to the lake where Eco and the three nanafushis are.

Everyone’s acting a little crazy today.

I wondered if they had been drinking.

The one eyes are guarding the alcohol so it should be safe.

…..what are they so tense about?

I’m getting scared.


I wanted to name the nanafushis but I gave up.

No matter who I look at them, the three are identical.

I can’t tell them apart.


….I guess I was right not to name them.

Mini nanafushis suddenly pop out….and a lot of them.

And Eco became mighty.

I was a little surprised to see how much a tree monster can grow in a day.

At least the nanafushis didn’t call me because it has some kind of problem again.


I was so worried about what happened yesterday but it seems to be okay now.

The fungus and pests seemed to have been exterminated.

Though you still have to be careful about invisible bacteria.



I got a strange fruit from a nanafushi.

It looks golden and is wrapped in some sort of thin film.

When I was wondering what to do about it, Koa came to me.

Let’s just thank the nanafushi for now.


—Scene Change—


The fruit is currently in a bowl.

Koa came with a fork.

Do you want me to crush it?


When I crushed it, a savory aroma spread around.

It smells like maple syrup.

I licked a little and found that it tasted like maple syrup too.

Ah, I got something good.


I need some eggs.

Pancakes need eggs.

I have to look for some.

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By the way, everyone’s unusually excited today.

Were they affected by what happened to Eco yesterday?

It doesn’t seem to have any problem now though.

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  1. Piisfun

    This sounds like preparations for a major party…

    Then again, he did just restore the World Tree to beyond its former glory…

    Party justified.

  2. maas4

    5 platoon = pest lol

  3. dadamori

    I think the human kingdom just got destroyed

  4. Ramadict

    -You wanna go HUH?! YOU FUNGY!!

    My line for anyone who tries to pick a fight from now on.

  5. Lamora_R2

    Everyone’s desperate to show him some effort after the fungi incident, or don’t make him angry, hahahahah,

  6. CounterMAN

    So we have World tree leafs as food for silk worm, now World tree’s fruit as pancake indigent. What next ? World tree’s branches as fuel ?! World tree’s wood for chopping board ?

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