Chapter 20 – Earl Villiers Speculation

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


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「Are you the adventurer named Ren?」

A man sitting in a gorgeous chair with a backrest in front of me looked at me and say that.

He has a silver hair that hung up to his shoulder that is styled to be separated from left and right. He also has a little grown mustache of the same color. A man in his forties or fifties, Earl Villiers St. Warms Fitzyi.

He is wearing a cloak and is lightly dressed. The embroidery in his clothes is surprisingly gorgeous.

I stand in the front of the Earl Villiers, about three meters away.

「Nice to meet you.」

When I returned a short greeting, the men who are waiting beside him have begun to rustle. Bart, who stands at the very end for some reason, is desperately laughing.

「Lower your head, you!」

And, Baron Bowarei is the angriest in this place.

I glanced at the Baron Bowarei and paid more attention to the arrangement of the room.

The walls and floors are made of wood, but the shelves and chairs are finely decorated. There are big flags on the walls, and the white fur carpet is very luxurious.

It is as wide as it is, but in addition to the earl and I, five people stand along one side of the wall. There are two men in armor that sandwiched the earl in his right and left.

By the way, Sedeia, Sainos, and Sunny stand in a place that is two step behind me.

While I was looking around the room, Baron Bowarei’s wrath seems to have increased. He stomped on the floor and took one step forward.

「Are you stupid, you bastard! You are before Earl Villiers-sama, the lord of this margrave territory!」

At that time, when Baron Bowarei was so furious that he’ll probably die of cerebral aneurysm, Earl Villiers raised one hand and controlled him.

「It is okay. Basically, adventurers are educated like nobles. And so, it is unreasonable to force them etiquettes for nobles. It is better if they are comfortable.」

Earl Villiers said so and put up a smile.

Sure, most adventurers are penniless townspeople and villagers. Although some are third or fourth son of lower nobles, from the point of view of a senior noble of the country like the earl, they should be no different from commoners.

Well, I never dreamt of receiving higher education on Earth.

「That would be helpful. So, I heard from the guild master but, is there anything I can do for you?」

When I put my arm together and said that to the earl, Bart, who did not think that his name would come out, embarked a strange voice and suppressed his mouth down.

「Hou. Bart? I only told him that I wanted to meet you but… it is probably good. I certainly have a business.」

Earl replied with a nod without worrying about Bart.

Unexpectedly, the vessel might be large.

When I was evaluating the earl from a line of sight of a top adventurer, the earl raised the edge of his mouth and looked at me.

「First of all, I want to see how much you can be of use.」

The earl said so and raised his one hand with open palm. Then, Baron Bowarei handed something to the earl while staring at me.

It is the first time I see this in this world, paper. It is a white paper though it is a little impure.

Thinking that we have been surprised, the earl’s mood improved and smiled. He expanded the paper and filled out something in it with the use of a sort of stick.

After the earl finished writing, he handed it to the knight and the knight handed it to me.

Hostility somewhat comes from the knight.

「Is this a map?」

When I looked at the paper, there was a handwritten map there. It seems to be the map of the margrave territory, I can see the name of the towns and the name of the villages. The Earl wrote a village at the west end. It seems that he drew a line further west from Grado village.

「Humu, first of all, you were surprised by the paper, weren’t you? What do you think it’s made of?」

What is this? A quiz?

The earl has become proud for thinking that the populace doesn’t know paper. I expressionlessly opened my mouth.

「It’s tree. I’ve heard that it was made with the use of woods and weed fibers.」

As I said so, the earl rounded his eyes.

「How did you know that? Come to think of it, you were traveling before you came to this town? Hmm, do you know the manufacturing method?」

「No, I don’t know.」

The Earl nodded to my response. It is likely not widespread yet, he probably wants to know the manufacturing process to monopolize it.

「Is that so? No, that might be so. Well good. Do you know of the Grado village in the map? It’s a village called the farthest village.」

「I know about it. I’ve been there once.」

The earl pointed to the map. I opened my mouth and nodded to the earl’s dialogue.

「There is a deep forest further west from the village. There are unparalleled monsters in there and no one has ever come alive after going in there.」

「So, you want us to develop it?」

I intervened instinctively to the earl’s explanation. Of course we can do it, but it will be bad for us.

That is the direction where our guild base is located, the G. I. Jou.

The earl opened his mouth and made a fearless smile, though I don’t think he have seen my inner thoughts.

「That’s not the case.The other day, a peddler stopped by Grado village. The peddler seems to have seen a gang of mercenaries on the way back from Grado village.」

When the Earl spoke up to that point, he paused once and put his hand on his jaw.

「That mercenary group is a problem. Peddlers say that the mercenary group are thieving bastards with a lot of bad rumors.」

The earl said so and looked at my reaction.

「..So, you want us to crush the mercenary corps?」

When I asked, the earl stroked his chin with one hand and raised his face.

「Fu, fufu. You’re a funny guy. I said that it was a mercenary group? It’s a party, a group. There are about 50 of them. It is impossible for four people no matter what kind of talent you have.」

The earl said that and laughed.

No, we have already annihilated them. I mean, captured everyone unharmed.

I almost said so unintentionally.

The earl looked at me and begun playing with his mustache joyfully.

「Well, it will be difficult. Even if you arranged the knight corps, they are mercenaries who are accustomed to warfare.」

That said, the earl nodded in good spirits several times.

He is a noble. He might be investigating the words and gestures of his opponent in his chest.

「This is a difficult area bordering the Galland Empire. I can not send out my knight order, but I will issue it as a request to the adventurers guild. With your group, I want you to go to Grado village to see how much you can do… I’m looking forward to it.」

Earl said so fearlessly and looked at the baron.

I see. So he is degassing the baron’s belly who has been unable to participate in our talk.

It’s an intuitive guess, but it’s not necessarily wrong.

Anyway, the baron has a very obscene smile.

There is no problem in going to Grado village separately. However, there is no mercenary group even if we go. Perhaps they have already been sold to the slave merchant.

When I twisted my head while thinking, the baron gladly opened his mouth.

「If you are scared, refuse it! We don’t have to rely on rude and savage underdogs like you with the problems with the mercenary!」

Baron Bowarei is in a state as if he was convinced of victory.

No, the earl said that he’s looking forward to it so I’ll talk in that direction. I wonder why my subordinated have decided not to talk.

When I was looking at the Baron’s smile with an amazed face, I heard a rustling sound of metal in the back.

「Wh, you…!?」

Suddenly, the knights on the left and right of the earl let out a voice in a grim expression as they grasp the hilt of their sword.

「…Be relieved. Because I’ll murder everyone without a sound.」

Sedeia said that as she stood next to me while being completely silent.

When I looked at Sedeia, her eyes have already become bloodshot.

「No way… Sunny, magic is…」

I hurriedly looked back and tried to stop Sunny from using magic. Unfortunately, the room was already tinged in blue.

Sunny was wearing a pale flame in her body and her eyes had been sharply narrowed and were turned to the Baron.

They are out of control.

I judged it so and turned my face to Sainos.

「Sainos, stop the two…」

Before long after I said that, Sainos took out his sword form the magic box.

「I can’t stand it anymore! You bastard!」

Sainos also snapped.


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