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Chapter 325 – North Side Society

  Chapter 325 – North Side Society My name is Rogabo. I’m the one who controls the north side of Village Five from the shadow.   Village Five is a town on a small mountain….yeah, it doesn’t look like a village at all. The north side where the village is is not popular because of

Chapter 324 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (I)

  Chapter 324 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (I) I attended an informal meeting at Youko’s mansion in Village Five. The participants are acting village chief of Village Five Youko, elder dwarf Donovan, high elf Ria, beastkin Gutt, two civil servant girls, and the first in command in civil affairs of Village Five Loch.

Chapter 321 – A Festival-like Festival

  Chapter 321 – A Festival-like Festival The festival season has arrived. People from Village One, Village Two, Village Three, Village Four, Hot Spring area, South Dungeon, and North Dungeon have gathered. As for the guests, they are Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, demon king, Yuri, Beezel, Glatts, Randan, Hou, ancestor-san, and Fushu. The two former four

Chapter 320 – Faction

  Chapter 320 – Faction In any world, once people gather, factions will be formed. The same can be said in Big Tree Village. 「Fried eggs should be cooked on both sides. That’s the best.」 「Isn’t sunny side up better? It looks beautiful and the yolk is more delicious if it is only half cooked.」

Chapter 319 – Man’s Romance

  Chapter 319 – Man’s Romance A man usually feel’s romance in not so useful things. For example, camping car. It’s nice but what are you going to do with it? Where are you going to keep it? Are you going to live there? Ignoring those questions, I feel romance in a camping car. Another

Chapter 318 – Evolution

  Chapter 318 – Evolution There was an unfamiliar man in the mansion. Mid-twenties. A little over 180cm tall. Has a long-tied-hair on his back but he looks gallant so he won’t be mistaken for a woman. He’s wearing butler’s clothes. Given his butler clothes, I thought he was a devil but Loo is next

Chapter 317 – Medicine Rack and Shelf Room

  Chapter 317 – Medicine Rack and Shelf Room When the crops I planted during the spring are about to be harvested, I was working hard with woodworks in the workshop. What I’m making is a medicine rack. I’m doing my best because it was Loo who requested me. Even though I said medicine rack,

Chapter 316 – Details of the Battle

Chapter 316 – Details of the Battle The interview with the elves and the adventurers revealed the details on how they fought with the elven villages.   Gulf, Daga, Pirika, 20 of Pirika’s fellow disciples, and 30 adventurers. It is a group of more than 50 people. There were five elf guides too but three