Let’s Buy the Land and Cultivate in Another World

Alternative Titles: Isekai de Tochi wo Katte Noujou wo Tsukurou, 異世界で土地を買って農場を作ろう

Synopsis: The main character, a poor company employee, is suddenly summoned to a different world and is forced to fight as a hero.
However, he doesn’t have any skill and was relieved of his duties as a hero.
He bought a land in a remote frontier using the money he’s supposed to use to buy his equipments. There, he started his pioneering life in another world.
Though he was judged to have no skills, he is in fact armed with “gift from god” which no one could read.

Author: Okazawa 64

Illustrator: Murakami Yuichi


Light Novel: https://over-lap.co.jp/narou/865543889/

Manga English: https://mangadex.org/title/36123/isekai-de-tochi-o-katte-noujou-o-tsukurou


Chapter 1 – Kidan’s Life

Chapter 2 – Gift

Chapter 3 – Building a House

Chapter 4 – Water Problem

Chapter 5 – Foraging Life

Chapter 6 – Monster

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