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Chapter 57 – Hero VS Hero

  My excuse doesn’t seem to work, then, 「Wait, betting the princess is not something a prince should do!」 「Hou, I might have been rude. What you say is true.」 Fuu, for the ikemen prince to be persuaded with that, is he a feminist? Even though I don’t understand the other party’s ability, suddenly having

Chapter 45 – 240 Years of Loneliness

  As I climbed the emergency exit, I got to the first floor of the “Oracle’s Great Cave”. Emergency exits can be accessed on each floor. For example, it is possible to return to the surface after taking a sea snake at the eighth floor. It won’t hurt to remember.

Chapter 44 – The Great Cave in Our Hand

  「Fuhahaha, the foolish hero from the capital came.」 There was a luxurious throne room ahead of the gate, where the gargoyle defends. There, a nostalgic man was standing. 「Baron? Could you possibly be the baron?」

Chapter 43 – Capture of the Great Cave Part Two

  Despite the unexpected incident of King of Thieves Wake party joining, the search of Oracle’s great cave advances. When I’m walking the fifth floor where capture has ended already, Wake is surprised to see a large quantity of spider corpse. 「Uwa, these are giant spiders. You’ve done well exterminating this number.」

Chapter 41 – Viscount Oracle’s Territory

  In the City of Ox,we created black cedar equipment series namely;  “big shield of black cedar”, “armor of black cedar”, “black cedar wood sword”, “black cedar club” etc. With a lot of potion, we set foot in the old Margrave Lauren Territory with plenty of preparation. When I heard a margrave, I imagined a

Chapter 40 – Let’s Collect Materials

  When I went to the city of Ox, Lyle-sensei was waiting in front of the town. I wonder if the work in the capital was already good. 「Sensei! I wanted to see you.」 「Ne, I’m grateful for your enthusiastic welcome … …」 I embraced Lyle-sensei tightly. Uwa, soft.

Chapter 39 – In Search of New Power

  It gradually becomes my trauma that Louise almost died in response to the “Magical Bullet of Rebellion” of the King of Thieves Wake. Wake’s arrow can reach any of my companion. 「Are you alright, master? Did you have a scary dream?」 「Sorry. Thanks…..」