Item Cheat

Chapter 37 – Collapse of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group


「Etto, I wonder if the leader of this female cat thief corps is Neneka.」

「Yes, that’s right. Hero-sama.」

The attitude changes completely compared to a little while ago. She is now obedient.

Because Louise was suddenly doing the mandatory ceremony, they might have been affected by it.

I can say that Louise seems to be so happy. She’s spinning the hilt of her sword.

That’s scary, I’m sorry, thieves. You’re freaked out, right?Read More »Chapter 37 – Collapse of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group

Chapter 18 – The Losgow’s Volunteers Troop


The speech, which I had previously made, spread at its own convenience, just like a manifesto, throughout all the territory of Est. Soon after that, volunteers with the desire to become my soldiers began to assemble more and more.

Having the volunteers come to my shop would be troublesome, so I decided to turn Ona village into a gathering spot and set a camp there instead. I also had sets of leather armor, undergarments and arquebuses distributed, alongside having the self-defense unit and the troop of musketeers undergo practice.

Obviously, I entrusted the last part to Louise, who was known as the demon sergeant of training. (I think she’s a competent person.)

Even if we gather volunteer soldiers, it doesn’t mean they will be able to use guns and cannons, unless we teach them how to do it, you see.

Of course, we were also lacking in gunpowder, so I also needed them to learn how to make it together with bullets.Read More »Chapter 18 – The Losgow’s Volunteers Troop

Chapter 17 – Let’s Gather Volunteer Soldiers!


“Takeru-dono, in the end… in the end it looks like the extermination of the miasma hole of doom has been decided, right?”

Finally, returning back from that gloomy and sad city, I went to greet the Earl, Donovan. However, what awaited me was this question.

I don’t know what kind of fast horse your messenger used to come back here from the royal capital, but, the tension-filled scenes are over, my dear Earl.

Also, I don’t need you to strike a pose, like firmly clenching your fists while shouting ‘Yosh!’, you see.

“Well, for the time being, I think we should focus on sealing away that hole, but…”Read More »Chapter 17 – Let’s Gather Volunteer Soldiers!

Chapter 16 – Silesie, the Wretched Royal Capital


Being invited from far away to the royal capital of Silesie, I imagined we would be received on a red carpet and have an audience with His Majesty, the King, however…

As soon as we reached the castle of Silesie, we were immediately led to a separate, small room, and held a discussion with an old man who claimed to be the Prime Minister, and one more who was the head of the Imperial Guard Cavalry.

I guess, it was to be expected. There’s no way for someone like me, with a low social position, to talk directly to a king.

Or perhaps, could it be I’m the one at fault for being delusional, even though I haven’t become this world’s hero yet?

“I’m the Prime Minister of this kingdom, Rogue Solitaire.”Read More »Chapter 16 – Silesie, the Wretched Royal Capital

Chapter 15 – The Responsibility of a Secretary


On a certain day, I was called by Lyle-sensei to have an earnest talk with him.

Despite this place being my company, it was my first time entering Sensei’s private room, so my heart was throbbing a bit.

There were books lined up in a row on shelves, and his desk was crammed with piles of documents. It was a bit hard for me to find a place to sit, so I had the feeling the 2 of us would end up sitting on his bed.

Still.Read More »Chapter 15 – The Responsibility of a Secretary

Chapter 14 – Various Battles


Since then, hordes of humanoid monsters continued to pour in from the miasma hole of doom.

The village of Ona located in the north eastern part of the territory of Est has completely turned into the frontline between the monsters and humans.

Feeling the need to arm ourselves, we enhanced the fence surrounding the village, and erected small, stone-made towers equipped with large cannons.

We had around 20 young villagers, who had also become able to operate the iron cannons, for self-defense, so you could say we had enough defense capability, even without having to borrow people from Est’s garrison or its adventurers’ guild.Read More »Chapter 14 – Various Battles

Chapter 13 – The Extension of the Hot Spring


Lyle-sensei had been buying new slave girls, following the expansion of the company.

The number of members wasn’t particularly fixed, but we received 13 slave girls.

Every one of them belonged to the same age-group, which is around 12 years old. Perhaps, it was the best age range one could look for when managing slaves.

I was joking back when I said we were doing a philanthropic work, however, this is certainly a profit-making enterprise.Read More »Chapter 13 – The Extension of the Hot Spring