Takeru and Alice First Part

Chapter 4-3


「Takeru, get up. This is serious.」

The next morning, Eclair rushed to Takeru’s room with Feene.

「What’s the matter? It’s still early in the morning.」

Takeru gets up from the bed while rubbing his sleepy eyes.

When urged by Eclair, Feene turns around and shows her buttocks while turning bright red.

(I’m sure something like this happened before.)

The tail of Feene increased by 1 and is now 4.

「It becomes four….Okay」

When Takeru murmured,

「It isn’t like this before I go to bed but it became four when I got up this morning.」

Eclair is also perplexed.

「Feene, do you know why the tail has increased?」

When Takeru asked

「I don’t know…」

Feene answers while letting her tail make a pitter-patter to check it.

Anyway, I’ll call Tifa to have a look.

「Perhaps I think that it is a side effect caused by level up.」

Does reaching level 20 influenced Feene’s body?

「And there was another change.」

To my surprise, Feene’s talent increased by one.

Common Talent: Lighting Fox

Lightning fox talent gives bonus to speed. In addition, casting speed becomes faster when using fire attribute magic.

Will the talent increase if the tail increases?

While Takeru and the others are surprised by the change in Feene, Alice who came to investigate with Felicia’s request is in the vicinity of the tower. She’s wearing black clothes like a ninja and is watching the state of the tower from a shade of a thicket.

(This is the tower that Felicia said … It does not feel like a tower at all. It is like the stadium in the capital. And there’s a lot of people coming and going. They are beastmen, are they resident of the tower?)

Alice is surprised at the building which is far from her image of a tower. She didn’t notice that her body is sticking out of the bushes.

「You, what are you doing in that place?」

One of the villagers calls there.

「Waa, I, well,」

Alice falters.

「That’s a strange outfit. Well, we just finished cooking boa kebab. We have plenty, so how about getting some?」

She was gently invited without even touching Alice who’s clearly dressed as a spy.

Because Alice was hungry, she entered the tower as she was invited while swallowing her saliva.

She looks around inside restlessly while stuffing her mouth with the kebab that she was handed when she enters the tower.

(The interior is quite large. Is it supposed to be like a trading place here?)

When she was observing the inside of the tower, the light suddenly disappeared and the whole floor became dark.

「What is it? What happened?」

Alice raised her voice in surprise.

After a while,the light comes on.


She was surrounded by villagers who were holding a weapon before she was aware.

「I don’t know what is your purpose for approaching the tower but I will have you talk about it.」

Takeru appears among the villagers.

Thus, Alice has been caught disappointingly.

To begin with, as a knight, she has been trained to challenged from the front so she’s not fit to be a spy.

It is a complete person selection mistake.

Felicia who is gentle and considerate, Alice who is a good natured older sister; the characteristics of these two are not suitable to be a spy in the first place.


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