Adventurer Registration

Chapter 3-1


Takeru arrived at the hunter’s village. Leiria talks with the leader of the village.

The leader was a level 26 warrior with the name of Caspar, a middle age man of 40 years old. He worked as a warrior captain of the former Istria Warrior Corps.

The villagers decided to immigrate to the tower in response to Leiria’s persuation.

If they are in the tower, they would be able to take care of low class monster.

Considering future activities, Takeru decided to head towards the nearby town, Turku.

There are two reasons for that. First one is to sell monster materials they gathered, and arrange Takeru’s and the others equipments.

The second is to register with the Adventurers Guild to expand their scope of action.

If you leave the forest, you will need identification to be able to go anywhere.

If you belong to a guild, you will be able to move freely between cities.

The City of Turku is good since it’s a large town and it has an adventurer’s guild branch.

Eclair and Oldega are already members of the adventurer guild, so this time Takeru, Feene, and Leiria will register as adventurers.

I took two days on foot and came to Turku city.

They called it a city but it seems to be a considerably big town.

It was surrounded by a five meter high wall and in the huge gate, there is a long line for those who wants to enter.

Takeru seems to have been bored with the long line, Eclair said “Follow me, follow me” as she walks towards a small hut next to the gate. It seems like the guards station.

Eclair shows her adventurer identification card to the gatekeeper.

「Eclair-sama, thanks for your hard work. Please pass.」

They let her passed easily.

They also didn’t check Takeru and the others.

Takeru is surprised. It seems that Eclair is a silver class adventurer and a silver class can enter cities without inspection.

「Why didn’t you tell me?」

「Ufufufu, it is unfair for me to be the one who’s always surprised.」

Eclair smiles happily.

By the way, Oldega is one class lower, a copper class.

The guild is located in the center of the city, and it is a big two-storey building.

At the left side of the entrance as we entered are tables that are lined up with some adventurers hanging out.

There is a bulletin board on the right side where a lot of paper for request are attached.

The counter is in the back of the the center part, the reception is also there.

When Takeru and the others go straight to the reception, they attracted the attention of the men in the guild.

The one who attracted their attention is probably Eclair but Leiria is pretty cute too.

Feene used transformation to hide her tails to it won’t stand out.

There are possibilities that beastmen are discriminated in the city.

「Eclair-sama, how can I help you?」

From the counter, an intelligent looking beautiful woman in her mid 20’s called out.

「It’s been a while, Helmina. You look fine.」

「Yes, Eclair-sama is the same. What is your business here?」

Helmina asks as she took a glimpse of Takeru and the others.

「I want to register these three people to the guild.」

Eclair introduced them in order of Takeru, Leiria, and Feene.

「I see. Then please fill the necessary information in this form.」

Helmina takes out a paper like parchment from the counter and hands it to three.

There is a column to write names, occupations, levels etc, but it seems that there is no need to fill in everything.

Takeru put 15 on his level and warrior as the job.

He consulted what to write beforehand.

It seems that they will not be appraised so it won’t be found out.

Leiria and Feene write honestly.

「As expected, the three accompanied by Eclair-san has a promising future.」

Helmina gives a serious compliment.

So, if someone of Takeru’s age exceeds level 10, they are considered excellent.

「Just in case, would you like to talk about how the Guild works?」

「Yes, please. But I want to apply for a party before that.」

As Eclair said so, the men who were listening closely started to rustle.

Takeru and others don’t know, but Eclair is gaining popularity in the guild of this town because she’s a silver class with beautiful appearance.

Therefore, she have received countless offers from those who want to add her to their party.

Although Eclair sometimes joins other parties on special quests, she never officially entered a party.

Her entering a party at last attracts attention in the guild.

「I understand. Please fill the party application form here.」

The surprised Helmina takes out a new paper from the reception desk.

「Are members of the party the people who are here?」

「Yes, these five people, including me.」

「The leader is Eclair-san, right?」

When Helmina tries to keep filling it out, Eclair interrupts.

「No, I’m not. The leader of the party is this boy, Takeru.」

「Ha, Takeru-san … is it?」

Helmina makes a strange voice that does not suit her face.

The inside of the guild becomes turbulent.

It is natural because Eclair is regarded as a first class adventurer who did not party with anyone until now will be under someone who just registered today.

「I understand. So, what’s the name of the party?」

Helmina who recovered quickly fixes her eyeglasses.

「The party name is … Babel.」

This is the first time the party leader Takeru opened his mouth.



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