Isekai Cheat Magician

Synopsis: Taichi Nishimura is an ordinary high school student who warped in a different world.

In the present age, he is just someone with good reflexes but in the different world, he is an irregular existence.

He wants to return to Earth but first, he must survive.

Along with his caught up friend, Cheat Taichi travels to a different world!

Tags: R15, Depiction of Cruelty, Different World transition, Fantasy, Different World trip, Cheat

Author: Takeru Uchida

Illustrator: Nardack


Prologue: Different World Transition

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  1. exd890

    Hello. Thanks for translating this but is this dropped or just slow translation?

    1. Elite4Harmon

      Slow translation. I was not able to translate for the last two months (not just this title). Hopefully, my schedule should stabilize next month.

      1. exd890

        Ah I see. Thanks for the reply!

    2. Raffro

      And then there was hardly any update

  2. mauro demartha junior

    Continue, please

  3. prince harry

    if I give you 300$ would you like to prioritize this project to complete?

    1. Elite4Harmon

      It’s not a matter of money. The problem with this novel is that it’s hard to translate that almost no translator don’t want to work on this.
      It already has been in syosetu for a number of years and even if I don’t update it 6 months, no one message me to take over.
      Let’s hope that once the anime aired someone else will contact me to take over this and translate this in a faster rate.

      1. Raffro

        What!!? You think There’s gonna be anime adaptation for this??!!

  4. ShWeePs

    You’rr doing kami-sama’s work. Take your time and ty for the updates!

    1. Elite4Harmon

      Yeah. That’s why it is now in the drop down of the “Teaser/Dropped” page.
      It is good that they decided to translate it. They are a translator group so we can expect stable updates.

      1. exd890

        though thanks for translating this atleast. With the upcoming anime, Publishers like J-novel might see an interest in getting the LN licensed

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