Chapter 36

Yuna passed her exams without any problems and my exam ended as well.

Yuna got a perfect score in her English exam. She did it because the scope that I taught her was what their exam was about. She scored so high that she was suspected of cheating.

I had a hard time concentrating during those times but as I watched Yuna study, I was able to get back in shape so I didn’t have a problem.

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「Amane, I did it.」

Shinozaki said that as he fell down on my desk. Shinozaki’s cold unexpectedly lasted longer so he had to rest for three days at home.

I went to visit him but he started flirting with Wakamiya-san, who was there with him, so I just threw his assignment at him and left. That’s why we didn’t have study sessions this time and each of us took the exam on our own.

「How are your exam results?」

「They said there were no red marks in the subjects they’ve checked. I’m too regular for the retest that they started to check my paper first.」

At our school, if the total number of red marks on the midterm and final exams exceeds three, we get an extra retest and supplementary lessons during the long vacation. Last time, he had no red marks and since he has no red marks this time so far, it means he can safely enjoy his summer vacation this year.

「That’s good. You don’t need to be with junior high schoolers this year.」

「To be honest, it was so hard to be in a supplementary class next to the classroom where junior high schoolers were for their summer high school experience.」

「I can’t even imagine.」

「And after that, junior high schoolers will usually look around the school building and they’ll look at me as if they’re watching a freak show.」

What is he saying now? Aren’t you used to being looked at? Well, at least until you started dating Wakamiya-san.

「I’m happy for you. Who would have thought you don’t need to come this summer for supplementary lessons? I thought you’ll have to spend your three years of summer vacation in high school studying here.」

「I have Nanaka. We’re going to play around every summer.」

「Sorry, Kazuya, I have to prepare for the first half of summer vacation for the summer high school experience. It’s under the jurisdiction of the student council.」

I laughed out unintentionally. Shinozaki’s happy atmosphere drops down. He also muttered something like “I’ll destroy those junior high schoolers.”.

「I wonder what should I do during the summer vacation?」

「In the first half, aside from my club activities, I’m free so let’s go and play.」

「I’ll have to go to my parents first so after that.」

Mother said that they couldn’t come here because they’re going to their parent’s house during the summer vacation. They’re going to take Yuna, just Yuna. That last part came from father.

Father, you like Yuna too much. Maa, Yuna doesn’t hate him but she takes an attitude a typical adolescent girl takes so it’s kind of painful to watch. I have to show them Yuna and my grades so I’ll go there.

「I’ll be there early because it will be crowded there during the Obon Festival. You can start doing your assignment when I’m gone.」

「You’re busy huh.」

「It’s a small price to pay for the freedom I’ll get.」

「Hey, when will you be free?」

Just when I was thinking why Wakamiya-san left, she returns with Mei in tow. Mei was the one who asked me that.

「I’m thinking of going by the end of this month. Yuna has a summer course in August after all. Why do you ask?」

「Well, I was wondering if we could get together on the last day of school and decide what to do during the summer vacation together.」

「I see. I’m not exactly sure when. I want to rest for a week first then, everything I’ll do for the rest of summer vacation will be dependent on Yuna.」

Mei muttered something while looking at the two. They look like they are planning something but I put that at the edge of my head.

 「So, how did the three of you do in the exam?」

Shinozaki asked us that as if to bring us back on track. He seems to be relieved for not having to do a retest this time.

「For better or worse, it’s the usual.」

My self-scoring shows that I missed a perfect score in two subjects and I’m sure the president’s score will still be full marks. The president will take first place again this time.

「I guess not that different. 」

「I misread a mountain of things so I think my rank will be much lower. Around the 30th? 」

You misread a mountain of things and still rank that high? If you didn’t misread anything, you’ll be taking my seat, right? I mean, you should target the president instead of contending for my seat.

「Ah, by the way, Iori said she almost got perfect scores this time and was very happy to be in the first place.」

「Really? That’s amazing.」

「She told me to thank Souta because she was taught by you.」

When I went to visit Mei, she asked me some things she didn’t understand while I was looking after Akari-chan and Takuya-kun so the result is mostly thanks to herself.

「If I was taught by Amane, my grades would go up too. This summer vacation, teach me while we’re doing our summer assignments so that I can score as high as an average student.」

Why are you trying to be average? Don’t you want to aim higher?

「I don’t mind but I won’t let you copy mine.」


Why don’t you at least try to hide it? Don’t be so blatant with your tongue.

「Then, let’s have a study session this summer vacation!」

「You guys, it’s okay to prepare for summer vacation after the exam but we still have class. Sit down.」

Miyano-sensei, who came from nowhere, interrupts our conversation. I looked at the clock and lunch break seemed to be over.

We all said “Yes” and returned to our seats.

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