Takeru and Alice Latter Part

Chapter 4-4


Alice is restrained and dragged in front of Takeru.

「What purpose were you monitoring the tower for?」

Takeru was surprised that the caught spy was a woman but he still interrogates her.

「No matter what you do, I will not speak anything.」

Alice who doesn’t confess is stubborn.

「Aren’t you Alice of the kingdom’s knight order?」

A villager woman butts in as she see Alice and how she speak like a man.

Alice is famous in the capital as a woman knight especially among women. She is like an idol so this villager woman identified her.

「Chi. I’m different. My name is not Alice.」

The fact that she tremble, everyone surrounding her understood.

「Hou? By the way, what kind of business does this Alice have in this tower?」

「Da, I told you that I’m different.」

At that time, the villager who came back from the city for business calls Takeru.

「Takeru-dono, it seems that there is a summon for you from the royal court in the capital in the matter of goblin subjugation. It is a rumor in the city of Turku.」

「Summon from the capital…」

「Yes, it seems that you’ll be given a special reward by the king. Takeru-dono will be joining the brave with this. Speaking of rumor, there is another one, Felicia Artian was arrested.」

「Felicia Artian?」

「Don’t you know? She’s the highest ranked shrine maiden delivers the voices of the gods. She is very much respected in the capital.」

「Why was she arrested?」

「It has something to do with treason.」

Alice begins to make a loud noise when she hears it.

「Felicia committed treason? That’s impossible!」

Because she approached with tremendous force, Takeru butts in and urges the villager to continue talking.

「It seems that she hid information gained from the gods.」

「That’s…. It’s this tower. Felicia was caught because of you.」

She turned to Takeru this time.

「What are you talking about? I’ve never met that Felicia girl.」

When Takeru retorts

「That might be so but Felicia is trying to protect you.」

He didn’t understand but it seems that this Felicia girl was caught because of something related to Takeru.

After hearing the details from Alice, Takeru asked her.

「Alice, I know what you wanted to say. However, I don’t understand why your friend Felicia tried to cover us in the first place.」

「That is… I don’t know.」

「We’re not doing anything bad that we have to hide.」


Alice falls silent.

「Master, surely we have nothing to be ashamed of, but that is not necessarily the reason.」

「What do you mean, Tifa?」

「Yes, master. As it is evident in this goblin general’s case, the master’s power is distinct from ordinary adventurers. If they know that master is also the new owner of the tower, the politicians will not be able to remain silent」

Indeed, Tiffa, as expected, is an accurate analysis.

「It is a fact that they will come out with various meddling.」

Tifa nods.

「That’s right, it must be. Felicia protected you from wicked aristocrats.」

Alice comes all the way to this place on her full power. I mean, you’re an aristocrat too.

「That’s quite good if it’s true. However, there is no way to confirm it with the person in question.」

「Takeru, you can’t decline the summon from the capital. I’m concerned about that Felicia girl, but this is our priority.」

What Eclair means is justifiable.

「Well, let’s go to the capital first, we might know something.」

It seems that it is not possible to get a special reward easily.

Takeru and others have begun to prepare to go to the capital.


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