Kokugensou wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku

Alternative Titles:


He Survives the Real Fantasy World By Cheating at the Items

This is the story about a bashful and inconspicuous high schooler surviving a harsh fantasy world with valor and a minimal amount of wisdom.
The person himself apparently aims to become a hero, however, unfortunately for him, he possesses no swordsmanship or talent for magic.
The only thing he can count on is his half-hearted knowledge he acquired previously from modern Japan. Now, in order to survive, he’s forced to convert that knowledge of his into money.
While doing so, the main protagonist will rise into becoming a secretary assistant, trade company owner who manages slave girls, knight, and a hero.

Description was taken from Novel Updates.

Author: Furaisan

Illustrator: Ban

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6099cc/

New Raw: https://kakuyomu.jp/works/1177354054896236081

Official Website: http://micromagazine.net/gcn/item/

Ligth Novel: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6

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First Arc: The Rise in the World of Business

Chapter 1 – Prologue 

Chapter 2 – The Discovery of a Cheat Skill? 

Chapter 3 – Losgow, the Village of Hot Springs and an Iron Ore Mine 

Chapter 4 – The Completion of the Bomb and the Conclusion on its Exclusive Agreement 

Chapter 5 – The City of Est and the Establishment of the Sawatari Takeru Company 

Chapter 6 – Let’s Rescue the Caravan! 

Chapter 7 – Sawatari Takeru and the Thirteen Slave Girls 

Chapter 8 – The Company’s Initial, Hard Struggles 

Chapter 9 – A Day off in Losgow 

Chapter 10 – The Completion of the Company’s New Building 

Chapter 11 – The Recapture of Ona Village 

Chapter 12 – Further Expedition 

Chapter 13 – The Extension of the Hot Spring 

Chapter 14 – Various Battles 

Chapter 15 – The Responsibility of a Secretary 

Chapter 16 – Silesie, the Wretched Royal Capital 

Second Arc: The Capture of the Miasma Hole of Doom

Chapter 17 – Let’s Gather Volunteer Soldiers! 

Chapter 18 – The Losgow’s Volunteers Troop 

Chapter 19 – Rally of Volunteer Army

Chapter 20 – A Decaying City

Chapter 21 – Duel in the Castle

Chapter 22 – End of the Zombie Baron

Chapter 23 – Third Grade Hero Certification

Chapter 24 – Devil’s Mountain

Chapter 25 – Forbidden Sacraments

Chapter 26 – Lure Your Enemies!

Chapter 27 – Miasma Hole of Doom

Chapter 28 – Ice Cream

Third Arc: The Fall of the Kingdom’s Capital

Chapter 29 – The Fall of the Kingdom’s Capital

Chapter 30 – Princess of the Falling Kingdom

Chapter 31 – Secretary’s Ambition

Chapter 32 – The Fall of the Kingdom’s Capital(second time in a month)

Chapter 33 – Conclusion Festival

Chapter 34 – Powerful Enemy’s Shadow

Chapter 35 – New Slave Girls

Fourth Arc: Magical Bullet of Rebellion

Chapter 36 – The Surrender of the Female Cat Thief Group

Chapter 37 – Collapse of the Golden Eagle Bandit Group

Chapter 38 – King of Thieves “Wake the Wake”

Chapter 39 – In Search of New Power

Chapter 40 – Let’s Collect Materials

Fifth Arc: The Capture of “Oracle’s Labyrinth”

Chapter 41 – Viscount Oracle’s Territory

Chapter 42 – Capture of the Great Cave

Chapter 43 – Capture of the Great Cave Part Two

Chapter 44 – The Great Cave in Our Hand

Chapter 45 – 240 Years of Loneliness

Sixth Arc: Border Disputes

Chapter 46 – Battle of Moke Valley

Chapter 47 – To the Border City!

Chapter 48 – A Genius Demonkin Turned Subordinate

Chapter 49 – Let’s Stop the War!

Chapter 50 – Demon’s Gate Seal

Seventh Arc: Runaway Princess

Chapter 51 – To Get Old in a Different World

Chapter 52 – Magic Armstrong Cannon

Chapter 53 – Transylvania’s Princess

Chapter 54 – Rumor of Hero’s Harem

Chapter 55 – New Sacrament

Eighth Arc: Shadow of the Empire

Chapter 56 – Envoys from the Empire

Chapter 57 – Hero VS Hero

Chapter 58 – Sword of Light ● Sword of Darkness

Chapter 59 – Neutral Sword

Chapter 60 – The Dukedom Princess was Abducted

Ninth Arc: Succession War

Chapter 61 – Declaration of War

Chapter 62 – Old Resident of the Forest

Chapter 63 – Second Battle of Moke Valley

Chapter 64 – Princess Knight Eleonora

Chapter 65 – Mainz the Anaguma

Chapter 66 – Minus Cheat Explosion

Chapter 67 – Brynie’s End

Chapter 68 – Battle at the Bath

Tenth Arc: White Tower of Trials Strategy

Chapter 69 – Louise’s Proposal

Chapter 70 – Trade City of Lanct

Chapter 71 – To the White Tower of Trials