Chapter 46 – Morning of the 8th Day, Returning Home in the Morning for the First Time

The morning came.

I gaze up the unusual ceiling with a half-asleep head.

The smell of wood. There was a drafty wind, a thin wind caressed my skin and I shook my body.

I remove the multiple poor quality cloths that covered me. I lift my upper body.

This is the village chief’s house.

I was sleeping on a simple bed made by spreading straw, binding it, and putting a cloth on top of it.

If you look at the floor, everyone sleeps quietly with Sainos as the lead.

Somehow, these guys get up later than me. But I don’t think that I woke up too early.

「Mu, my liege, you’re already awake?」

I wonder if Sainos reacted to the sound so I raised my body.

Then, the other guild members gradually awaken too. Everyone has greeted me in turns.

「Good morning.」


The last one who greeted me was Mira and I returned all their greetings with a single word.

I went out of the bed and moved to the entrance door but the village chief did not appear.

Suddenly, I remembered last night.

We all stayed at the village chief’s house for the whole night but the space where the village chief can sleep has disappeared.

「Where did the village chief stay?」

「Dan’s house.」

Mira answered my question.

Is that combination alright? Does the village chief have no friends?

I thought about that in my head but I thought that it was not a problem for me to worry about.

If the village chief is not so popular, let’s make Miera the mayor.

「For the time being, let’s return to G.I.Jou and talk about some stuff.」

I told that everyone and left the village chief ‘s house.

Well, we have already made a rough shape so there might be nothing to talk about.

「Ah, apostle-sama! Did you sleep well?」

When I went outside, the village chief was already waiting for me. He lowered his head and greeted me.

「Ah, thank you. We have to return at once and prepare for the finishing touches  of the castle. I’ll be back soon.」

「Is that so…? Then, we will be waiting for your return.」

When I told the village chief that we will return home, he replied in a disappointed manner.

「Ren-dono, we want be be of some help to you so do you have anything you can ask us to do? We’ll do any kind of chore.」

Dan, who was standing behind the village chief, took note of me and the village chief’s greeting and took Miera and Sherry in front.

Listening to Dan’s request, I thought slightly, but now I just found out that I did not have any job to ask.

「Okay, I’ll introduce you to everyone in our base.」

When I said that, the villagers who were watching the situation raised a fuss.

Apparently, it seems that only a legendary man,  like the one who built the foundations of the five major powers, were invited to apostle-sama’s castle.

Dan was unusually excited because of that.


「Welcome home.」

「I’m home.」

Head Maid Proudia welcomed us who returned by flying magic.

Proudia and the maid troops behind her, who bowed, raised their heads.

「Are they visitors? You didn’t contact us through the night and returned with guests suddenly… It looks like a typical example of an absolutely wonderful bad father, don’t’ you think?」

「I don’t think that’s absolutely wonderful.」

When I said that, Proudia looked at Dan and tilted her neck.

「The guest is exposing his foolish face but…」

「Stop your poisonous tongue! Don’t just bad mouth someone.」

When I thrust into the words of Proudia, I looked back at the Dan family.

There, a figure of parents and child looking up at the G.I.Jou with stunned faces can be seen.

G.I.Jou is certainly well-done that even I myself check it that way too.

The castle under construction in the vicinity of the Grado village seemed to be considerably large too but it felt small compared with G.I.Jou.

Not only with the size but also the presence.

「This… To see such scenery while I’m still alive…」

When they were looking at G.I.Jou , Dan murmured so. They were also very surprised with the flight magic.

「Hmm, I’m confident with it because it’s my masterpiece. It took me half a year to make this masterpiece.」

When I put my heart up and say that, Dan looked at me with a face of disbelief.

That’s rude. Though it took a long time to design it, this masterpiece was made using a considerable amount of money.

「Master has built this castle by himself when there were just a few of us.」

「Alone!? That’s ridiculous!」

No, of course it was not like a do-it-yourself carpentry. I ordered it with billing items.

I thought so but I have no confidence to explain it well.

「Well, don’t worry about it.」

I decided to abandon the explanation and proceed with the subject.

「Proudia, what happened to Dion? He always shows up from somewhere.」

As I looked back at Proudia, she had a shallow sigh and looked at me.

「Because master comes home in the morning…」

Proudia unusually stopped her mouth and looked at me with eyes of criticism.

「Wh-what? Even if I’m not here, Eleanor should have taken care of G.I.Jou right?」

When I declared so, Proudia narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth while staring at me.

「… I wish you good luck, master.」


Words of concern of Proudia are left in the head, but for the time being we were walking in G.I.Jou to guide Dan and the others.

The Dan family parents are almost speechless  but they have been following me.

Seeing me walking with three people, Dark Dwarf Mira gently came next to me.

「Master, is it good to invite them to G.I.Jou?」

「Hnn? Oh, I think that it is necessary for me to subordinate a number of people since I founded a nation. They are like my subordinate number 1 that I can trust.」

「I see. Trusting them might have some risks too.」

I nodded to Mira’s words and saw the three people following me with a dizzy face.

The three of them occasionally talk about something but they wander around in order to see a variety of things with their own eyes.

「Fa-father… Is it alright for us to come to this place…?」

「Th-that’s alright. Ren-dono…no, Ren-sama is a good person. He is dignified, majestic….What is this splendid painting…」

「Dan, look… Somehow, this… it might be a magic item …」

Sherry walks fearfully so as not to touch any furnitures. Dan is amazed at an oil painting which is 2 meters high and 3 meters wide.

Miera is mysteriously looking at a game console shaped figurine. Excuse me.

Several guild members walked across their front and back so the three won’t get lost but the walk has not advanced easily.

The walk took nearly twice as much time than usual but we finally reached the throne room.

When I stand in front of a huge door, the door is opened by itself. The door was opened to the other side.

Eleanor stood upright at the end of the red carpet and was looking at me.

Eleanor looked at me and opened her small mouth.

Welcome home.

I didn’t hear a voice but I felt like she moved her mouth that way.

I’m really scared!?



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