Chapter 13 – What is that Adventurer?

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: Now, the first different world monster battle.

Is it really going to be a battle?


I received a temporary adventurer certificate from the green haired receptionist. We went out of the town at once and walk in the meadow.

The green haired receptionist-san seems to be a hard worker.

「My lord, the grass from afar is unnaturally shaking.」

When I was thinking about the receptionist’s life, Sainos points at the horizon and says something.

「Amazing. It’s a distance I still can’t see.」

Sedeia who’s normally unimpressed by Sainos says an unusual line.

I turned to Sunny, which is normal, who looked in a different direction in a hazy manner.

Looking at the direction of Sunny’s gaze, there were three figures running from the direction of the forest with a frantic look.

And behind them are two and a half meters of dark objects.

Having a brown skin that is close to being black, belly that is stuck out, and a muscular body, it is a weapon wielding monster with a stick or a rusty sword. It is an orc.

There are about 5 orcs running behind them.

Those are usually green but it might be their normal color in this world.

「An orc? I assume that it is an orc sub species that will appear in an emergency request at once.」

「Is it similar to an orc lord or orc general?」

「To arms, my lord!」

「Let the battle begins.」

When I declare the start of the battle, Sedeia and Sainos took a dagger and a sword out of the item box.

However, Sunny, who left a casual comment with a flat voice, took out the mithril wand from the Item box, and raise it up.

「Lightning Arrow」

When Sunny muttered the magic’s name in a state where there was no sense of tension, ten light balls emerged at the tip of Sunny’s wand. Those stretched out and fly to the targets at once.

No, the light balls are so fast the it appears to stretch out like a line. The fastest lightning magic. Lighting arrow’s power and number is depended on magical power. A maximum of 10 shots can be fired at the same time. It has many users because it is fast and has a homing function.

It has enough power where in you can defeat a goblin subspecies or an orc knight with a single spell with 10 shots.

In other words, it can be said that it is a magic for hunting or for surprise attacks.

However, Sunny’s lightning arrow shoots the head and heart of the five orcs neatly.


We looked at Sunny with cold eyes. This orc mass murderer just expressionlessly raise both his hands.

「Complete victory」

「Complete!? My time to shine….! 」

Sainos is shocked by Sunny’s victory declaration. Sedeia smiled bitterly as she puts away the dagger.

「… I mean, those are probably normal orcs.」

When I muttered so, I saw the silhouette of individuals who are still running away thinking that they were still being chased by orcs.

They don’t have any weapons or shields, but they are three young men dressed in leather armour. Perhaps they are rookie adventurer. Perhaps they might have flopped their first quest.

I intended to leave them be but I remembered the senior adventurer Wolf’s laughter and changed my mind.


When I called out to the running adventurers, the three of them noticed us here and shouted with a desperate face.

「Go on, Run! There is a flock of orc subspecies! They are probably at least 50!」

The man who was running ahead said that to warn us. It is a great thing that he warned others while running away without asking for help even if they are in a critical state where they could die.

Well, the crisis has already passed.

「The orcs have been defeated.」

When I say it, the man who is running from the beginning stares at me and opens his mouth.

「Are you an idiot! Can’t you see what’s behind us! A lot of orcs are running after….what!?」

He looked back while running. The man was astonished with the view and looked back twice instinctively.

「Oh, how did the orcs!? Did we shake them off before we knew it?」

The men finally halt. They said such thing while looking around.

「…Is it already good? For the time being, since there are a large number of orcs, let’s annihilate them.I think I’ll go for a goblin during the trip.」

When I say that, Sainos shining smile appears.

「Oh! Indeed my lord! Someone with the caliber to be the king of the world has to strive for the people! Let’s go immediately!」

「You just want to fight.」

「Battle maniac. Some kind of pervert.」

「Shut up, bro! I don’t want to fight, I want to help my lord!」

As soon as these three people start arguing, I quickly turned my foot toward the direction of the forest.

「O, Hey! In the forest …」

Three people who ran away from the orcs are still around and also call out to me, but I properly raised one hand and shook it.

Did they properly get my response? The three people looked at each other with a serious face and nodded greatly as they looked at our location.

「Wait! We’ll gather people immediately!」


Three of them left a line to worry about and ran again to the city.

「… Okay, let’s finish it before people come.」

I decided to annihilate the orc immediately because I don’t want others to see our battle.

There seems to be no figure in the vicinity. The highway is in a considerable distance so it is impossible to be seen clearly from there.


I used flying magic to float in the air and headed for the forest at maximum speed.


「Oh, there you are. My sword is ringing due to joy.」

「Please don’t make it look like a cursed sword.」

「There are about 80 of them? There is probably one or two boss class here.」

「I will do my best.」

We were scouting the orcs while hiding in big trees. We spent 10 minutes of flying from the meadow and another 10 minutes in exploring the forest.

「For now, let’s consider our battle formation. Sainos will be the vanguard. Sedeia will check the enemy presence on the surrounding and will deal with enemies coming from the left and right. Sunny will shoot lighting arrow as soon as you can visualize and enemy. Do not use other spells a much as possible because we need the corpse.」

When I gave the instructions, the three of them responded.

「Then, let’s do it.」

When I said that, I part from the tree and walked toward the direction of the orcs. Sainos came out and move forward and cut the neck of the two orcs in front.

「Lightning arrow, Lightning arrow, Lightning arrow」

From behind, Sunny shoots Lightning Arrow in no time.


Sedeia, whose body blurred momentarily, cuts the orcs that were coming from the left and right.

They hunt most of the orcs in ten minutes. The rest are on the hill with a gentle incline.


When we tried to head to the top of the hill, a rock of about 1 meter in diameter flew by along with a roar of a beast.


Fighting spirit flash. Sainos breaks the flying rock with a slender sword.

There were a few orcs standing on the hill as the rock split to the left and right.

These three are different from the previous orcs. They are larger, wearing armors and holding weapons. The one’s on the left and right are also equipped with shield.

「Lightning Arrow」

While observing the orcs, Sunny let out a lightning arrow as a surprise attack from behind. They were surprised.

However, Sunny’s lighting arrow were repelled with the shields of those who are in the left and right.

Looking at it, Sunny looked up at me with muffled eyes.

「It is no use. Don’t shoot strong magic. Something should remain no matter what.」

When I gave a warning, the disappointed Sunny looked down.

「My lord! Me! Me!」

Why are you so happy? Sainos sidle to me while waving his tail.

「…Okay. With Sunny’s back up, Sedeia will take care with the one on the right with shield and I will take care of the one in the left with shield. I’ll give Sainos the strongest one in the middle.」

「Oh, my lord! I am grateful for handling me such happiness!」

When I decided on the strategy, I could not understand the meaning of the excited words of Sainos.

「Calm down」

On the contrary, Sedeia is cool. It is already troublesome to look at Sainos.

「Yosh, let’s do it.」

When I said that, the three of them began to move quickly. I took a weapon out of the item box and held it with my right.

I use one of my most powerful weapon as insurance, an orichalcum magic sword. Longsword of Windstorm +9.

「Lightning Arrow」

While Sunny is restraining it with magic, Sedeia cut of the neck of the orc shield bearer. In a single blow.

I was amazed at Sedeia and went around to the other side.The shield bearer orc lifted its shield toward me.

It momentarily flinched as I thought but the moment I kicked it, the shield flew up to the sky.

I was also surprised to see the orc stiffens with surprise. I put my foot on the ground after my kick posture as planned and swung my sword to the belly of the orc sideways.

There is almost no response. I cut the orc with body armor like cutting a tofu.

The longsword of windstorm absorbs magic while casting magic spell that is equivalent to an advance wind magician.

Fire, wind, and thunder magic swords were made as the strongest weapon against one enemy and water and earth were made for range attack against a number of opponents.

Thus, the weapon holding orc in the center was cut in half before its battle with Sainos.

「My lord!?」


I could not write it well…

Those who still read….

I love you.


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