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  Opening I would like to inform you that I’m summoned to a different world.   I’m trying to get on a crowded train to work as a corporate slave today too but the next moment, the scenery before me changed completely. What happened? After traveling to a different dimension-like place, I’ve finally reached a

Chapter 332 – Robert-sensei

  Chapter 332 – Robert-sensei My name is Robert. A demon researcher.   In the demon king’s kingdom, there are two major methods to learn. Hire a tutor. Or enter a public institution like a school. These two.   Hiring a tutor is either one or one or one on one small group or as

Arc 1 Chapter 1.8 – Adventurers Guild

  Arc 1 Chapter 1.8 – Adventurers Guild Public guild. It is a guild operated by a public organization. There should always be one in cities of a certain size. Members of the public guild are not limited to adventurers. Adventurers, merchants, craftsmen…. It can even be said that joining the public guild is a

Chapter 331 – Aegis

  Chapter 331 – Aegis Aegis, a phoenix chick, is living in the aviary built in the garden. The aviary has an area of about four and a half mats while its ceiling is about the height of a second floor. It’s too big but it can’t be helped since it is the bird in

Chapter 330 – Chick

  Chapter 330 – Chick Early morning. At the shrine with the statues of the god of creation and god of farming.   My first impression upon seeing it is a fat bird. It’s a plumpy fat bird and it doesn’t look like a chick at all. It’s about the size of a volleyball. Is

Chapter 329 – Hot Summer Day

  Chapter 329 – Hot Summer Day Ria is on a business trip to Village Five. As for the reason, young male and female elves, who claim to be hostages, have gathered in a friendly elf village. They are about a little over 200. I thought we wouldn’t need hostages but Youko judged that it

Chapter 328 – Wooden Beads Curtain

  Chapter 328 – Wooden Beads Curtain Thinking about the food and alcohol situation of Village Five, we decided to expand Big Tree Village’s field a little. It’s a bit late compared to other crops so we can only harvest on them once this year. However, it is better than doing nothing. When I told

Chapter 327 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (III)

  Chapter 327 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (III) Though there’s break in between, the meeting continues. 「Farming is minimal in Village Five but we were able to secure farmland now. Full-scale farming is expected to begin next year. This year will be dedicated in making farmland.」 Normal course of action. There’s no problem

Chapter 69  – Louise’s Proposal

「My lord, why don’t we go get orichalcum weapons?」 Louise came to me, who’s working in the office, and proposed something. To be exact, she’s inviting me to capture the legendary “White Tower of Trials”. It is rumored that adventurers who have cleared the harsh trials were given with orichalcum equipments. 「That’s too sudden, Louise.

Chapter 326 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (II)

  Chapter 326 – Village Five’s Industrial Development Plan (II) The meeting continues. 「By gathering the night shops on the north side, security has been restored to some extent. They also have a good reputation with the residents.」 A night shop is a sex shop. According to Youko’s instruction, it seems they have been brought