Chapter 162 – Dignity’s Struggle

「In other words, you think that it is more convenient to enclose each city?」

When I asked for confirmation, the king of the country of beastkins, Tigerkin Fuuten, nodded strongly.

「Yes. If you surround the whole country with wall, if the wall breaks, the whole country will be in danger. However, if you build one in each city, others will still be safe. 」

He said that and looked at me.

「Yes, that can buy you some time. However, if the entire country is enclosed, going in and out will be more convenient and you can concentrate your defense on one point too, right?」

When I asked him so, Fuuten shook his neck to the left and right with a bitter expression.

「Though I was not able to see that existence call evil god, two warriors named Kuudai and Linshan said that they saw the battle against the evil god. They said that the country of beastkin will face extinction if something like that appeared again.」

Fuuten said so and vomited a short sigh.

「Kuudai and Linshan can be said as top class even among the excellent warriors of this country. If those two acknowledge that there is a monster like that, we better think that casualties will appear right from the start. Though it is regretful, if that time happens, I have no choice but to ask for reinforcements to the international alliance that Ren-sama founded while earning time. 」

When Fuuten said that, he looked down and put both of his hands on his knees.

There is no lie in his words of regret. One can see that his attitude is his true feelings and he acknowledges that there is nothing else he could do with his own hands.

I looked at Fuuten with a feeling of admiration and nodded.

「It can’t be helped. As a special service, let’s go with both.」

When I said so, Fuuten lifted his face while widening his eyes.

I smiled at Fuuten who looked cute with his tiger ears and stern smiling face.

You went against your own principle and lowered your head for the sake of the lives of your countrybeast. You’re a good guy.

Well, it’s not like I can do whatever I want. I can’t go against boss so I have to show result by all means.

「I’ll make walls that both encloses the country and each city. That wall will pass through the river. However, those can’t protect you from attack from the sky. You can ask boss for weapons against aerial attacks. After he gave his permission, I’ll make something like a ballista that can kill a wyvern in one blow.」

When I said that and wink, Fuuten knitted his eyebrows and bowed deeply.

「I truly thank you. Thank you very much for your cooperation, Dignity-sama.」

He said that and kept his head down for a while.

His seriousness …stabs me painfully.

For the time being, I have increased our workload. Will Mira and Camry be mad after I return?

Well, I love working while they’re angry.

「Da! What are you planning to do with the bridge!?」

「Shut up! Decoration is important! Style is beauty!」

「Then fine! But decide soon, I’m the one responsible for the raw materials.」

For the time being, when we’re giving Shitamachi a hand, the obstinate oyaji, Camry, complains about my design and it became a fight.

This is why I hate Camry.

Well, there is no problem if the bridge is sturdy and satisfies its function as a bridge but it is not interesting.

I have a habit of being absorbed in gates but as for the bridge, it might be useless.

「Let’s make walls that surround the city today! Even if I get absorbed, we can complete it!」

「Riar! We definitely must complete it! Don’t do some experiment! Control yourself and don’t get absorbed with the design!」

「I know what I’m doing!」

「What matters the most is completing it.」

I fell on Camry’s level and shouted.

While Camry and I are having a low-level interaction, everyone else with production job is making walls quickly and steadily.

Nevertheless, because we already built a large number of schools, everyone’s construction speed has risen frighteningly.

Well, the design and structure we’re making are the same so everyone will really be fast.

「…Ah, okay, I get it now!  Then just the bridge of the capital Shimoneta! I’ll let it be gaudy!」

「It’s Shitamachi!」

「Haa…Then, Camry, can you prepare the bridge now?」

This Camry is really a bearded oyaji!

We finally began working after Camry’s complaint. At noon, we finally finished surrounding  Shiramachi with walls.

「Th-this…there is already a splendid wall…」

Fuuten came to me and muttered such a thing.

Let’s leave it like that without saying that the second town is almost complete too. If Camry hears it, I’m sure there will be another commotion as if I’ve held the neck of a devil.

「Everything will be completed in 3 days.」

When I said that, Fuuten stared at me.

「Th-three days…? Is that possible….」

「Yeah, everything is good. But first, what is your business here?」

When the surprised Fuuten heard me, he looked relieved an looked up.

「That’s right. I was wondering if everyone would like to have lunch…」

「Lunch? Hee, what’s for lunch?」

I asked him because I was a little interested in the words of Fuuten. Surely it’s not just some grilled monster.

While thinking of such a thing, Fuuten tilted his head as if trying to recall something then opened his mouth.

「It’s salmon with meuniere, wild herbs salad, pilaf, etc…」


I instinctively said that because I never expected this muscular big tigerkin knows the dishes he mentioned.

Meuniere? Pilaf?

「…Wai-wait for a moment. Even though I have never heard of it, the name those dishes sounds nostalgic…」

Upon hearing me, Fuuten looked at me while tilting his neck.

「Name of the dishes? Those are traditional dishes that were transmitted in this area…ah! Perhaps, those dishes were taught by the apostle of god-sama! Then, Ren-sama is…」

「Please show me those foods! Depending on the circumstances, I’ll return to boss at once!」

Ahh! Perhaps boss has said the name of those dishes some time ago!

I want to go to where boss is now but it’s too far!

I want to see boss’ happy face!

I’m now running while looking at Fuuten’s back.

I should not be impatient!



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