Chapter 116 – Changes in the Forest….Spiderlings’ Growth

The strange tension since the past few days has finally calmed down.

The result….a mountain of dismantled prey.

One storage room was filled in the last few days alone.

The little onis seem to be satisfied with their work.

Thank you for your hard work.


The combined dance of the water amoebas and the field amoebas.

Before I knew it, they were already working together.

I’m already very satisfied. I’m telling the truth.

And please don’t try to extend the performance time gradually.


I’m glad I’m finally back to my usual everyday life.

I’m really happy….ah, today is the scheduled day of lifting the sake ban.

…..1 more day!


Drinking sake, while they’re being tense like that, should make them crazier than usual.

….Now, what am I supposed to do now?

I can’t stop it! It’s impossible!

The eyes of the squirrels are so damaging…it’s already hurting me.

It’s impossible for me to not lift the ban.


The nanafushis performed a dance one morning. They are probably imitating the amoebas.

Swaying trees….is that a curse?

Ah, no, thank you.


—Scene Change—


It’s time to revisit the cave.

Since the cave is too wide, I sprinted through the forest to challenge it in the morning….the forest has become different.

I feel like the magical power that’s covering the entire forest has changed from a few days ago.

Everyone has their own unique magical power and so does the forest.

It’s slowly changing.


It all started when my companion’s tension suddenly soared.

Their tension is kind of the positive type so I think whatever is happening is a good thing.

But that’s only what I think since I don’t really get what’s happening after all…no, I’m neither frustrated nor sad.


While sprinting through the forest, I noticed the difference.

The previous magical power can be said to be sharp and stinging but now, it will wrap you with its gentleness.

I think something big has happened.

…….the forest is too wide, something good should have happened somewhere.

I would have noticed it if it was close.


I was curious so I went to the edge of the barrier.

I was surprised.

Outside the barrier, there are still shadows and the influence of the curse is still strong.

However, the shadow is fading.

Does this mean that the curse that we’ve been struggling with so much is about to disappear?

Since the influence of the curse is fading, the magic of the forest has changed. I see.


Hahaha. Good news. Let’s explore the cave.


—Scene Change—


This is really wide.

No matter how far we ran, the cave still continues.

JI was hoping to find something but….it’s just a huge road.

What if it’s just a road that goes on forever?


This cave made me wonder if we should go on.

We took a lunch break in the middle and started again.

To be honest, I was getting bored.



2 roads.

I got a little excited.

The road just forked to two but I’m happy since at least something changed.

I wonder which way to go.


….I want to discover something!

I’ve come this far and all I’ve seen is a never-ending road…I’m crying.

I really want to discover something!


For the time being, I threw our fate to my companion, Boss-san.

Which one?

….a spiderling had finally grown to the size of Boss-san.

One morning, when I was doing my patrol like usual, Boss-san took the trouble of introducing it to me.

…I was surprised at first but I’m happy that my companion has grown.

And for some reason, this boss-san has no wings and there were white line designs on its body which should have been completely black.

Is this some kind of mutation?

It didn’t affect its health so there shouldn’t be any problem.

When we were moving through the forest, I noticed that this boss-san is a master of web manipulation.

It should have evolved.

TN: Boss-san is different from this boss-san. This boss-san is a grown up spiderling. Yeah, I’m confused too.


So, which path?

We went ahead to the road that Boss-san picked.

Hahaha, nothing.

We reached a dead end.

Boss-san seems to be depressed.

It’s okay, don’t mind it.

Let’s go home.

Let’s get back here some other time.


—Scene Change—



There’s an amoeba at the fork of the cave.

I tried to detect its magical power and it seems to be not an amoeba from our house.

Now, what should I do?


I stopped in our tracks and made eye contact with the amoeba.

….or at least that’s how I feel.

An amoeba’s eyes are small but I somehow know where they are.

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Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from those invisible eyes.

Especially when I’m trying to stop them from dancing. I feel like they are looking at me with complaining eyes.

It’s painful to be stared at like that but it’s more painful to watch them dancing….it’s too long.

I asked them to shorten their dancing time and I hope they’ll finally listen.

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