Chapter 37

「I plan of having a meeting to decide our plan this summer vacation, are you free?」

I was relaxing at the edge of the classroom and plan to do so until school time’s over when Shinozaki calls out to me.

「I am but how about Wakamiya-san and Mei?」

「Everyone’s free today.」

「Then, let’s do it after class.」

When I was speaking with Shinozaki, the school bell rang signaling the end of the school day. Miyano-sensei left the classroom after saying to not skip school tomorrow since the grade book will be distributed then.

「Souta, were you not informed? We’re going to talk about our plan for this summer vacation.」

「Shinozaki just told me earlier.」

I don’t know where it will be held so I’m just relaxing and waiting for Shinozaki to tell me. Shinozaki wasn’t able to tell me the location because he left the classroom at the same time Miyano-sensei finished talking. He didn’t say anything particular so I assume that it will be in this classroom.

「Then, let’s go too. They’re going to be using bikes so they’ll arrive there earlier than us.」

「Eh? Isn’t it here?」

「You really only heard that it will be today? The venue is a coffee shop in front of the station. It might take a long time so we’re going to have some sweets and relax.」

I did what I was told and walked with Mei to the coffee shop in front of the station under the blazing sun. The heat is forcing me to realize that it was already summer.

「Hey, are you mad at me?」

When we were walking along the main street leading up to the station, Mei suddenly said that.

「Eh, why? Why are you asking that?」

「I mean, you heard about the past when you came to visit me last time, so, that…」

「Was there any part of that where I should get uncomfortable?」

Even I would be surprised if that happened to me suddenly but I think I’ll be more confused. This is especially true given that it happened when she entered junior high school.

「Even in that situation, when you get home, you are still taking care of your little siblings. I think that’s good or well, at least not something that would make me feel uncomfortable to you.」

「I see. Then, it’s okay. I’m sorry for asking all of a sudden. I’ve always been worried about it.」

Does it bother you too much? No, I guess you wouldn’t want someone who talks with you a lot to feel uncomfortable towards yourself.

「Did she tell you anything else? Mother seems to be in a very good mood after.」

「No, nothing…ah」

After we had dinner, I exchanged contacts with Mei’s mother, who kept bothering me. After that, she regularly sent me Mei’s pictures.

「W-why did you react like that?」

Mei grabbed my collar and pulled me to her. Stop it, you’re going to make me blush. I’m currently sweating a lot but it’s not because of the heat.

I opened my mailbox and showed it to her.

「Wait, what’s that?」

「Mei’s mother sends me things like this every now and then.」

「Hey, can I borrow this?」

「Go ahead, use it as if it is your own.」

Mei, who’s already in the worst mood, erases all the emails sent by her mother in my mailbox one after another. Even if my cell phone is not customized for high school girls’ use, it seems like it can keep up with the speed of a high school girl.

When I’m using it, I feel like I’m running out of specs.

「Forget everything she sent you.」

The crimson-faced Mei said so as she returned my cell phone.

I just replied with an “Oh”. In order to dispel the awkward atmosphere, we talked with each other about random things while walking towards the coffee shop in front of the station.

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When we entered the coffee shop, Shinozaki and Wakamiya-san waved at us and pointed to the empty seats next to them.

I pulled it lightly to make it easier for the both of us to sit as I sat down in front of Shinozaki.

「If you’ve already decided on the venue, say it first. I already told you the other day that “hourensou” is the basis of the members of society.」

TN: Hourensou is a method of how you report to your superiors and colleagues in a Japanese business setting.

「I’ll be careful next time.」

How many times have I heard that line from this guy?

Wakamiya and Shinozaki had already finished ordering so me and Mei ordered too. Not long after that, when our drinks were served, Wakamiya-san cut out two pages from her notebook and placed them on the desk.

「Then, let’s decide on our schedule for summer vacation. First of all, write down the days you have plans on these.」

She handed me a quartered page of a notebook. The only thing on my schedule was to visit my parents so I wrote down the three days I had planned. Everyone else seemed to have their own schedules full of club activities, student council meetings, and friends outings so I was the only one who had nothing to do. If I were a normal modern high schooler, I would probably kill time by playing with my cell phone but I don’t have the skills to use a cell phone.

「Oi, I can’t find anything related to doing assignments. Don’t only plan for fun this summer vacation.」

No way I’d say that. Study sessions will also be scheduled.

「Here’s mine.」

「It seems like everyone’s finished writing. Let’s get to work on what we want to do.」

I have the list of everyone’s schedules in my hand. It seems like it is my job to organize the days we can get together. Maa, I spent last year’s summer vacation either chatting with Yuna in an air-conditioned room, playing games, studying, or doing housework so there’s no way I can think of anything I want to do just because it’s summer vacation. I guess this is what they call the right people at the right job.

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