Chapter 6.4 – Chief, Craft Division

Kousuke had visited Gazeran to report that frie herb was found on the 2nd floor.

He had planned to just let the adventurers discover it on their own but since none of them were visiting the 2nd floor, he decided to tell it to others directly.

By the way, he has the ability to check how much the teleportation gate has been used from the management menu.

The gates on lower levels, the 4th floor and below, seem to be unpopular with the adventurers due to how weak the monsters that appear there.

The reason why he installed the cluster of frie herbs on the 2nd floor was to have adventurers go to the lower levels as well.

However, if no one came to the 2nd floor, there’s no way anyone would know that there are frie herbs there.

That’s why he came to tell Gazeran that the herb was found on the 2nd floor.


「Yow, how can I help you today?」

When Kousuke came to Gazeran’s office, he raised his right hand in greeting.

He told him that he doesn’t need that much courtesy so they have a very frank relationship.

「I’ve come to tell you that frie herb was found in the tower.」

The truth is, he installed them using the tower’s function but of course, he won’t say anything about that.

「…….what? Seriously!?」

「Seriously desu」


「2nd floor desu」

Hearing Kousuke’s simple answer, Gazeran facepalmed.

「…….ah! Seriously!」

Gazeran thought it was a complete blind spot.

The higher you go in the tower, the better the materials you can get so no one’s actually paying attention to the lower floors.

Some parties have traveled to the lower floors before but they turned back after reaching the 3rd floor.

「Seriously desu ne」

「…….I see….」

Gazeran closed his eyes and crossed his arms, thinking.

「However…..what are we going to do next….」

「? Is there a problem?」

「Not really. There is a considerable distance that needs to be traveled to the 2nd floor. I’m not sure if it is profitable to go there and collect some….」

If there are no parties that will go and pick frie herbs, everything will be for naught.

It’s not worth the effort.

That’s Gazeran’s opinion.

「If you’re going to ask a high-level party then yes. However, what if the request taker are low-level adventurers?」

「No, you can’t….」

Gazeran tried to say that if the task is left to a chick, the chick will be killed immediately but he suddenly changed his mind.

It is as Kousuke said. The task is gathering frie herbs. As long as you can collect medicinal herbs, you don’t need to be an expert in combat.

On lower floors, only low-level monsters come out.

He can just ask some high-level adventurers to team up with low-level adventurers.

「Right, we can do that….but I don’t think it is a good idea to let everyone gather them freely.」

If they knew that they could make money by doing so, adventurers would flock that place.

However, given the nature of the herb, it was difficult to decide whether or not to allow adventurers to freely gather at will.

Gazeran thought it would be better for Crown to seize the gathering site on their own and asked Kousuke’s opinion.

「If you think so, I’ll leave it all for you to decide what to do with it. I think it’s better to consult Schmidt-san since it involves logistics as well.」

「I guess so. I’ll do that.」

Gazeran agreed to Kousuke’s suggestion.

He thought it might be better to build a base there.

However, Gazeran is having doubts if it will be all worth it just for the sake of gathering frie herb.


—Scene Change—


Wahid and Schmidt came into the room while they were talking about the adventurers and frie herb.

Aside from the two of them, there was another one following them.

Wahid spoke on behalf of the two men.

「Excuse me, Kousuke-sama, do you have time?」

「I should, right?」

Kousuke looked at Gazeran and the other party nodded.

「Then, let me introduce Dares.」

Wahid said while pointing towards the man.

Dares, who was introduced by Wahid, bowed to Kousuke.

「My name is Dares Pares. I’ve been assigned as the chief of the craft division of Crown.」

「….Oh, I see. My name is Kousuke. I look forward to working with you.」

Kousuke found out from Dares’ greeting that there’s finally a chief for the craft division.

「What? In the end, you still accepted it, Dares.」

It was Gazeran, who had been talking with Kousuke, who said that.

Dares was a craftsman who had been involved in the construction of the village since its early days.

The construction rush was still ongoing and he had withheld his reply when he was invited by Crown.

However, the village has grown so big that they can no longer wait for his answer.

「What do you mean? Do you want to say anything?」

「No no. On the other hand, I wanted to ask you if there’s anyone else more worthy than you. However, since you’ve accepted it already, I guess there’s no point in asking.」

Gazeran waves his right hand in response to Dares’ provocation(?).

The two of them stared at each other and Kousuke couldn’t help but look at Wahid.

He thought that they didn’t get along.

Wahid, who had been stared at, returned his gaze with a wry smile.

Kousuke thought that given Wahid’s expression, there shouldn’t be any problem.


He has nothing major to say to Dares at the moment so he just told him to do his best.

When he tried to say that he would leave because he had nothing else to say, he passed by Schmidt so he told him about the frie herb.

「….with that, discuss it with Gazeran and decide how you’ll handle it.」

「As you wish」

After seeing Schmidt nod, Kousuke was accompanied by Mitsuki back to the management floor.

Dares, who saw them off, mutters.

「So that’s the tower manager…」

「Can’t believe it?」

Gazeran laughed at Dares.

「Yes, you can say that.」

「Well, I guess so. I was like that at first too.」

Gazeran and Schmidt nodded to Dares’ reply.

「However, since you took that responsibility, you should take a better look. I think you’ll be quite surprised with what you’ll see.」

「I totally agree.」

Schmidt agreed with Gazeran’s advice.

Schmidt’s impression of Kousuke is completely different from that of the first time he met him.

He thought he was just an ordinary young man who was being protected by two strong people but now, he doesn’t dare think of something like that.

Dares nodded with a mysterious expression on his face as he listened to the words of Schmidt, a successful merchant, and Gazeran, who was undoubtedly one of the strongest adventurers he met.

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