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Iron Fist

Although the capital has been recaptured, before the imperial army geared up to fight back, they must attack the next target, the fortress city of Ulros. Therefore, Dalman, who plays a key role, is considering the next move. Seeing their achievement in the first round, Takeru’s party also participated in the strategic meeting. 「What’s the

Istria Dukedom’s Liberation

The Babel party, which captured the throne room, moves around the castle and looks at other places. There are still some combats but most have been settled already. There are knocked down imperial soldiers everywhere. Those who surrendered were severely restrained. Even though the numbers are almost the same, the difference in morale seems to

Liberation War 2

「Everyone, get a little bit away… Air Explosion!」 Eclair blows the door of the throne room with a wind explosion magic. Takeru’s party rushed inside. The throne room is a large space supported by thick marble pillars. The central troops of Imperial army stationed at the castle were waiting there. All the magicians are at