Chapter 74 – Paisen’s Here! Now We Can Beat Anything Aside from the Demon King!

-Miyamoto Masashi’s POV-

After that—

I was blown away by the light truck. Both my legs and ribs are broken and I was in a helpless state.

And after crawling around the forest for three days and three nights….without eating or drinking—I met a senpai.

He was a high school student who had been sent to a juvenile detention center for being a delinquent. So, he was teleported in this world too.

He had made a legend that he had escaped from jail and was missing…now, that mystery was solved.

When he was on his way to school, he noticed a magic circle on the ground, and immediately after, he found himself in this world.


There’s no end on his list of evil deeds.

He picked up a hundred women and impregnated them.

It is said that he never used birth control so he invented his own martial arts to deal with it.

—secret technique: Dark Fist of Abortion.

That sounds absurd.

However, there are rumors that he managed to get away with it which is one of the great things about him.

There’s also a story where he threw a Molotov cocktail at a motorcycle police officer when they were chasing him.

There’s also a story of how he honey-trapped the principal of his school by using a JK beauty and got him to rescind his expulsion.

As a fellow delinquent, I really admire him.

Yeah, we all admire him.


His name alone is cool.

So, senpai picked me up, who’s crawling like an insect in the forest, and even used healing magic on me.

Hearing his story, it seems like senpai trained seriously as a transmigrator and became a sage.

As a sage….at the moment, he’s currently working for the country. Even so, he still was able to work with the criminal guild while working for the country. He’s the coolest.

Unlike a half-wit like me, he’s a real evil-doer….amazing.

He is on a different level.

I’m nothing but half-baked compared to him.

He utilized everything around to become the strongest.

I had to back out of training so I’m only half strong. I know that senpai’s guts in that area is the real deal.

I was so lucky when I said “I should have done it like senpai did” because…he took me to some sort of facility.

From what I heard, it seems like this facility leads to a mysterious space where only two days will pass here and 1 year will pass inside.

I was thrown inside it…it was the best place to get stronger in a short period of time but you won’t get any older.

By the way, anyone can only use that space for a maximum of five years and I spent five years there.

I have trained so hard that I was even surprised with myself.

Senpai said, “If you can’t do that much, you can’t live as one of the strongest in this world.”. Along with those words, he handed me a list of skills and magic that can be acquired.

If I don’t take this task seriously, I’m sure senpai will kill me as soon as I go out.

—I remember all the torture legends of senpai. They are nothing but gruesome.

I don’t want to have my eyeballs burned out or an ice pick inserted into my fingernails while I’m still alive.


I’m currently walking through the forest on a special mission.

I was told that the king had ordered a raid on a house where those hateful… hand-riding rabbits are hiding.

「Hey hand riding rabbits—the new and improved me is back!」

Senpai smiled and patted me on my shoulder.

「Ah, now you won’t lose to a hand-riding rabbit. You can even fight against two of them.」

In addition to senpai and I, there are sword saints and sages with us.

It is an exaggerated force that could match an entire country.

「By the way senpai, everyone’s strong so we probably can beat anything, right?」

「Ah, Miyamoto, if we are to face anything—」

Then, senpai proudly said this.

「—as long as we won’t face a demon king, we will win!」

I also nodded proudly when I saw senpai like that.

I will follow senpai for the rest of my life!

Our hero, the strongest badass…Nakajima….Atom-senpai!

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