Chapter 45 – Castle Construction Experiment?

Earth wall was created by earth based magic.

In the game, that magic was used to earn time and as a substitute for a vanguard but we are now finding new possibilities with magic.

I called for five mages from G.I.Jou and Mira, an alchemist, to start the construction immediately.

But Dignity, who had accompanied them, complained about the land.

It seems that the ground is unsuitable for construction.

Because of Dignity’s complaint, I asked the mages to level the ground.

The hill that rose diagonally was leveled with the use of earth magic Sand Cutter.

「Oh, ooohhhh… What the hell…!」

The observing villagers raised voices of astonishment but we have just begun.

「Are you going to create the first floor wall next?」

When I asked that to Dignity, he lays his whole body to the ground with a serious face.

「… What are you doing?」

「I am listening to the voice of the Earth?」

It’s embarrassing, please stop it.

When I was looking at Dignity with a tired face, he stood up and outstretched his hands.

「Excellent! It has been decided! We’ll raise a three story building!」

「What, three floors?」

When I gently replied to to the very excited dignity, he opened his eyes wide and looked at me.

「Three floors with high ceiling? No? Looking forward to it nee?」

Dignity said so to reconfirmed and looked at the mages.

「Okay? Can you make a wall with a height of 20 meters? Considering that it will be refined by alchemy, the thickness should be about 3 meters? As of the length, about 100 meters?」

When Dignity said that, each of the mages replied and created earth walls as what they are asked.

A huge wall suddenly rises, the villagers are speechless.

The mouths of the villagers were open until the wall was completed. Dignity nodded having seen the completed wall.

「Okay? Now, let’s go to the other side and try doing it to the left and right?」

That said, Dignity took the mages toward the end of the wall.

I turned my face to Mira and pointed the earth wall.

「Mira, what will happen to the earth wall upon using your alchemy skill? Will it be usable as a building material?」

「Ah, I’ll try.」

When I asked, Mira ran toward the wall like a whirlwind.

She then put her hand on the leftmost edge and groans.

「Hnn…. it’s like I’m tempering gold…」

Mira was there for a while, but soon after, she came back here again.

「We should make it a brick rather than a stone wall. Brick walls are harder and more resilient than stone walls.」

「Then, let’s make bricks out of it. Please try.」

I responded lightly to Mira’s report, but Mira looked up at the wall and glanced back at me. Then, she looked up at the wall and looked at me again and nodded.

「… I’ll do my best!」

And Mira worked hard.

I wish I could have brought another alchemist.


That evening.

The rough shape of the castle was completed.

The height is 50 meters lower than planned but the length and width are 300 meters.

It became a triangular military art, brick construction.

The villagers dropped by when we were having a break. This large castle has just been built for only half a day.

By the way, Mira has become poignant. As I thought, I should have brought two more alchemist.

「Well, I cannot believe it … No way … that the castle is finished.. It’s so admirable..」

The village chief leaked that impression from behind us.

「No, we only have just constructed the walls, ceiling, and pillars so far.」

When I said so, the villagers including the chief gathered together and looked at me.

「You’ll still do something…? Anymore than… Ah, there are no decorations and windows?」

She’s more familiar to a castle than any other villager. Sherry, which is relatively calm, asked me.

When I turned my face to Sherry, I raised the edge of my mouth and nodded.

「Well, they are similar.」

When I said that and laughed, Sherry hardened for a reason.

Because Sherry stopped moving with her mouth half opened, Denma opened his mouth as if he thought what to do.

「You must be tired! Please take a good rest in our village!」

Denma welcomed my guild members with a spirited voice.

「Thank you. Are you alright with us?」

I faced the village chief after looking at Sainos, the mages, the alchemist, including Mira, in turn.

If you add Dignity and me, we are a total of 15 people.

That number of people will be difficult to accommodate in such a small village but the village chief is spirited enough.

「Please leave it to me! It is my duty to take care of Apostle-sama and this soon to be capital city! This much…」

「You shouldn’t take the role of a mayor selfishly. Ren-dono will be the one who’ll decide that. 」

「W-Wh-What are you talking about! I have splendidly took care of this village for 15 years! Is there anyone else capable of that role other than me? 」

「Even so, that is something not the village chief should decide. 」

When the two started arguing again, Miera who had been contemplating looked at me and opened her mouth.

「I’m really sorry… Excuse me for a minute.」

When she said that, Miera stood between the two and picked up their ears.



Miera looked at the two who are in pain and muttered in a small voice.

「Aren’t you before the King? Be quiet.」

When Miera said so, the two couldn’t say anything in return. They knelt down quietly before me.

Aren’t you more dignified than me, Miera-san?


We are treated to a midnight snack by the villagers. We hastened our pace in various meanings.

Ever since coming to this different world, I have only eaten meals that seem to have no problem.

I have avoided cooked foods intentionally.


Because it is scary.

I have some misgivings about eating outside on underdeveloped countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa.

Even if it is something burnt or half-cooked, it might upset my belly if I ate it.

Such rude things cross my head.

However, when I tried to eat something that seemed to be noodles without soup, it was surprisingly delicious.

It is seasoned slightly sweet.

Next, I put my mouth on a soup that looks okay.

A borscht-style soup poured into a shallow plate with a thin brown bottom. For tableware, there was a spoon that looks like a lotus flower.

The taste is pungent but it is delicious. The ingredients were like potatoes.

There is a possibility that they are using valuable ingredients for the warm reception for us, but there may be an unexpectedly abundant spices.

This must be developed in my country by hook or by crook and various quality must be spread out in the country.

「How is the food in our village?」

When I was thinking about the future of the country, the village chief has requested the impression of the dish.

Well, is eating in silent impolite?

「No, it’s delicious. I’m satisfied. It’s a great dish.」

The village chief nodded with pleasure when I put down the tableware and told him so.

According to the story that I will hear later, it seems that Miera cooked it.

I have decided that Miera will work at my kitchen.

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