Chapter 2

「Hey you. You’re Amane, right?」

After buying a loaf of bread at the store and standing in line for the vending machine, a gyaru, who belonged to the same group as Hirose, started talking to me. I didn’t know her name but she seemed to know me. It looks like I’m going to get mugged.

「Y-yes. Ehto, what can I do for you?」

「After buying a drink, follow me.」

「Eh, okay.」

I’m scared, truly scared. Those eyes, if she told me that she has killed several people before, I’ll believe her. If I irritate her, that would probably mean that I’ll be included in the body count, right? Will I be alright? I can’t leave Yuna behind so I’ll just follow her quietly. I’m sorry, Shinozaki. I don’t know if I can make it back to class.

I thought of buying some time by pretending to be lost but I can’t. I’m scared. I’m too scared to even put up a last-ditch of resistance. I bought a can of coffee.

「You are done buying. Now, follow me.」

I wondered where I’ll be taken. I hope there isn’t a scary oniisan waiting for me there. I wondered if I did something unforgivable the other day. I used to think that I’m the type of person who likes silence but now, I’m terrified of silence.

We climbed the stairs to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th floor, and a little further up. We reached the door of the roof which was strangely clean. The padlock on the door leading to the rooftop and the inside lock was open.

「Mei is there, go.」


When I opened the door, I felt a strong gust of wind blowing against me. Since it’s so windy, there shouldn’t be anyone there, right? What are they planning to do with me? Punishment game again?

As I stepped out onto the rooftop, I heard a crashing sound. The door closed. Is she locking me out?

I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t open. It seems like the door was locked from the inside. What should I do?

「Eh? Amane?」

In the meantime, in order to avoid being spotted by the teachers, I headed to the shade of the water tank which is in a blind spot from the rest of the school building. There, I found Hirose eating bento which, no matter how I think, can’t be consumed by one person alone.


So, she’s really here. Then, why did she lock the door? Won’t Hirose be locked out with me too?

「Why are you here?」

「Ashi-san brought me here.」

TN: Ashi means leg, tentacle, or paw. Is it her real name? Who knows? 😊

「Ashi-san? Who’s that?」

「The leader of your group. I don’t know her name.」

「Ah, Risa. Why don’t you sit down?」

Hirose is pointing at the floor next to her as if saying “Sit here” so I sat down next to her.

「By the way, Hirose, what’s with that?」

I look at her lunch box which is filled with oddly shaped, not good-looking, side dishes.

「I-I tried making bento but I made too much and I didn’t want to throw it away so….」

Unlike in manga and novels, her fingers are not filled with plasters but you can see her effort by looking at the content of the bento.

「Hey, can I have some? You probably can’t eat them all, can you? I’m hungry too.」

Areh? What the heck am I talking about? No, I’m probably thinking that food must not be wasted.

「Eh? No, it’s a failed product. Besides, you were eating lunch earlier. And you also have bread now.」

「That’s not much because it’s for Yuna. And the bread will last for a long time. I can always eat it later.」

Yeah, why am I not stepping back? Have I gone crazy? What am I trying to do?

「Th-then, okay.」

I was given disposable chopsticks. You’re prepared. Did you actually make it for someone? Maa, she’s eating alone so there shouldn’t be any problem.



Let’s try the omelet first. Yeah, I’m already prepared given how it looks but it is still at the level where saying it was delicious is not a lie. When I was about to reach out for another, I noticed I’m being stared at.

「It’s delicious alright.」

「I-is that so? Great.」

It’s not bad so it’s delicious. I feel like we are a couple who just started dating. What? What am I getting excited for? Is it because I got confessed? Remember, it is only because of a punishment game.

I ate the lunch I was offered in silence while falling into self-loathing. I didn’t know what to say so it’s normal that we’re not talking.

「Thanks for the food. It was delicious.」

「Really? Okay okay.」

Hirose nodded with great satisfaction and began to pack her things.

「Shall we go back?」

I said that to Hirose who’s packing her things then, I remembered. Areh? Aren’t we locked out?

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