Chapter 8 – The Miracle that Swooped Down to the Legends

Chapter 8 of After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Now, can I write speedy development?

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The girl who came to call me is crying her eyes out. We headed to the girl’s house as she requested.

I was convinced how serious the girl’s situation is in as the villagers and the village chief know of the circumstances of the girl as they gather in the vicinity.

The girl’s house only has two rooms, the bed is stacked straws covered in cloth.

While being supported by the girl’s father on the bed, the girl’s mother is spitting out a large amount of blood from her mouth and tries to relax her body.

She looks blood-drained and her eyelids were closed. I unintentionally thought that she had died.

「Mother, Mother! I, because of me!」

The girl hugs her mother’s hand to her chest and cries out to me.

Seeing the overflowing tears and trembling lips of the girl will not stop, I walked up to the girl’s mother silently and pointed my right hand palm up.

「Item box, Elixir」

When I said that, a small white vial appears in my right hand. Although the vial is a glass bottle that is about ten centimeters, it has a considerable presence due to its fine decoration.

「Let her drink it.」

When I said that, the girl received the small bottle quickly from my hands. In front was the father of the girl that is taken away in astonishment.

While the girl is taking off the lid of the bottle to let her mother drink it, Eleanor comes diagonally behind me.

「Is it all right?」

Eleanor is asking about the elixir.

「How much remained?」

「Each of us has one and the two guild warehouses have 400 each, approximately 2000.」

「And the materials for production?」

「…  I am sorry. I an unable to grasp entirely.」

I listened to Eleanor’s reply and looked at the rest of the members in the doorway of the room.

「Well, there was no alchemist in this corps. It’s okay. No problem.」

As I looked at Eleanor and told her that, she bowed once and get back.

「A, ano…. will this be able to save my mother…?」

When I looked back, the girl look up to me as she hold her mother’s hand.

「If this medicine will not be able to help her, I’m sorry but I have no other means. She seems to be asleep, keep her warm and nurse her.」

As I said so, the girl wiped her tears with her hand and shook her head in the vertical direction.

「Y, yes… Thank you.」

「Don’t worry about it.」

I raised one hand and return an answer to the girl who gives her thanks. We get out of the girl’s house.

There were many villagers outside who watched this anxiously.

However, I’m sure no one will be able to say “Maybe it will be okay.”. We silently moved to the entrance of the village.

There were also figures of mercenaries who could not move yet at the entrance of the village, but I just turned to the village chief who came after us without minding it in particular.

「Then, let’s return to the base for the time being. Moreover, we might come here again after a few days.」

「Are you going home already?」

The village chief raised his voice without hiding his surprise of my remark. It seems that he assumed that we were travelling so he thought that we’re going to spend a night.

However, for me, were not in a situation where we can relax outside. We haven’t got information about the surrounding area yet. Anyway, the village is just a short ride from Lagreat.

「Ah, I have some business to do.」

When I said so, the village chief nodded with regret.

「Is that so?… I do not intend to stall you. However, selling the mercenary group as criminal slaves will fetch a good amount of money. Excuse me, but could you tell me your name? Is your base the Misare Village? Or perhaps it is in the Galland Empire….」

The village chief looked over our clothes while asking such a thing.

It seems that law offenders can be sold as criminal slaves. A healthy man who can fight is in demand and seems to be sold for five pieces of gold. By the way, a debt slave has a usual price and a criminal slave has half the price and it seems that there is no problem treating them considerably bad.

I did not have the courage to go with the flow so I do not know the price of a beautiful woman slave.

「My name is Ren. Our base is a little far away and is secluded. I don’t need the money earned from selling the mercenaries so you can have it.」

I said Ren but it is neither my real name nor my user name. Well, Ren Ren sounds like a panda’s name.

「Such, take at least the money…..」

The village chief is completely grateful but he is embarrassed for not being able to return the favor.

It might seem to be eerie oppositely if I am too unselfish. I somehow decided to reconsider my request.

「… Let’s see. Then, give me a land in this village or an adjacent land. There is something I want to do a bit. Ah, it won’t trouble the village so be relieved.」

「Land is it? That, of course, is not a problem … I feel like it is not quite a reward …」

The village chief approved it while tilting his neck to my demand. I heard the village chief’s reply, and I think it was a very meaningful intercultural exchange.

「Well, then, we’re all going home. Fly」

I turned to everyone and use Fly magic on myself. My body rose to the surface for about two meters.

In the midst of the uproar of the villagers, Eleanor, who had grasped my intention without asking, called Sunny and Lagreat.

「「Plural fly」」

Sunny and Lagreat use group fly magic, and ten other people except me also emerge in the sky.

「I’ll come again.」

I told the village chief from the air, slowly went up to the sky, and began moving to the direction of the base when it was about 10 meters high.

「It will not matter to fly like this next time.」

Suddenly, such a line was said from above, I nodded to Verossa who’s flying behind.

「It’s troublesome to get down far away then run every time. It would be better if you showed your ability as neither them nor us are hostile.」

When I talked about my thoughts, Lagreat came flying right next to me.

「Indeed my lord. But shouldn’t you fly high in the sky? You would look like a god that way.」

Lagreat says a joke and laugh happily.

「We cannot go out casually. It seems that most adventurers are free to move around.」

When I say so, a young man with light armor  with black skin approached.

It is the wolf beastkin Sainos. Sainos black hair is fluttering in the win. Although he’s in the sky, his arms is crossed for some reason.

「My lord, I ask you to be an adventurer by all means. This time, I was not very useful as the bodyguard of my lord at all.」

As the Sainos came down with a grim face, I moved forward to get away and looked back at everyone.

「Sainos, and everyone too, were made to act in a group in case of emergency. I think it was a good to do have done nothing.」

When I said that, everyone nodded a bit dissatisfied. However, only Eleanor and Lagreat were nodding with a smile.

After a while, the base of Guild, our residence, G. I. Jou came into view.

While I went down in front of the castle’s main gate, I looked at the castle. On the observatory and the castle wall, and on the stone pavement that leads to the castle, there were several teams guarding and they turned their face here as they noticed.

「Welcome back, my lord.」

When I get down in front of the main gate, a white-haired man wrapped in a chic style butler’s clothes, walks here and quickly lowered his head.

It is the demonkin Dion, a magician that has the ability to be the core of our guild.

「Your bath has been prepared. Would you like to have dinner after bathing? The content of the dinner is an animal that looks like a wild boar that was caught nearby.」

「A, Ah, I understand. Thank you.」

Dion rattled much in a dash so I replied with bewilderment.

When I twisted my head and looked at Dion’s face, he looked back at me with a nasty face.

「If you do not mind, let’s go to the castle. Even if you’re fuzzy, I don’t want to waste my lord’s precious time.」

Though his words are polite, he handled it roughly.

I remember it after seeing Dion’s back which should have picked me up, the lord.

I made it, his character, he’s an S.


AN: Thank you for reading and the eye drops.

Someone might want some medical expenses after reading an excessively poor writing.


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