Chapter 42 – Day 7, City building!

After a Different World Transition, I Founded a Nation in a Week


Morning came.

The morning sun is there but the air is a little chilly.

Is winter coming?

While I was thinking of the season in another world, Eleanor, who’s sleeping next to me, woke up and raised her upper body.

「Good morning.」

I called out Eleanor and smiled softly at her with a little sleepy face.

「Good morning, master. This morning seems to be better than yesterday.」

Eleanor said so and smiled joyfully.

By the way, she’s naked.

What a magnificent sight.


「What are you going to do today?」

I entered the throne room and sat on the throne. Then, Eleanor asked me that.

「Hmm…. The story of the new country should have been spread to the neighboring countries. Shall we make this special territory rich?」

「That’s a good idea.」

When I decided on what to do, Eleanor smiled and nodded.

For some reason Eleanor is in a good mood today.

Was she glad that I whined at her?

「…Then good. The castle’s backyard is the forest of abyss. For the time being, it is necessary to have at least a way to the castle.」

「Are we going to cut down the forest?」

「Yeah… we can cut down the forest or make a huge bridge passing over the forest or make an underpass underground.」

When I made that proposal, Eleanor put the palms of her hands together in front of her chest.

「As expected of master! To thought of such splendid idea fast. Eleanor thinks that it is better to build the bridge.」

When Eleanor said that to me, someone came in the throne room.

「Good morning, master.」

It is the guild member whom I made last. Milenia entered the throne room as she greeted me.

「You came at the right time. I just finished the declaration of the founding of a nation so I’m thinking of building a road to this castle. After all, the castle is on top of a mountain so it can’t be attack by the enemy.」

When I say so, Milenia turned her eyes downwards to think.

「Yes… a road to this castle, which is also the base of the guild, may not be necessary. If there was a stronger presence than our feared master, there would be no better place than this castle if we would hide and defend ourselves.」

「Oh, I see. That’s right … in that case, what should we do?」

I groaned at Milenia’s idea although I agree with with her.

Then, Milenia looked at me.

「Let’s build a new castle.」

「Wa? No no. Wouldn’t it take a considerable amount of time? Personally, I’d like to create a medieval european style Sim City.」

When I intervene at Milenia’s idea, she tilted her head and opened her mouth.

「I don’t know what a Sim City is but, how did master build this castle from nothing?」

「With the use of billing… no, it’s nothing. It’s probably not possible in this world.」

When I said that to Milenia, she nodded with disappointment.

「Is that so? Then, let’s have the guild members with production job such as alchemist, architect, and blacksmith to make it.」

「Even if they have production type job….do you think they can make it immediately? Is it worth trying?」

I renewed my thoughts on my words. Milenia looked up.

「Eleanor, Milenia. Gather all the members with production job. Bard is an unusual job so call them too for the time being.」

I feel that with the assistance of a bard’s skill, morale will improve.

I gave instructions to the two while thinking various skills in my head.

Suddenly, it has become interesting.

During the war there was a feeling of uneasiness that my personality changed according to the change of my body. I think making a city gives me a peaceful feeling.

I thought about the future and unconsciously smiled.

Now, what kind of city will I make?


「Master, all the members have gathered.」

「There are a total of 38 people that has production job.」

Eleanor and Milania who are standing under the stairs in front of me and reported so.

38 people.

Though they can do a lot of things, if they are normal humans, even if they work hard, they can only build one house.

While I was becoming somewhat uneasy, I looked around the gathered members.

My eyes stopped at one of them. It is a pretty dark dwarf girl.

「Mira, can you make building materials using alchemy?」

「Yes. Just like the false throne located in the basement of G.I.Jou, I can plate with mithril and orichalcum. There are also many other materials in the vicinity of G.I.Jou.」

「Hmm, I want to surprise the ambassadors of other countries once they came. If we were to make a western type castle about 100 meters tall, can the surface be covered with mithril?」

I tried to ask an absurd question but Mira surprisingly considered it and opened her mouth.

「…we’ll manage somehow. It will depend on the mining of mithril steel.」

「Then, let’s make a lot of windows and make them lattice shape. Let’s use another thing for the roof.」

When I said that, I turned my eyes to the bearded dwarf that is standing next to her.

「Do the blacksmiths have skills for that?」

When he heard that, the dwarf blacksmith, Camry, opened his mouth.

「Yes. Do we have to carve magic seals? Well, we can do it as soon as we built the castle.」

「Hmm. Can you carve a magic seal that seals magic or if not, reduce the magic power? Okay, think about it.」

I nodded to Camry and said so, then I turned my gaze to the next person.

He’s a tall human with pale complexion, Dignity. He is the only architect member of the guild. He has a noticeable long black hair.

「The construction of the castle, can you do it?」

When I asked, Dignity stood up on the spot and twisted his body with one of his hands on his sunken cheek.

「Fufufu, can I do it? Shall I make a luxurious, majestic, and splendid castle? However, if that is the case, it is necessary to increase the height to 200 meters by all means. I can make adjustments, repair, and strengthen the building with my architectural skills, so rest assured, Boss?」

Dignity wriggle his body for some reason so I looked at him with warm eyes.

By the way, Dignity is a man. I made him to an okama since I thought that it was interesting.

「Okay, I will ask of you on that, Dignity.」

When I said that, Dignity disheveled his long hair and outstretched his back.

「Ah! Can you call me Dee? And boss, I wonder if you can build a wall with earth magic then strengthen it with alchemy?」



To Dignity’s question, Mira and I raised a question mark on our head simultaneously.

I looked at Mira and Mira also looked at me.

「Can you do that?」

「… I’ll try.」

Mira responds to my words.

I never tried it in the game. I was able to hear something good.

When I was satisfied and nodded alone, I looked at the others.

「Then, I have called out all of those with production jobs and unusual jobs, is there someone who has a good skill for making a city?」

When I called out, a few people got up.

They are people with unusual jobs. The lumberjack  that procures and process timber, artist for decoration, and miners that can set and dig waterway.

By the way, the lumberjack fights with an ax and the miner with a shovel. Artist can use a bow and recovery magic.

Some guilds were made up of only with those who have unusual jobs so there were confusions in a guild match.

「Ah, Nest should work together with Verossa. I ask you to buff them with speed increase and stamina recovery buffs.」

When I said that, the bard Nest and the dancer Verossa lowered their head.

As I was deciding the role of the members, Dignity wiggled his body.

「By the way, Boss? Where is the planned construction site?」

「That’s right. It is the nearest settlement from G.I.Jou, the Grado village. Shall I designate the Grado village as the capital city?」

When I said that, Dignity gave his consent.

The location of the capital was decided here.

I wonder if it is good to decide it with such a light taste?


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