Chapter 73 – Punishment

I think the reason for her overconfidence is because she’s wearing a powerful flame armor. Once I strip off her magical cloak and take off her flame armor, only the…

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Chapter 72 – Hacking

  「Hnn, hnnn…..? Takeru, have we finally arrived?」 「What do you mean by have we finally arrived? Everyone has already started capturing the “White Tower of Trials”. Get up.」 I…

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Chapter 69  – Louise’s Proposal

「My lord, why don’t we go get orichalcum weapons?」

Louise came to me, who’s working in the office, and proposed something.

To be exact, she’s inviting me to capture the legendary “White Tower of Trials”. It is rumored that adventurers who have cleared the harsh trials were given with orichalcum equipments.

「That’s too sudden, Louise. Why did you suddenly decide to challenge the White Tower of trials?」

「It’s not sudden, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. If I have an orichalcum sword, Takeru would no longer have to fight.」

Mou, I feel like Louise has become strangely overprotective since the last battle.

I wouldn’t say that an orichalcum sword equipped Louise could beat Crowned Prince Freed.

If it is the present me, I think I can win against Freed by using my hidden ace “neutral sword” as a surprise attack.

I don’t want Louise to take my place. (more…)

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Chapter 68 – Battle at the Bath

  TN: It has been a few years(yes, years) since the last chapter so I’ll translate the names/terms based on my current understanding and will no longer follow the previous…

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Chapter 67 – Brynie’s End

「Kuh….to put in such a trap.」 (more…)

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Chapter 66 – Minus Cheat Explosion

After the vivid withdrawal of the great general Mainz, we now enter another difficult war phase. (more…)

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Chapter 65 – Mainz the Anaguma

To begin with, the outer wall of this world is not designed for bombardment. (more…)

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