Chapter 31 – Earl’s Astonishment 2

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


The Earl is surprised.

Don’t miss it!


While the sound of the wind was ringing, I, dark dwarf Mira, and demonkin Rosa were talking while watching the horizon.

We are at the back of Lagreat in his black dragon figure.

By the way, Baron Bowarei is also with us. He is in a daze because he could have never thought of riding in a dragon’s back.

「What are we going to do, Boss? Just give me the order and I’ll go in a rampage.」

「I do not like war. But if there is an enemy who’ll try to harm master, I’m going to smash and kill him.」

Rosa gladly said while turning her shoulders. As she looked at Mira, she sorrowfully looked down and murmured.

It is true that the Galland Empire is trying to attack the territory of the earl but then, if we start a country, we will be a good prey.

No, this is a delicate matter and it is nothing but a guess.

As I was figuring out what reply should I say to Mira, Rosa smiled and opened her mouth.

「What are you talking about? They’re trying to steal a person’s garden with a reason anyway. You should be prepared to fight back for your own territory, right?」

When Rosa said so, Mira was dissatisfied but did not refute.

I felt that I had somehow seen the truth of Rosa’s word in the Warring States era and deeply nodded.

Certainly, we should attack back if we were attacked. If the majority thinks so, the minority who says beautiful things will be crushed and disappear.

However, that is our state for now. We’re in a situation where big countries restrain each other but large scale wars are still occurring.

When a never been heard before country emerges in a peaceful state, everyone will pay attention to it and probably take some moves.

However,when a country who doesn’t have much understanding emerges in the midst of war where everyone is crushing each other,it is impossible to send a large army to that country.

If you do that, you will be attacked by other great powers while devoting your war potential to such a country. I will not do such stupidity.

Therefore, it is necessary to found a nation in the situation where the big hands are still beyond grasps and make a big result that is enough to gather attention.

That is necessary for the others to think that I’m powerful enough to not attack carelessly.

Then, how should I perform my short time offense?

And how should I use the earl?


「Wh, what!?」

The earl’s surprised angry voice sounded through the room.

Here is one of the parlor in the earl’s castle. The room’s interior is a comfortable meeting room style that can accommodate up to 20 people.

Although the earl’s castle was old or should it be called simple and sturdy? It seemed that the castle which was suitable as a defense base and Ramblas was made to accommodate it.

The earl who’s sitting on the sofa looked at Bowarei and me then walked around the room in a restless manner. My companions and the earl’s guards are waiting right outside the door.

「Damn, with this….the strategy that I thought of disappeared. Should all the troops I prepared for independence prevent the march of the Galland Empire’s army? It is ironic but I must prepare a letter of reinforcement to the capital soon…」

As soon as the earl said that, he sat on the desk and began writing a letter.

Well, that was a surprisingly fast decision though Bowarei who seems to can’t believe it has a pale face.

The lightness of the footwork of this earl was unexpected in a good meaning.

I opened my mouth while watching the earl who’s rushing the pen.

「Earl Villiers, I have a good idea.」

As I said, the Earl stopped moving like the time stopped.

「…Surely, Ren-dono? After hearing your story, the Galland Empire will surely gather at least 100,000 soldiers, how much can Ren-dono do about it? Unfortunately, we can only send 30,000 troops right away but… to be able to protect the place, we must increase the number of troop with another 10,000 or 20,000.」

The Earl looked at me with his back-rounded posture and calmly explained it to me.

Amid this imminent situation, are you still trying to grasp my war potential?

You’re a very formidable man.

However, my strength can not be measured by number.

「Do not worry about the problem of war potential. The problem is that the earl assumed independence that cannot be done in any way.」

When I said so, the Earl returned irony to my words with a smile.

「I supposed that my dream of independence can no longer be shaped. There are two choices available for me now. Should I get swallowed by the Galland Empire, or fulfill my role as a wall of Rembrandt Kingdom? The walls are made with the assumption that they will break, but my soldiers, as well as other lords who have been my comrades, have been rattled to play the role of the wall. It will take 10 years to rebuild it.」

The earl said as if to throw up and I sighed deeply.

I looked at him and put out one finger.

「I’ll add one more choice.」

「… What! That kind of possibility from the king of the forest of abyss. Are you really the messenger of god or an apostle?」

The earl said so to jokingly to my words but his eyes were not laughing at all.

As the earl gazes at me as if urging me to go ahead, I involuntarily smiled and talked about the choice.

「We’ll do something about the imperial soldier but you need to work as a magistrate to the nation that I will found. I’ll promise the second position from the top in the government to the earl.」

When I said so, the earl hardened then spit out a laugh immediately.

「… Ha! Hahaha… A quite interesting choice. In other words, a prime minister in the kingdom or a minister in the Galland Empire? However, if I fail, I betrayed the Rembrandt Kingdom and will end up being grinded by both the Galland Empire and the Rembrandt Kingdom. I will not consider it.」

The earl shrugged his shoulders as he laughed at my suggestion.

Of course, such a talk will be easily rejected.

「Earl, what will happen if you protect the Rembrandt Kingdom from the Empire? What is it you found out that you worked for independence? What if the reinforcements of the kingdom that concentrates soldiers in the east won’t make it in time? How much probability do you think you can sustain your current life, status and territory?」

When I said so, the earl breathed out a short,expressionless breath.

「I would never be able to maintain it.The most I can do is to somehow hold out a siege in this castle. In other words, Ramblas will be the stronghold while other areas will be devastated by the Galland Empire.」

「Understanding, are you not? Then my proposal is not bad, is it? The probability of winning the bet is quite good. Hey, Baron Bowarei?」

When I call for Bowarei, the earl looked at him.

Bowarei is surprised to be be asked to talk suddenly but I asked Bowarei in a very light tone.

「Baron, do you think Dragons are unusual? Will it surprised the soldiers in the battlefield?」

As I said so, Bowarei’s face became relieved and looked at the earl.

「Oh, yes! Earl Villiers! You can definitely win this bet! Here is a dragon knight that only appears in hero story! It is impossible to be defeated!」

「Dra, dragon knight!? Is that true, Ren-dono!?」

From the words of Bowarei, the earl stood up with force which almost makes him fall down. Anyway, those words are coming from Baron Bowarei. The power loaded in his eyes and words is truly an imminent force.

This is going to be one of the choices the earl will choose from.

「Well, our war potentials are truly beyond the earl’s expectation. Well then, return to your preparations. I’ll come back tomorrow morning for the conclusion.」

I did not answer the earl’s question as I quickly stood up and left the room. Bowarei will surely make the earl incline to me.

「Now it’s getting interesting.」

When I said that, Lagreat who was waiting outside smiled, laughed, and nodded.

「I need to recall guild wars after a long time.」


AN: Now, prepare for war!

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My writing power is was able to write boring… sentence…

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