Chapter 2 – Different World Transition

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week Chapter 2


AN: Finally to a different world.

However, he still stays indoors.

Excuse me.



I feel that someone is nearby.

Somehow, I felt such a sign even if I was half asleep.

「Ano, master?」

There was a low, clear woman’s voice that seems be a little frightened.

「Yes,…? Hnn? Oh, what?」

I give a half-sleep reply due to my sleepy head but suddenly I remembered that I was living alone and take a look.

「Ah, good.」

Such voice shook my eardrum but it did not echo that much on my head.

In front of me, there was Eleanor, the character I made.

That isn’t the problem. The reason I’m speechless is that Eleanor was breathing a sigh of relief expressively like a real human.

「You were sleeping. I’m sorry for waking you up.」

Eleanor issued such a word to me who instantly blinks his eyes in surprise.

「Eh? Eh? Did they update to a new version? When did they….no. What’s this advance feature…」

To me who’s in the midst of confusion, Eleanor lowered her head.

In any case, characters in Einherjar have basically no change in facial expression. The only character that can do it is the one prepared by the game company as a side event character.

Even the dialog, it should only be able to speak until the player met a certain condition.

「… I’m sorry master. Please excuse me who is ignorant …but what is an update?」

「It talked again…」

「Ah, I, I’m sorry! I did not notice that this is a place where one must not speak without permission…」

「It got afraid and raise its voice… No way, that’s stupid…」

I drew my sight to the figure of Eleanor who flutters in panic.

This game suddenly evolves too much.

What the hell is going on.

When Eleanor becomes confused with me, the door of the Japanese-style room suddenly opened.

「Ah, Eleanor. Where’s master?」

It was the dwarf girl Mira who was the fifth character that I made.

Mira is a lovely girl characterized by short stature that hasn’t reach 140 cm. She looks like a little elementary school student with black hair, slightly dark skin, big black eyes, and slender body.

「Ah, Mira, master is resting and is…」

As she heard Mira’s voice, Eleanor glanced at her back then looked at Mira.

「Ah, I, I’m sorry master.」

Mira moved to see if I was there and started panicking as she saw my face for the first time.

「No, it’s fine. Alright, you two sit there.」

I talked to Mira who is trying to leave the room and Eleanor who is trying to lower her head again.


Somehow, the two of them were hardened by my words as I pointed to the other side of the table.

The two of them sat on the side of the table that I pointed facing me. They are sitting side by side with a tightened expression.

I looked at two people who were very nervous, and think with my calm head why are they scared.

No, in the first place, why do the characters that I created are taking the kind of attitude as fearing me?

There is no such setting in character creation. Although that was a back setting that I would like, these two are people who attacks powerful opponent on their own.

While I was twisting my head with my inner mind, I opened my mouth as I look at the two who are stretched like sticks.

「I would like to ask questions to the two of you, is it okay?」

「「Yes, yes!」」

As I ask these two, they nod their head many times while putting an eyebrow.

「Can you say your name, your age, and your race?」

When they heard it, they looked at each other, stopped, and turned around to me again.

「Eleanor, 20 years old, high human.」

「Mira, age 17, dark dwarf.」

「Hmm, an estimated template? Then let’s hear your hobbies.」

When I asked them, they rounded their eyes and blinked.

It is likely won’t be answered. Anyway, the character of the characters I made is set to the back setting that I set. Commonly included are absolute loyalty, self-sacrificing spirit, and race characteristics, but no hobbies were set.

When I was watching the two of them who are puzzled, I was convinced with my victory. However, they opened their mouths with a fearful attitude.

「Wah, I….Ah, I like to make and eat sweet things…」


「Ah, I, I’m delighted that I could talk about it with master.」

「U, wa, Mira, wa wa, I’m also truly…!」

Seeing two squawking woman, I felt a cold sweat flow on my cheek.

No matter what you think, it doesn’t seem like a programmed answer.

I can even see the minor changes in their facial expression as they blush slightly….. No, wait a minute.

I lowered my eyes while glancing the two of them sideways.

Yes, I only have to logout once.


However, there is no change even with the key word. No, I was already feeling this even before I tried to logout.

Did they hear my mutter? Those two are looking at me with a dubious face. That unpleasant premonition spreads further within my heart.

「I’ll go to the observatory on the top floor.」

As I say it, I quickly opened the door with haste and went out into the hall. I heard the footsteps of the two coming in a hurry from behind me.

「Oh, my lord!」

As soon as I went out into the hall, I heard the voice of a loud man.

I can see at the other side of the throne, there were several silhouette of people under the stairs.

「Uhahaha! Everyone was worried! Of course, even I was puzzled my lord….」

「Boss! Are you alright? If your physical condition is bad, we will be preparing Elixir or Life water.」

Looking at me was a middle-aged bearded man with a very strong body and a tall, beautiful woman with wavy red hair.

The man is Cartas. The woman is Rosa. Their appearance is close to human but both are demons. They are both dressed in black leather clothes.

「There is no problem. I’m going to the observatory.」

I looked in the eyes of two people and answered so, and walked the center of the hall toward the door leading to the corridor.

「Oh, woops. Let me accompany you…」

「I’m going too!」

「Yeah, I got it.」

I answered without saying turning and as I open the door, a noise occurred all over the hall.

When I go out to the corridor, I heard several footsteps behind me that was about 10 people. I turned right and head to the observatory tower without minding it.

After ascending to the spiral stairs of the tower for about two stages, we arrived at the top floor of the observatory.

The area is as spacious as the Japanese style room but without the wall, you can have an overlooking view of the castle’s surrounding.

「……Hahaha. Where is here?」

When I laugh with a touch of self mockery, I looked around the scenery which spread through the circumference.

Half of the surrounding area is a steep cliff. In the back there is the sea that follows the horizon.

The other half is mountains and forests. It seemed that plains were spreading far away.

There is no such map in the game.

When I’m standing with my head in a mess, a human subordinate stepped into the observatory.

「This is… A new area, isn’t it?」

「There is no mistake, I don’t know this scenery.」

「I’m not asking you, Cartas.」

「…. What shall we do, Master?」

「Mira, do not be afraid. Master is here.」

As buzz were heard from his subordinates, everyone begins to show their approval in the last word of Eleanor.

A foolish remark, I’m in a rave panic.

I think and look back. Everyone’s gaze was taken by me and no one says a word.

If trust becomes light, I’ll be burnt to death  by the trust beam coming from everyone’s eyes.

I looked at everyone’s face in turn, and then I pulled my cheek and nodded.

「Leave it to me.」

The observatory was wrapped in cheers.


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