Chapter 76 – Miyamoto! Bastard, You Angered Me!

「That guy…isn’t that Miyamoto?」

Miyamoto, who appeared in front of me, was different from the previous Miyamoto.

How do I say this? Until now he feels spattered but now, he feels solid as if he’s a first-class adventurer.

「Tatsuya-sama…who are those people?」

I can only shake my head at Maria’s question.

In front of our house is an armed group of around 30 people.

For some reason, I feel like each of them has the same level of power as a hand-riding rabbit.

「They should be the messenger from the royal capital that Marx-san was talking about.」

And then, Miyamoto—

「That oneesan…what a glamorous body….bombastic…fantastic!」

While looking at Maria, Miyamoto said that while the hole in his nose is getting bigger. His crotch was already captured by Maria.

And then, Miyamoto saw Mayu.

「Why is Mayu here?」

So, Mayu said this while blushing.

「Currently, I’m….Tatsuya-san’s lover.」

We’re lovers?

No, given our situation, we are….I guess. My mindset is still thinking from a monogamous family’s point of view.

Miyamoto was confused after hearing Mayu’s words.

「Oi oi, no matter how much offensive I do, Mayu always has an iron wall….how can you be with an old man? Are you kidding me?」


「Oi, Mayu? You have black hair and normal clothes. You’re not flashy but plain. Your family is also poor and you rarely talk so you have no friends. The reason I accepted you in a high caste group like us…was because you have a pretty face.」


「The only thing you’ve got is your face…」

So that’s how their original relationship has been.

Mayu, who’s being told by that by Miyamoto, is just biting her lips.


「Oi, Mayu? Since you’ve come to this world, you’ve been a slowpoke that can’t even kill a monster, right? That said, aren’t you as useless here as you were useless in Japan?」

「….even when we were in Japan…I’ve never considered you as a friend.」

「Haha, that’s what it is. You and the old man are a couple….maa, aren’t you useless scums a good match?」

「Shut up…you f*cking bug.」

Ouroboros barged in.

I didn’t miss the sadistic grin she had on her face the moment she saw Miyamoto.

Maa, she gave him the “Hokuto Hyaken” last time after all.

TN: Hokuto no Ken parody.

「Ah, if it isn’t Ouroboros-oneesan—long time no see! You did whatever you wanted last time, didn’t you?」

Seeing Miyamoto’s smile, Ouroboros was surprised.


「What is it, Ouroboros?」

「It seems like….he became skillful desu.」

「I can see that but, how skillful is he now?」

「Probably around—a hand riding rabbit.」

I see.

I’d say it’s above Arisa, insanely lower than Sonja, and way below Maria and Ouroboros.

「Maa, for me—he’s just around a punch.」

「Ah, I guess he is.」

Miyamoto’s shoulder trembled when he saw us looking down on him.

「Don’t speak as if you can see our ability. Good. By the way, I have something to ask you, old man.」


「I’m sure you’re happy to be surrounded by beautiful women but your harem ends here. All of your lovers will be…tied together with ropes and….I’ll be toying them badly later.」

Don’t be ridiculous.

Maa, since Sonja is here, I feel like we can win by a large margin even without me and Cornelia…

And at that time—a hand-riding rabbit jumped out of the bushes.

「Hahaha! Miyamoto nano desu♪Are you going to play with us again nano desu?」

With a smiling face, the hand-riding rabbit tried to jump on Miyamoto with a spear in her hand.

But then….

「Hand riding rabbit! I know your weakness!」

When the hand-riding rabbit was about to pierce Miyamoto’s eyeball with a spear, it stopped in the air.

Miyamoto used a carrot taken out of his bosom as a shield.

「Hahaha! I can’t attack this nano desu!」

Then, Miyamoto took that chance to attack.

「Hand riding rabbit! This is my thanks for last time! Roar, god of thunder! Thunder fall!」

It was a sharp thrust by a large sword imbued with lightning magic.

But to use a carrot as a shield…what a despicable bastard.

「Uwa! I’m done for nano desu!」

The hand-riding rabbit was blown away towards us as she shouted.

「Hey, are you okay?」

I mean, she received a direct hit on the neck…blood is flowing.

Her hair is also burned by lightning….it is scorched and is also curly.

It is said that their beautiful straight hair is the charm of the hand riding rabbits….

「Fuee….not okay nano desuuu…..」

Perhaps she was shocked to be hit by Miyamoto.

The hand-riding rabbit began to shed large grain of tears.

「….oi, Miyamoto.」

「What is it?」

I bring out my hoe and hold it towards Miyamoto.

「Ah, what’s with that farming tool? Oh? Are you by any chance going to attack me with a farming tool? Hahaha! Really funny!」

I glared at Miyamoto and said.

「Miyamoto—bastard, you angered me!」

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