Chapter 16 – Intermediate Level Information of the Different World

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


AN: They have finished exploring the other world on the second day.

A quite good start.

A careless hit and miss.

An exquisitely unskillful sentence composition…

I’ll cry and rejoice if someone were to read.


「What a flashy debut and even a B class?」

Wolf said that with a nasty face as I pour him a drink.

「I’m going to be overtaken within a month.」

Wolf says so while looking around the guild.

The dining hall of the banquet looks like hell with a bunch of corpse as we had drunk again at the guild.

「The guild in this town is relatively small. This is the farthest city from the capital. The earldom’s capital, Selenia, is one day away using a carriage. There are no A class adventurers in this town and there are only a few B class.」

「Are there few requests? If there are fewer adventurers, the number of monsters will increase and the number of requests will increase too.」

「We’re at the border. There are few big towns and the others are small villages, so there is no money. No one can make a request without money. However, because there are few adventurers, monsters flood from the forest about once a year. The lord will pay the guild for the request. Money is needed to pay the guild and repair the roads and bridges so the lord does not have much money. Therefore, the lord only have a few elite knights… In other words, hands doesn’t turn on the countryside.」

「It’s a vicious cycle.」

In a nutshell, Wolf gave a sigh to his polite explanation.

「That’s why they want you to become an exclusive adventurer in this town. The guild will not publicly favor an adventurer. Well, they will give you preferential treatment but doing something outright will antagonize other adventurers. Therefore, the guild lending partially disclosed information to you is an evidence that they are giving you a considerable preferential treatment.」

Wolf laughed with humiRiation while saying that but I don’t think that it was the result of my own negotiations.

The reason for this is the orc subjugation emergency request that is said that should have payed us a gold coin or a large gold coin.

In other words, it is 10 million japanese yen.

To an adventurer, it is impractical to wastes 10 million yen just to get information.

「That’s right. They don’t mind us renting information documents so I’ll buy them tomorrow.」

When I say so, Wolfe smiled and hit me on my shoulder.

「You seem to be good at growing up! Even if it is said that you can see the documents, you don’t know what to look for. Ha ha ha!」

Wolf said so while laughing. He looked around incidentally.

「Oh, where are your handsome and beautiful friends?」

「They are looking around the city. This is our first time here so they are going to purchase various things.」

When I say so, Wolf knits his eyebrows.

「Oi oi, is that alright? Elves and beastkins are rare in this area. Though there seems to be a lot in the northeastern part on Galland…」

「Is there someone who can do something to them?」

Due to Wolf’s serious face, I asked with pure interest.

Then, Wolf rounded his eyes and laughs while touching his belly as he recalled.

「That’s right! Wahahahaha!」


On the return journey, we were talking while flying far above that would not be noticed from the ground.

「My lord, the equipments from that city are just for beginners.」

「Leader, the food is not bad but they are simple like grilled meat. There was no rice.」

「Master, there are no slaves for sale. But there were slaves in some inns, taverns, and blacksmiths.」

「Hm, I’m tired. As far as we have seen, the adventurer’s equipments are no big deal. Should we assume that we can also expect that in the capital or the country of dwarfs?」

I became an adventurer to be able to get information in this different world easily but it went unexpectedly well.

Anyway, we have become a B class adventurer on the day we registered. And, the amount that I got by selling orc materials is one piece of gold per orc subspecies.

For normal orcs, I received a few silver coins to a large silver coin for one corpse. The subspecies are ten times as much.

Well, from the guild’s point of view, they have never seen materials in such a good state and perhaps the color contributed to it.

By the way, we did not sell the orc knights and orc general. So, subtracting the 43 corpse that were given to the adventurers, we sold 48 orcs which is 41 pieces of gold earned in one day.

In other words, we earned approximately 40 million yen in a day.

Normally, as Wolf said, it should have been divided equally to the number of people who accepted the request.

If we divide it equally with the adventurers Wolf had brought, the reward will be about 1 to 2 million yen per person. So, an adventurer is a job that can make easy money too.

「Hm? Come to think of it, how many magicians were there in the adventurers we saw today?」

When they heard that, the three tilted their necks at the same time.

「I haven’t seen one. Ah, there were three people with swords.」

「I saw two of them. Both of them are ojisan.」

「Wand 3. Ring type 2.」

Each of them looked at me and answered. I considered the last words of Sunny.

「There seems to be few magicians. I saw orthodox swordsman type the most but there were no magic seal in their equipments.」

When I said that, Sedeia raised her arms.

「Well, considering balance in a party, it should have one magician in order to respond to any circumstances. The people here are just small fries that only rely on physical strength due to the absence of magicians.」

「It will be troublesome if there are monsters with strong physical resistance. There are some that even I can’t cut.」

When Sedeia and Sainos consider so, the small chested Sunny comes out to the front in proportion to it.

「Because we can change attribute quickly, dragons and gas-based monsters won’t be much of an opponent.」

Sunny arrogantly says that to me. She seems to be in a really good mood. Well, I can say that the disadvantage is that they are weak in close combat and will be in trouble in case of magic reduction traps.

「Are magicians few because it is hard to learn magic? Or is it difficult to master unless you learn from an educational institution like a magic school? In addition, since elves are excellent magicians, is it hard for them to work with other races…? What do you think? 」

As expected, it is hard to know the real value of magicians if you think about the game.

When I was twisting my head, Sainos pointed to the ground.

「My lord, we have reached the castle already.」

「Okay, let’s go take a bath! Leader, would you like to join us?」

「I will wash master’s ass.」

「What are you saying?」

We landed in front of the main gate of the castle looking at the appearance of the G.I. Jou with the red light from the sunset.

「Welcome home, my lord.」

「I’m home, Dion.」

I returned the greeting to Dion who greeted me at once. I wonder if he is always near the gate.

Dion looked at us in turn and gently took out a white handkerchief from the chest of Butler’s clothes and covered his own nose.

「My lord, a very unique body odor is drifting. By all means, go and jump into a nearby river before you take a bath to ensure the safety of the nose of the maids.」

「My body odor is strange? Probably because I’ve been hunting orcs today.」

While I smile wryly from Dion’s rant, Dion gracefully bowed down.

「Oh, I’m sorry. My lord, let’s put the body odor on hold. By the way, my lord. The devastating bad breath of my lord is spreading around here.」

「I do not have bad breath.」


AN: Actually, it is really fun to write Dion.

I feel the pecuRiar charm that is coming from a sharp tongue character.

Although that character might not exist in the story I write…

I want to convey this charm by all means!

I will do my best and study!


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