Chapter 29 – Fifth Day in the Different World

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week

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AN: Now, the fifth day is finally starting!

The founding of a nation is going to be crispy?

The founding of a nation is close. Is it going to be in an instant?

If an excuse is written, it will be like a novel fraud.


The morning came.

I’m already getting used to the scenery that can be seen outside the window of G.I.Jou.

And on the bed. There were two beautiful women on the left and right of where I was.

Eleanor, a beautiful high human with golden hair flowing over her white porcelain like skin.

Soarer, a beautiful foxkin with bright brown hair who shook her ears as she hides her flirty body with the futon.

After all, it was squeezed to the point of almost breaking.

「…  Good morning.」

Soarer gave her morning greeting to me who was in my morning slumber.

「Good morning.」

When I turned my face to Soarer and returned the greeting, Soarer hid her face as if to dive into the futon and looked me in the eye.

「….Were you satisfied by me, my lord?」

「…A, ah, I’m very much satisfied.」

When I replied, Soarer hid her face completely.

Only the fox ears that are out of the futon are moving restlessly.

What? Are you embarrassed?

You’re not such a character, Soarer?


My guild members are my family in this world and are my absolute allies.

Each one of them were created and nurtured by myself, each are memorable character.

I don’t want to feel regret for making my guild members sad so I will found a nation and oppose this different world.

I thought of such a thing at that time.

「Why did I say such a thing…」

I mutter with a sigh and raised my face.

「Ha ha ha! Flight magic is a wonderful thing! Your Excellency!」

「Yes, that’s right. I’m glad you didn’t faint.」

「Ha ha ha! Don’t say that! I am now a believer of His Excellency’s power! I’m enjoying it in peace than walking on the ground!」

That said, Bowarei laughed in a dynamic way.

Right now, we’re on our way to Galland Empire.

The awakened super soldier Bowarei told me to advance the talk of the founding of the nation immediately and had us accompanied him.

I looked around and turned my attention to the scenery.

The Galland Empire is a great country in the north west and is one of the five major powers. In the north is the country of elves, La Fiesch.

The empire’s ruler is called Imperial Empreror.In other words, the country is under the imperial rule but there are no nobles.

It is using an advanced management system that the person who has risen from being a commoner takes the position of magistrate and will govern a province.

However, of course, hierarchy exists. The top is the imperial family, who are the one’s who’ll take the important positions, then the magistrates, the commoner, the lower class people, and the slaves.

In a sense, it is a form of noble culture. Though there is a merit system, only the commoner can rise to a certain position.

Because the country of elves is near, elves and beastkin slaves are comparatively more than human slaves. For that reason, they seem to have a bad relationship with the elves.

By the way, I think the clothes and food are somewhat ethnic. I personally think that this is an interesting country like the one’s in Eastern Europe.

The views of the city are also interesting, such as walls that were built with clay blocks and cloths.

「By the way, the mansion of the chief magistrate is over there. I will talk to him so please wait a moment.」

Upon looking at the city, Bowarei said that and started moving ahead.

There was a sign of bitter smile behind me.

「That ojisan is fired up. Well, if he’s serving  my lord sincerely, I won’t complain.」

「Well, he looks very motivated.」

I replied to the voice and looked back.

There stood a handsome boy with blond hair and red eyes that looks like a junior high school student. It is the dragonkin Lagreat.

「No matter how much Soarer brainwashed him, we should not relaxed our guard yet. Ah, it would be fine with this members.」

And a cute woman’s voice came from behind Lagreat.

It was Mira, a beautiful dark dwarf girl, who gave a voice of hesitation. As her race’s characteristic, here heigh does not reached 140cm.

Mira shakes her black hair and looks at Lagreat.

「We’re being serious. There is a scout with superior perception skill here. Hey, Rosa?」

「Not a scout, but a ninja. Moreover, an upper shinobi. Don’t get that wrong, Lagreat.」

The red haired beauty was shaken to Lagreat’s dialogue. She looked around at the back again after her reply.

The beautiful demonkin woman Rosa, who has approximately one-third of her face covered with her red, soft, wavy hair and can only see one of her black eyes, is dissatisfied with what Lagreat said.

Lagreat, who was stared by Mira and Rosa, shrugged his shoulders with the appearance of grief.

「Yes yes. By the way, my lord. I’ve heard that the Galland Empire is a country where you can sometimes see elves and beastkins so why is it us? I think we are a pretty unusual combination, right?」

Lagreat suddenly asked me such a question and tilted his head.

「Even though there are elves and beastkins in this country, majority exist as slaves. Won’t you be offended if someone thinks of you as a slave?」

When I said that and looked at Lagreat, Lagrate rang his nose and shrugged his shoulders again.

「Slave. Certainly, if anyone mistook me as a slave, I will kick it.」

「Master, I’m glad that I accompanied you however, I am an alchemist and I am not suitable for combat.」

Mira looked up at me with an uneasy expression. I can only see an elementary school student because of her expression and stature.

「Oh, it’s okay. I have a little bit of information to worry about at the moment. Well, be relieved because Rosa is here, we won’t receive any surprise attack. I can also guarantee that there will only be a few guys that can knock Lagreat from the front.」

「Eee, leave it to me boss! If there’s someone sneaking in from the shadows, I’ll assassinate him immediately!」

「Capture it, capture! There might be some useful information.」

Rosa who got into a stride because of my dialog says assassination in a bouncy voice.

Because of that conversation in the middle of the town, we were quite conspicuous.

Should I go to the magistrate’s mansion after Bowarei?

When I thought of such a thing, the Bowarei came out of the mansion and ran to this place.

「Your Excellency! The chief magistrate Turan seems to want to meet you!」

Damn, he’s going to meet me? You should have declined it saying I’m busy!

I thought of such a thing to the words of Bowarei.


AN: A new country, the Galland Empire!

They still haven’t speak with the first villager of the empire yet.

I’m sure the villagers will find them absurd.


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