Chapter 215 – RenRen From Now On

I received reports regarding the empire’s new emperor’s trouble, the present members of the international alliance, and the progress of the air transport industry.

Everything is progressing without major problems. The pilot operations of the air transport industry have already begun in Einherjar, Rembrandt Kingdom, Maeas, and the elf and beastkin countries.

The dark elves, who are the leading mages for the pilot run, are doing their best so the air transport industry has not experienced any problems.

In addition, Einherjar has steadily progressed in its city development. The population has also increased and the national treasure has been enriched. However, our gap with other countries is also becoming intense to the point that the other countries fear that they will collapse if we don’t limit the immigrant.

Maa, I think the gap will shorten because the other countries also established schools and orphanages. We lend them a hand as some sort of advertisement of what good will the air transport industry do to employment and sales.

And, a big event was held at Einherjar.

In celebration of the king’s marriage.

Moreover, the king suddenly married nine brides. The rumor spread all over the world. With that, the harmful effect of the air transport industry was seen.

By the way, the king of Einherjar is none other than yours truly.

I thought of having Rihanna as the main bride since she’s a princess of another country however, Rihanna rejected that idea and it became a three-day wedding ceremony.

The reason is, no one should be ahead of the juushas of the apostle of god. The idea of all of them being equal in one ceremony was rejected by a lot of people.

As a result, the first wedding day is for Eleanor, Soarer, and Sunny.

The second day is for Sedeia, Mira, and Rosa.

The third day is for Rihanna, Sherry, and Sherahamira who was sent by the country of elves.

I’m not sure if Sherahamira was against it since she looks like she’s crying bitterly. By the way, only Sunny, Sedeia, and Sherry did not cry.

I don’t get what Sunny is thinking because she’s having a doya face all the time. On the other hand, Sedeia and Sherry were tense due to embarrassment and excitement.

And the one who cried the most was Eleanor.

It was the king’s wedding so there was a parade and we went around the city in a carriage. Eleanor cried too much that she had fallen unconscious.

Since there is no other way, I decided to hold her in my arms to keep her from falling down. It seems like that scene is currently being spread by the bards all over the world.

Those bards are like twitter.

Though the details were not spread, the day of our wedding ceremony became a hot topic to the extent that it became a national holiday of Einherjar afterwards.

Why did it become a holiday? The people petitioned the country to make those three days holiday in order to celebrate it every year.

What a scary story.

Every year, a doll that looks like me is sticked on a stick and paraded it around the city along with nine brides while dancing frenziedly. It makes me want to die.

By the way, this festival is held in all major cities of Einherjar.

An absolute nightmare.

TN: Legend says that in Collinwood, beside the doll of the king and his nine brides, there is also the doll of Baron Bowarei dancing intimately with the king.

After the mind and body exhausting wedding ceremony, our country offered assistance to the war-damaged countries that were part of the former Galland Empire.

Because I was tired, I threw it to Cartas. I received a report after that aside from supplies, we also arranged people to handle their internal affairs.

Before I noticed it, the upper echelon of those countries has been all replaced. They became easier to handle now. Perhaps those upper echelon people never expected that development when we offered our assistance.

We’re like demons.

Though other problems occurred a lot, Canaan and the dark elves, with the cooperation of the beastkins, took care of them.

In proportion to that, things that needed my judgment has decreased.

Most problems are examined closely by Cartas and solved by Eleanor. The only problems that were left for me to decide on were about our controls on each country.

I, who has a lot of free time, decided to raise my adventurer’s rank.

I hunted dragons and deliver them to the adventurer’s guild. I reached S-rank in two weeks.

What is this easy mode?

Since I reached the pinnacle of an adventurer, my adventurer work ended.

By the way, I finished inspecting the schools and orphanages and faked illness in order to not attend ceremonies in other countries.

With this, I have nothing else to do.

I am free.

While thinking of such a thing, I watched Sherry and Sherahamira intensively practicing magic. Then, Lagreat, who seemed to be happy, came down before me.

「My lord! Are you interested with the dragon country?」

When Lagreat said that, I remembered my conversation with my earth dragon subordinate Ishmugard.

「Ah, the country headed by the sage dragon king? Where was it….」

「Heeh? I don’t know the type of dragon called saint dragon king. Can we take a look?」

Lagreat said so and laughed.

Well, I’m not sure if sage dragon king is a position or a name but I’m sure that I want to know what kind of dragon it is.

Thinking so, I smiled at Lagreat.

「Okay, why don’t we go there?」

When I said so, Sainos, who came out from somewhere, ran towards us.

「My liege! Let me accompany you!」

「Oh, Sainos wants to go too? Okay, then call Soarer or Sunny to make our party complete.」

When I said so, Sainos wagged his tail happily.

Now, sage dragon king of the dragon country. What kind of fellow are you?

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