Chapter 19 – The Feudal Lord, Margrave Earl Villiers

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


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「Can you listen to what I have to say?」

「The way you negotiate is too rough. You should start by saying hello and ask the other party after hearing what you have to say.」

「…Ren-kun is tough on old people.」

Bart manage to force a smile and looked at me with a nervous face.

I tried to go back to the hallway but Bart called my name so I reluctantly sat on the sofa in the guild master’s room.

From what I have seen, Bart is a former adventurer. There are scars that remains in his left ear and forehead.

Therefore, he has an atmosphere that fits rude youths.

「If you speak politely, the other party will listen positively, and if you are overbearing or roughly speaking, the other party will feel negative. The person on the top must think about how to move people’s feelings.」

「…this day is…hah..」

When I preached about people at the top, Bart muttered with his mouth quietly. His face is twitching greatly too.

Speaking of which, I feel that his tone became considerably looser than yesterday.

Well, I think I originally had a very strong personality… I feel like I can say anything even to a member of a royal family.

When I came to this world, I have become the figure of my game character. Is it affecting me?

When I was somehow thinking of my own changes, Sedeia has begun to give off bloodlust from behind me.

Then, Bart who sits in front of us holds his breath.

It may be a veteran’s crisis perception ability.

「Stop it, Sedeia.」

When I say so, Sedeia stops releasing bloodlust. Bart gave out a long sigh.

「I guess she’s a naughty girl. Even though I have been part of a cyclops subjugation before…compare to everything I experienced my whole life, I have never been more prepared for death now.」

「Hou, that’s amazing. You faced the cyclops alone?」

「…No, two parties joint together.」

When I unintentionally admired his story, Bart badly wrinkles his forehead.

On the other hand, I was glad that I heard some good information.

Speaking of Cyclops, at the time of the game, it was a good intermediate-class prey. If you have a party of elementary class, you surely need about 10 to 20 people.

「…Ren-kun, if you’re alone with the cyclops…No, I don’t want to hear it.」

While looking at me, Bart tried to say something, but stopped midway.

I shake my head and look at Bart who changed his mind, I decide to quickly advance the talk.

That should be good for Bart’s mental health.

「Then, let’s get to the important matter now.」

As I said so, Bart groaned with a difficult face.

「…  Indeed. We should negotiate after we understand each other’s position. Is that the purpose? I was wrong to have been aggressive when I was the one who asked to meet you.」

Bart spoke on his own accord that he had noticed my intentions.

No, I’m not thinking about that.

When I was thinking about whether to point out to Bart, he took a cough and put his hand on his lap.

「Then, let me get straight to the point. Do you remember that there was one noble in the conference room the other day?」

「Ah, was it Baron Bowarei?」

When I said so, Bard made a wary face and nodded. It seems to be a troublesome talk for Bart.

「That Baron Bowarei is a subordinate of the feudal lord, Earl Villiers.」

「Earl Villiers? The margrave earl?」

I raised a voice in a way that I interrupted Bart’s explanation. Speaking of margrave, it is a special position the is equivalent to duke or archduke.

TN: This explanation is only applicable in this web novel. Margrave’s equivalent is a marquis in real life and in other novels.

Shortening his title to earl is disrespectful.

But Bart tilted his neck strangely.

「Earl Villiers is the earl of the margrave territory that borders the west. This territory guards the country from the Galland Empire. Do you think there is something wrong with that?」

「Is that so? Is the earl a blood relative of the royal family?」

「Earl Villiers elder sister is a concubine of the former king… what about it? Why do you want to know?」

Bart has asked the intention of my mysterious question.

I thought about the aristocrat of this country and gave up on the way. I returned a vague answer.

Let’s ask Miria later.

「No, nothing. So what about the baron?」

「From there… Baron Bowarei reported to Earl Villiers about Ren-kun. Incidentally, Earl Villiers happened to come to this town for inspection, he calls for you.」



When I told him my refusal, Bart stood up and raised a voice.

At that moment, Sedeia silently put out a dagger in her hand, but Bart spreads his hands and shouts without worrying about it.

「This is a chance to meet the earl! One would normally appeal to the earl to become his subordinate.If that happens, his future is secured.」

Bart said such a thing while throwing gestures with his hand.

「A stable and peaceful day is not for an adventurer, is it?」

When I said that ironically to Bart, the guild master of the Adventurers Guild, he stops his movement for a moment and rounds his eyes.

And began to spew laughter.

「Bu ha! Ha ha ha ha! Certainly! You can’t be call an adventurer if you don’t go to an adventure! Ha ha ha ha!」

Bart is very interesting. He reseated on the sofa while roaring his laughter.

It doesn’t matter, his saliva is splashing.

「No, I seemed to have misunderstood! Ren-dono is not a natural born adventurer? All right, I like you! You can live in this town as much as you like, we will favor you as much as we can!」

「No, you don’t need to favor me. Equality, equality.」


Bart seems to have rushed to the fever time completely. He’s laughing while saying something so it’s kind of annoying. He’s like an old relative that got drunk.

「So, is it just a meet up with the earl?」

When I said that, Bart shook his shoulder and smiled while shaking his head.

「No, Baron Bowarei will be present at the time of the audience with Earl Villiers. Therefore, Baron Bowarei will interfere from the side so if you take a rude attitude, Ren-dono and your comrades will probably be beheaded. Ha ha ha」

「It’s not a laughing matter.」

Bart has entered a point where he just smiled and laughed at the part of our decapitation. What a brute.

「No, it’s usually a troublesome situation. Baron Bowarei is a noble too. However, when I look at Ren-dono, the word beheaded is like a pin! Buhahaha!」

「I don’t understand what is funny about that.」

As I said so, Bart laughed again.

This guy, well, my head is going out of focus.

When I was seriously convinced about Bart’s dementia, I heard a knock on the door of the room.

「Excuse me. Earl Villiers has arrived.」

「Oh, is that so?」

Keins who opened the door and put out his face said such a thing, and Bart answered and stood up.

「… You framed me?」

When I told Bert in a low voice, Bart laughed in a fearless way.

From the beginning, Bart called me to buy time until the earl arrived. He considered the possibility of escape.

「What do you think? Well, let’s go, Ren-dono? Come with me.」

「Do not suddenly put out an obstinate attitude, I feel uncomfortable.」

Bart laughed in a loud voice again when I complained in a bad mood.

I have been completely taken in.


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