The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week

Associated Titles: 最強ギルドマスターの一週間建国記, After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week, One Week Founding Kingdom, Tales of the Strongest Guild Master, Saikyou Girudo Masuta no Ichi Shuukan Kenkoku Ki

Synopsis: Renjin Yanase is an ordinary member of society whose occupation is a sales person. His hobby is an online VR game “Einherjar” that has been on for over five years now. It is a game with high degree of freedom and Renjin silently works hard to nurture his subordinate character.

The next day was a holiday so he’s going to use it for boss hunting all night.

When the boss hunt is finished, Renjin falls asleep in the game. He felt like someone was calling his name so he woke up.

Standing in front of the half-asleep Renjin was Eleanor, a character he created.

When Renjin looked outside after being puzzled to the characters who behave like they are alive, the outside scenery changed into one that he did not know at all.

Renjin who surveyed the surrounding, realized that the castle and the 200 subordinates that he created with time and money was transferred to a different world.

The transferred Renjin announced the declaration of the founding of a nation after a week.

Author: Mitsuru Inoue a.k.a. Nyūsankin

Illustrator: Shūji Hinooka

Tags: R15,  Different World transition, Original War Record, kingdom building, Cheat, Harem, Different world, Strong protagonist, Adventurer, Domestic affairs, Slaves, Foolish aristocrats


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Light Novel: Volume 1, Volume 2

IFANIAW Glossary

Chapter 1 – Prologue

Chapter 2 – Different World Transition

Chapter 3 – Preparation for Going Out the First Time

Chapter 4 – The First Villager Discovery

Chapter 5 – Astonishment of a Certain Girl

Chapter 6 – The First Conversation

Chapter 7 – Elementary Level Information of the Different World

Chapter 8 – The Miracle that Swooped Down to the Legends

Chapter 9 – The Village Chief is Surprised

Chapter 10 – Survey Around the Castle Completed (Monsters Exterminated)

Chapter 11 – Second Day in the Different World, City of Ramblas

Chapter 12 – Adventurer Registration!

Chapter 13 – What is that Adventurer?

Chapter 14 – The Adventurers Guild is Confused

Chapter 15 – Emergence as an Adventurer

Chapter 16 – Intermediate Level Information of the Different World

Chapter 17 – The Night of the Second Day is a Party Night

Chapter 18 – Third Day in the Different World

Chapter 19 – The Feudal Lord, Margrave Earl Villiers

Chapter 20 – Earl Villiers Speculation

Chapter 21 – Everyone Goes Berserk

Chapter 22 – Emergency! Guild Conference in G.I.Jou!

Chapter 23 – Peaceful Morning (The Fourth Day in the Different World)

Chapter 24 – Ren-Ren ‘s Active Day (Earl ‘s Passive Day)

Chapter 25 – First Different World Visitor of G. I. Jou

Chapter 26 – Earl’s Astonishment

Chapter 27 – Go! Bowarei! I Choose You!

Chapter 28 – Feast for the Founding of the Nation

Chapter 29 – Fifth Day in the Different World

Chapter 30 – Galland Empire’s Speculation

Chapter 31 – Earl’s Astonishment 2

Chapter 32 – Preparations for War

Chapter 33 – Sixth Day in the Different World

Chapter 34 – All Troops Sortie (Excluding Maids and Butler)

Chapter 35 – The War Against Galland Empire’s Army Started (Afternoon of the Sixth Day)

Chapter 36 – Special Collaboration of Fire and Ice

Chapter 37 – Annihilation of the Galland Empire’s Army

Chapter 38 – Appeal for the Sake of Founding a Nation

Chapter 39 – Magistrate Turan of Galland Empire

Chapter 40 – Magistrate Turan of Galland Empire 2

Chapter 41 – Night of the Sixth Day, Eleanor’s Devotion

Chapter 119 – Let’s Go to the Country of Elves and Beastkins

Chapter 120 – Current Characters List ③

Chapter 42 – Day 7, City building!

Chapter 43 – The Village Chief is Surprised 2

Chapter 44 – The Local People and Capital City Project

Chapter 45 – Castle Construction Experiment?

Chapter 46 – Morning of the 8th Day, Returning Home in the Morning for the First Time

Chapter 47 – Eleanor is a Mother

Chapter 48 – Mira’s Struggle

Chapter 49 – 9th Day, Smooth Castle Building and Capital City Planning

Chapter 50 – The Castle was Built! Let’s Party Today!

Chapter 51 – Day 10, Visitor

Chapter 52 – S-Rank Adventurer, Brunhilde

Chapter 53 – Introduction of Guild Members and Side Characters

Chapter 54 – Brunhilde’s Astonishment

Chapter 55 – Evening of the 10th Day, Ren Ren’s Dissatisfaction

Chapter 56 – Morning of the 11th Day

Chapter 57 – The Highest-Ranked Adventurer Party

Chapter 58 – Adventurers Party Silver Wind’s Crushing Defeat?

Chapter 59 – Adventurers Enter the Castle

Chapter 60 – Morning of the 12th Day

Chapter 61 – Capital City Construction

Chapter 62 – New Visitors

Chapter 63 – Merchants’ Astonishment

Chapter 64 – Morning of the 13th Day

Chapter 65 – Ren Ren’s Gentle Judgement

Chapter 66 – Merchants’ Concern?

Chapter 67 – The Empire and the Kingdom Begin to Move

Chapter 68 – One Week from That…(Suddenly!?)

Chapter 69 – Peddler’s Information

Chapter 70 – Astonishment of Vian and Finkle

Chapter 71 – Temperature Difference

Chapter 72 – A King’s Raid

Chapter 73 – Rembrandt Kingdom’s King Creivis

Chapter 74 – Creivis’ Allegiance

Chapter 75 – Galland Empire’s Movement

Chapter 76 – The Adventurer’s Party Silver Wind Assembles Again

Chapter 77 – List of Characters to Date

Chapter 78 – Morning of the Day Creivis Returns Home

Chapter 79 – Finkle’s Sense of Duty

Chapter 80 – Going to Maeas for the First Time

Chapter 81 – To Finkle’s Parent’s House, GO!

Chapter 82 – Maeas’ Representative, Romont

Chapter 83 – Astonished Romont

Intermission 1 – Sainos and Dan, Followed by Laurel

Intermission 2 – Sainos and Dan, Plus the Female Team

Chapter 84 – Maeas’ Influential Person

Chapter 85 – S-Rank Adventurer’s True Strength (lol)

Chapter 86 – Romont’s Apology

Chapter 87 – Maeas’ Cooperation

Chapter 88 – The Day of Maeas’ Reformation

Chapter 89 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company(Jiromora’s POV)

Chapter 90 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company 2(Karedia’s POV)

Chapter 91 – Maeas’ Allegiance

Chapter 92 – Slave Girl

Chapter 93 – RenRen’s Theatrical Company Homecoming

Chapter 94 – RenRen’s First Day

Chapter 95 – The King Who Readily Consents with an Immediate Answer

Chapter 96 – Rembrandt Kingdom’s Fifth Princess Rihanna and the Attendant Keira

Chapter 97 – The First Inspection Trip Started

Chapter 98 – Should a Student Dormitory be Made in Each City?

Chapter 99 – Expand the City Immediately!

Chapter 100 – The Night When The Princess and Her Attendant Came to G.I.Jou

Chapter 101 – Morning, the Galland Empire Begins to Move

Chapter 102 – Don’t Mind the Galland Empire Army and Build the School

Chapter 103 – The Empire’s Muscle Brain Warrior Torga and the Hard-worker Karim

Chapter 104 – The Night Before the Decisive Battle

Chapter 105 – Morning of the Day of Collision with the Galland Empire Army, Ren-Ren Inspects the City

Chapter 106 – Shall We Go to War Now?

Chapter 107 – Galland Empire’s Army, the First Army

Chapter 108 – Battle of Sainos and Laurel

Chapter 109 – Magic All You Can

Chapter 110 – Galland Empire’s First Army is Repulsed

Chapter 111 – Galland Empire’s 2nd Army(Main Force)

Chapter 112 – Can I Declare War on War?

Chapter 113 – Ikkitousen: Ren-Ren Version

Chapter 114 – Ikkitousen: Eleanor’s Version

Chapter 115 – Ikkitousen: Cartas’ Version

Chapter 116 – Matchless Warriors

Chapter 117 – Magic Warrior Ren-Ren VS Muscle Brain Warrior Torga

Chapter 118 – The Withdrawal of the Galland Empire’s Army and Thereafter

Extra 01 – Hakan and Karim

Chapter 170 – Quiet Change in the Empire

Chapter 171 – Saint Army’s Fellow Traveller

Chapter 172 – The Kingdom is Attacking the Empire?

Chapter 173 – Report About the Outbreak of War

Chapter 174 – Rice Appeared!

Chapter 175 – Creivis is Busy?

Chapter 176 – Towards the International alliance Emergency Meeting

Chapter 177 – Each Country’s Representative was Kidnapped

Chapter 178 – Every Member Gathers at the Meeting!

Chapter 179 – Meeting with Teasing!

Chapter 180 – Walking Corpse Army

Chapter 181 – The Meeting Ends and a Flag was Raised

Chapter 182 – I Went Out to See the Situation in the Eastern Part of the Kingdom but Was Not Able to

Chapter 183 – Scouting at Last…!?

Chapter 184 – Miscalculation

Chapter 185 – Seeing Brunhilde’s Party After a Long Time

Chapter 186 – S Rank Adventurers Have No Money…!

Chapter 187 – To the Rembrandt Kingdom

Chapter 188 – Move for Recapture

Chapter 189 – Changes that Occurred in the East

Chapter 190 – Counterattack Against the Empire

Chapter 191 – Gathering Mercenaries

Chapter  192 – Finding Hastur

Chapter 193 – RenRen vs Hastur

Chapter 194 – Hastur’s Subjugation

Chapter 195 – Arrival of the Saint Army

Chapter 196 – Advent of the Saintess

Chapter 197 – Saintess Tiamoe

Chapter 198 – The Saintess and the Evil God?

Chapter 199 – Native Inhabitants vs. Saintess

Chapter 200 – The Saintess and Another One

Chapter 201 – Guild Member’s Revival

Chapter 202 – War with the Empire・Preliminary Skirmish

Chapter 203 – Wild Saints and Saintesses Appeared!

Chapter 204 – Overwhelming

Chapter 205 – Movement of the Empire

Chapter 206 – The Outbreak of War

Chapter 207 – The Beastmen and Elves’ Rhapsody

Chapter 208 – RenRen at the Front Gate, Elves at the Back Gate

Chapter 209 – Are You the Last Boss?

Chapter 210 – The Existence Called Nyarlathotep

Chapter 211 – Irregular

Chapter 212 – Mythical Scene

Chapter 213 – After the War

Chapter 214 – The Empire’s New Emperor

Chapter 215 – RenRen From Now On

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  1. Orcanaman

    i am enjoying the story, the translation is good bordering on excellent, there aren’t a over abundance of notes to mess up the immersion, and the protagonist does what all the other protagonists everywhere should have done! He sleeps with his followers(not saying you should but when they throw themselves at you you should catch them not act like a brick wall), has a back bone (because i’m sorry but cowardly,”perverted”, self-deprecating people are easy to “grow” they don’t really go anywhere) and he knows what he wants an takes the path to get there without any of the “oh i’m not talented enough” or “i’m just a so and so” he adapts and moves on with his life and gets things done! And that’s why i enjoy this story

    1. elite4harmon

      Thank you very much for your review. 😀

      1. Daniel

        umm i cant read any of the password protected ones i put the pasword in but it dosnt load….. why the passwords all of the sudden????

      2. Elite4Harmon

        password always starts with an upper case letter. It is case sensitive so be careful when typing.

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      6. Um will you still continue this story? and also, is there any more illustrations for the story?

      7. Elite4Harmon

        I will continue to translate this until the author completes it.
        I can’t find illustrations myself so I can’t post them beside on those in the glossary.

  2. Ryougi

    So far, its a decent story. One glaring flaw is how many characters it throws at you without making them feel distinct enough. If I were to compare it to another LN, like Overlord, Overlord spends entire chapters or volumes letting you get to know the characters better, so you know who they all are. In this one, the character names leave my memory as fast as they enter it. As I’m writing this, I can’t even recall the MCs name, and thats 36 chapters in. They introduce characters by telling you there name, race, and job, and thats it. And that is not enough.

    1. elite4harmon

      Thank you very much for your review. I believe a number of readers also shares the same thought. Should I make something like a glossary?

    2. Ahirube Tohisa

      In Overlord when a character gets introduced carefully high chance that guy will die in a couple moment later

      1. Kazuto821

        Hahahahahaha ikr

      2. steve88Bidon

        There are even several characters that are introduced with a complete backstory within a flashback that happens during the moment the killing blow is lunched at their face…

    1. Elite4Harmon

      I will post it as soon as the author posted one. So far he only uploaded some sort of map and it’s fir another title.

  3. Rama Narendra

    So far is there any detailed character introduction with images? I’m struggling to remember who’s who

    1. Elite4Harmon

      As soon as there is something like that, I’ll post it immediately. I created the glossary page for that particular purpose.

  4. Raizu

    I just found this novel. It’s quite interesting.

    Can I suggest you to make an additional menu for the illustrations? (if there is any). Thanks 🙂

    1. Elite4Harmon

      I will definitely make something like that as soon as the author uploaded some.

  5. lnpretenders

    Really refreshing story… thank you so much TL-sama…

  6. The Syoryuken

    i like the story.. and the MC is so OP!! and i like the MC that can say I AM IN THE ORE TUEEE STATE!! well i like too the MC that hidden his true power but… im more prefer MC that going all out without minding everything like RE:Monster maybe!! anyways thank you so much TL-sama!!! really thank you!!

    1. The Syoryuken

      its just me or the TITLE this novel does change? i think the former was “I Founded a Nation Within a Week” but at novelupdates its changed to “The Strongest Guild Master Founded a Nation in a Week”…. ahh i get it… so ” I = The Strongest Guild Master” umu!!

  7. piratze

    Grr..I really need to read what will happen to those idiots called s (stupid) rank maess adventure..thanks for the always, you’re the best!

  8. Ryan Choi

    Will donations affect translation speed?

    1. Elite4Harmon

      The translation is already fast enough. 1 chapter per day for a japanese web novel is really fast. Donating will earn you additional chapter depending on how much you’ll donate and how much free time I have. I can translate 2 sponsored chapter on 1 day the most.

  9. Syoryuken

    Ano ne! What t-times exactly admin-san uploading/publishing the chap?…

    1. Elite4Harmon

      Depends on when will I finish editing the chapter.

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  12. Alvin

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    An interesting read. No complaints about the translations either ????

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  15. ichibaka1

    I have a question, why do you always post a new chap at 5 AM Eastern time?

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      Lunch break. I also post at trat time on weekend to be uniform.
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      1. ichibaka1

        Yup and that habit you’re trying to cultivate is making people staying awake or wake up at 5 in the morning to read the new chapter.

        What evil masterwork ????????????????????????????

  16. Neko MK2

    c110 didnt have any link ?

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    chapter 115 doesnt work

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