Chapter 58 –Adventurers Party Silver Wind’s Crushing Defeat?

The browned haired woman who went berserk and the blond haired woman and blue haired woman on the sidelines.

The brown haired woman forgets about the red haired woman, which is their leader, due to anger.

What a chaotic space.

I looked at the highest ranked adventurer party while the other adventurers in the guild took some distance.

Are these guys really S rank?

When I was thinking about such things, Io came next to me while making a tokotoko sound with her footsteps.

「Master, do you mind if I restrict these persistent fellows? I have reached the limit of my patience too.」

Io’s young face is smiling but her cheek is twitching.

「Ah, yes. Just try not to hurt them.」

When I said that, Io turned her right hand to Brunhilde’s party while nodding to me.

She turns her face to the four and opened her mouth.

「Paralyzing rain」

When Io muttered those words, a thin pale light danced around Brunhilde’s party.

Even after being surrounded by the light particles, Io didn’t lower her right hand.

「Frost jail」

Immediately after the pale light particles danced, a number of ice pillars grew and surrounded Brunhilde’s party.

Those happened in just a two to three seconds.

「Paralysis and ice cage are not painful, right?」

Io looked up at me with a full smile while saying so.

「Well yeah, although they’ll probably get cold.」

When I smiled back at Io while saying so, Io was pleased and flaps her wings.

「Fa-fairy…? A legendary race.」

The blonde woman who was caught in the ice prison said that after seeing Io’s transparent wings.

I confirmed first that the blond woman’s eyes are golden then opened my mouth.

「Now, can we talk calmly? By the way, are you the one called the golden eyes…Hnn? No, I think it’s different. Sherry, what was it?」

I’ve just asked her yesterday but I have already forgotten about it so I decided to ask Sherry who’s hiding behind us.

However, Sherry screams and leaps her shoulders as I call out to her.

「Hiee!? Pl-please don’t ask me with such a timing…Ah, it’s golden demon eye, Meldia-sama.」

Sherry answered fearfully as she quietly peeked in the ice prison.

「That’s right. So, are you Meldia? What about the other two?」

I looked at the brown haired woman and the blue haired woman again but Brunhilde opened her mouth instead.

「The scout is Ataratte and the priest is Marina.」

Is Brunhilde paralyzed or cold? Her lips were trembling while saying the name of the two.

sasasa It’s cold. I can’t move my body too!?」

As I put the name of the two in my head, Ataratte yelled while trembling violently.

She’s still has a rebellious mouth even in this situation.

I sat in a chair near me while negatively admiring her and looked at the four of them.

「Isn’t it natural since you are paralyzed in an ice prison?」

「…is it a magic item? Still, it’s a legendary class…」

Marina is shivering but calmly asked me a question. I lightly shake my head and points at Io.

「It’s because of casting magic. Didn’t you see?」

When I said that, I’ve turned my eyes to Meldia.

「That’s not possible. I can assert it from my knowledge and experience as a mage… Even if the world’s mightiest mage did the same thing, it would take a few minutes to cast these magic.」

「Well, I’m not saying that… Yes that’s right. Since I was interested in S rank adventurers from the beginning, it might be easier to understand if we perform an experiment.」


Meldia muttered in a small voice as if she felt a disturbing atmosphere from the words I just said.


The meadow, about one kilometer away from Ramblas.

We flew here with flight magic.

Of course, the one’s who used flying  magic was us.

「Impossible… Flight magic without chant…there are also a lot of us….」

Meldia has been muttering something with a blue face ever since we arrived. I left her in the middle of her muttering and looked at Brunhilde.

「By the way, this is an experiment. Can I ask of you to show me some of your good skills?」

When I said that, the hesitant Brunhilde looked and Ataratte and Marina and nodded.

「Wh-what do you want us to do? Why do I have to show you my secret moves?」

Ataratte immediately reacted and rejected my proposal with Brunhilde.

However, Marina put her hand in her belly and bowed lightly.

「As for me… I’m in charge of recovery, buffs, and magic barrier…」

Marina said such a thing with a modest attitude and started chanting.

「Ah, hey! Marina!?」

Ataratte seemed to be surprised that Marina would cooperate with us and raised her voice but Marina completely ignored her.

Marina had been chanting for a while while Ataratte sulked. After Marina’s chant came to an end, she raised her face to say the last words.

「Lucent Fort!」

When Marina yells, she was covered with white light like a curtain of light.

In the white light that has formed a semicircle, Marina looks at me with sweat on her forehead.

「How about this?」

I nodded once at Marina and looked at Io.

「What do you think?」

「I do not know this magic. But because it is obviously of light attribute at first glance, I can copy it immediately. I want to test its strength after that.」

Io said so and looked up at me. Her eyes are shining brightly because I set her to be a magic maniac.

「Marina, is this magic against physical or magical damage? Is there other functions…. for example, recovery if one is inside the barrier or reflecting opponent’s attack?」

When I said that, Marina dropped her lethargic shoulder.

「…No, it will break when it exceeds its limit as a defensive type barrier. I am ashamed of my insufficiency.」

Brunhilde puts her hand on Marina’s shoulder to console her.

「The other party is a dragon knight-sama who is said to be an apostle of god. Perhaps even a hero’s power is insufficient for him.」

When Brunhilde said so, Ataratte grits her teeth.

「Don’t joke around! We are the strongest party! Meldia and Brunhilde are S rank! We won’t be inferior even compared to a hero or an apostle!」

Ataratte yelled at Brunhilde and looked at me.

「If you want to complain, break this barrier! Something like that would be easy for a dragon knight-sama, right? If you’re really a dragon knight.」

「I never complained about it nor I did asked you to believe… oh well.」

I sigh to Ataratte’s provocative attitude. I raised my hand and opened my mouth.

「Magic box」

I opened my magic box by casting it in a way that only me could hear and said the name of coupon sword.

In the next moment, my beloved orichalcum sword appears in my hand.

And I shook the sword in a casual manner.

「… What? 」

That one swing.

That one swing breaks the barrier Marina casted easily.

Ataratte was stunned and Marina looked down in vexation.

Brunhilde looked at the two of them with a slightly clouded expression.

After looking at the state of the three of them, I removed my line of sight from them and turn my face to Meldia.

Meldia’s body trembled as she looked up at me.

「Th-that’s…really…? 」

The frightened Meldia sunk down on the spot.

And accumulates large tears in her eyes.

「I-I’m sorry… I have no excuse, I’m sorry… I’m sorry apostle-sama… 」

Meldia burst into tears as she cried loudly.

Why does it looks like I’m bullying a child?

And this place is very close to Ramblas.



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