Chapter 3 – Preparation for Going Out the First Time

Chapter 3 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

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AN: At last, they set their feet to the new ground

They won’t advance!


Sitting on the throne that I seldom use, I forcibly lifted my head as I want to look around the hall.

Lining up in front of me are my 10 senior subordinates that includes Eleanor, Mira, Cartas, and Rosa. And lining up behind those 10 are their respective 19 subordinates.

This is all members of the guild that I made.

I had never made them line up so when they all looked straight at me, I felt nervous.

I let out a deep breath one and opened my mouth unwillingly. No one will talk if I don’t speak so it can’t be helped.

「Though some of you probably heard it already, the base of our guild, G.I. Jou, was transported to another location.」

When I said that, a feeling of slight upset spreads.

「The first thing we should do is secure the safety of the inside and the outside the castle. Next is to survey the surrounding area. 」

When I say so, the left-most side man in the front-row raises his hand.

It is a young man with drooping eyes that has a tied long-brown hair. The man who’s wearing a heavy looking full plate silver mail name is Laurel. He’s a dog beastkin that has small ears in his head that is hidden by his hair.

When Laurel received my eyes, he cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

「Err, master. Do the dragon of colors flying around the area?」

Laurel uttered that line which has a tone of saying a light-hearted joke. However, his face is very serious.

「No, I haven’t seen any monster at the present. Why did you think of such a thing?」

I asked back to the doubtful Laurel while tilting my neck a little. I still feel uncomfortable to talk freely to the characters that I made so I am conscious while talking to them normally.

「Is that so? I just couldn’t imagine master who would normally only bring three people, assemble us then teach use about the situation and policy…. No, I apologize!」

Did Laurel think that I wouldn’t answer? I am a little puzzled about the reason.

That is quite impolite. When I looked around, I saw some people nodding in the back.

「……ah, from now on, I’m going to work together with the whole guild to deal with variety of things. Although this is an arbitrary decision, I judged that the overall ability has also come with it. Therefore, if something goes bad, I will considerably drive everybody hard. I don’t want you to overdo it but there are cases that it will not go well either. I want you to lend me your power.」

When I told them that, the hall fell silent.

I wonder if I had said something strange.

The next moment after I thought of such a thing. A cheer of joy roars angrily in the hall.

I feel my feet vibrating from the pressure of their voice, I look at the characters I created.

A person who looks up at me is smiling with a shining face, someone nods silently, and there is someone that barks as if saying that he can’t endure it. There was even a person that shed a tear.


When I was staring at the scene, I heard such a voice and turn my face towards the direction of that voice, Eleanor.

Eleanor looks up at me with a smile full of affection.

「Of course. We are the faithful servants who exist for our master. Master trained us who were powerless and even prepared generous arsenals. Finally, when I think that I can be of use to master, I will forge the new me again. We were waiting. This is the time to serve our master,」

When Eleanor says so, Rosa nods with tears.

「Leave it to me! I will be of use! I say it myself because I can do variety of things besides battle skill!」

Rosa smiles cheerfully while saying so.

Mira, Cartas, Laurel, and all the other members were also saying something like that.

As I look at it, I noticed that the power of this body was coming out unconsciously. I put my back on the throne and sigh a feeling of relief.

I manage to restrain the smile the was about to spill and exaggeratedly nod.

「Everyone, thank you. Then, I’ll give the instructions immediately. Only members from No.1 to 50 are going to explore outside. Though this is impossible to happen compared to how I usually do things, this time, we’ll have 10 people to make up one corps. For the castle investigation, one corps will be composed of 5 people.」

When I told so, I elect one leader for each corps and divided the members in terms of skills so that balance will be better.

「I will act with Eleanor’s corps. Other units will search 1 kilometer around the castle. If you find monsters, do not start a fight if there are more than one. If it’s one, gauge the strength first by attacking from a long distance.」

When I said that for the search team outside the castle,50 people in the front row nodded and replied.

「Each unit will be in charge of a place to investigate in the castle. Two corps must take turns standing guard in the observatory. Let’s decide after discussing overlooked contents later. 」

When I say so, people from the sixth row onwards will reply.

「Ano, may I ask you one question?」

Suddenly after everyone’s reply, a long black hair beautiful woman standing in the middle of the row raised her hand and gives a voice. The beautiful woman’s head has a big triangular ears.

Dressed in a white pattern on a blue base which looks like a soft material and has a tail with long hairs on the buttock, it is the foxkin Soarer. Her clothes emphasizes her captivating body well. Well, I guess I went too far in terms of eroticism.

「What is it?」

I consciously thought that I should not stare Soarer too much as I asked back. When Soarer slightly raises the edge of her mouth, she takes a gesture of hiding the lower half of ther face with the palm of her hand.

「Your room is… What do we do?」

Soarer said that with a suggestive attitude and pointed behind me. It is the Japanese room behind the throne.

「… That’s right. Soarer, your squad is in charge. Check every corner of this hall.」

As soon as I ordered it, the hall rustled immediately.

While hearing the voices of grudge everywhere, Soarer twisted her lips and bowed her head as if enjoying it.

「Please leave it to me.」

I take off my eyes of Soarer which has her cheeks flushed and eyes moistened. I stand up from the throne.

「That is settled! Now, we will start the action. Eleanor, gather the troops.」


When I issued the order, Eleanor immediately called up the members I chose and gathered around me.

As I look around, each leader gathered their squads as I instructed.

「All right, assemble.  We’re going to the plain in the depths of the forest that is in front of the castle. If it goes well we may be able to discover a human dwelling.」

Well, it is hopeless if we’re in an uninhabited island or something.

While listening to everyone’s reply, I thought about such a negative thing. I shook it off by changing consciousness.

Either way, there’s no choice but to move.

I confirm Eleanor’s face and performs transfer within the base.

「Group transfer, front gate.」

The scenery changed in a blink of an eye as soon as I muttered it.

In front of me, there is a giant metal-like gate that is 15 meters tall.

Majestic. That word is suitable for the white silver wall that has no stains on the left and right of the gate.

When I approach the gate, the gate automatically opens along with a heavy bass vibration sound.

After looking at the deep forest and the hazy, visible mountains across the open gate, I looked back at Eleanor.

「All right then, we’ll leave the search to another squad and we’ll fly.」

To me who instructed it, Eleanor reply with an extremely serious expression.


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